professional home staging: You git what you git and you won't throw a fit! - 07/22/08 04:17 PM
I am glad these days are looking farther and farther behind us!
During a Realtor presentation today I asked for a show of hands for anyone in the room that has used a home stager.  We had about 10% of the hands raise. 
Hmmm.  So my next question was.  "Were you happy with the outcome?"  The same 10% raised.
So being from a customer service background I had always been taught certain rules.  One of these rules is the 80/10/10 rule for customer service.  Out of every 10 unsatisfied customers:
One (1) will always complain to management about it.  The other one … (9 comments)

professional home staging: Wham Bam vs. Bling Bling - 06/07/08 11:24 AM
Wham Bam vs. Bling Bling!  After a great week of successful staging projects I have a moment to look back.  And I find myself once again.... Looking forward at our market and our industry.  It is fascinating how the market and industry have changed in the last two years.  Not being a "pioneer", and certainly not a "newbie" I feel I have a good feel on the industry today. 
It is disappointing however, that there is so much division in our industry.  From our business models to our individual design expertise and everywhere in between.  I have dreamt of this … (11 comments)

professional home staging: Is A Price Drop your First Option? - 03/25/08 12:05 PM
It really amazes me to see price drops on homes that have so much potential.  Keeping in mind our current market I just don't get it.  I see listing after listing with reduced prices.  Unfortunately most of these listings have really undesirable photos.  Even more unfortunate these photos are the best parts of the home.  I just wish I could wave a magic wand for everyone to realize that a home is and always should be considered and investment.  Not something that you "get out of" and place blame on a bad market.  Who recommends these price drops?  My last unfortunate … (4 comments)


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