sacramento home staging: 1,2,3,4 oh what color should I paint, and more... - 07/11/09 03:09 PM
Often times we walk into a home that's been freshly painted before entering the market.  New paint is one of the most recommended upgrades for home sellers.  A fresh coat of paint showcases the home in a ‘newer' condition even if the home is older.  
Before selecting the obvious WHITE for your wall color, consider painting an alternate neutral color throughout the home to give warmth to the space.  Remember neutral colors extend past the obvious white and tan.  
Here are some of our favorite colors we've recommended to realtors.
Trim, Woodwork, Ceilings - Swiss Coffee BEHR Paint #1812, This creamy … (0 comments)

sacramento home staging: A little inspiration... - 07/07/09 09:42 AM
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking the Lunch and Learn on Blogging at Sacramento Association of Realtors.  I wasn't sure what to expect, as I've been on Active Rain for about a year now, posted a few blogs with the help of my husband Joe and thought: there must be something more.
Where do the writers get their inspiration?  How many blogs can you read about staging and how you NEED to do it.  Is that going to make my phone ring for business?  Active Rain can generate business for you, but more importantly it's a community … (0 comments)

sacramento home staging: Getting the most out of your square footage... - 04/30/09 05:45 AM
Are you showcasing the full potential of the property?  This time of year is wonderful to stage outdoor vignettes at your listings.  Summer is approaching and potential buyers will be checking out the front porch and back yards of all the properties they tour to see if it will live up to their entertaining lifestyle.
Curb appeal starts right at the front entry.  Consider setting up a small bistro set, with a pitcher of lemonade and small bowl of lemons during your open house.  We all know the Sacramento Valley can reach extremely high temperatures during the Summer.  The thought … (0 comments)

sacramento home staging: Why Green? Does it really matter? - 12/27/08 05:52 AM
This is the question we found ourselves asking as we make business plan adjustments going into 2009.  Real Estate Home Staging is as evergreen of an industry as any other.  Constantly changing, evolving, moving, and shaking.  The question really becomes do you want to move and shake the industry or do you want it to change and evolve around you.
Essential Home Staging, LLC is a move it and shake it company.  We must be in order to foster solid business relationships and be a champion of standards in home staging.  Going green will help us achieve this.  In January we … (7 comments)

sacramento home staging: RESA Sacramento! - Join Us September 15th! - 09/06/08 03:37 AM
Host: Michelle Kaspari

When: Mon. Sep. 15, 2008 at 4:00 PMAdd to Your Calendar  
Please join us for an informational meeting about the exciting new Sacramento Chapter of the Real Estate Staging Association.  Bring your ideas on how you would like to see our Chapter evolve and educate our community on the Home Staging industry. Get involved by serving on the Chapter Board, your talents will help us achieve our goals together.  The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) was formed in order to support all professional real estate stagers in North America regardless of their training, … (0 comments)

sacramento home staging: Does THIS go in your protfolio??? (sorry, bit of a rant) - 07/31/08 04:07 AM
Ok, once again we have been "substantially under bid" on a staging project, says the REA.  Sure we are not the lowest price, and certainly don't ever want to be, but we are not the highest either.  We do however in my very humble opinion offer the most value available.
We should all feel this way right?
So, back to the property that was "substantially under bid" by another stager.  Is a good bargain always a good deal?  Do items on the bargain rack always look better than on a regular rack?  Do you purposely push your shopping cart down the … (13 comments)

sacramento home staging: Do you have any questions? Top 5 a homeowner or Real Estate Agent should ask a Home Stager! - 06/17/08 11:33 AM
Do you have any other questions?
I often find myself asking this question to clients during a bid proposal.  Typically this is after a review of our homeowner or realtor staging packet.  If my clients are anything like me they will think of a great question just after I have walked out the door.
Education is priceless!  Especially when it comes to HUGE investments such as a single family home.
Because of this we provide our clients with a few questions that may have, unfortunately only came after we parted our ways.
Questions to ask when hiring a home stager...
1.  Are … (12 comments)

sacramento home staging: Wham Bam vs. Bling Bling - 06/07/08 11:24 AM
Wham Bam vs. Bling Bling!  After a great week of successful staging projects I have a moment to look back.  And I find myself once again.... Looking forward at our market and our industry.  It is fascinating how the market and industry have changed in the last two years.  Not being a "pioneer", and certainly not a "newbie" I feel I have a good feel on the industry today. 
It is disappointing however, that there is so much division in our industry.  From our business models to our individual design expertise and everywhere in between.  I have dreamt of this … (11 comments)

sacramento home staging: Is A Price Drop your First Option? - 03/25/08 12:05 PM
It really amazes me to see price drops on homes that have so much potential.  Keeping in mind our current market I just don't get it.  I see listing after listing with reduced prices.  Unfortunately most of these listings have really undesirable photos.  Even more unfortunate these photos are the best parts of the home.  I just wish I could wave a magic wand for everyone to realize that a home is and always should be considered and investment.  Not something that you "get out of" and place blame on a bad market.  Who recommends these price drops?  My last unfortunate … (4 comments)


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