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The closing is scheduled for next week. I am a Massachusetts real estate attorneywho examines titles as part of my set of responsibilities for the closing. The property is in the the Seller's name. That is not a problem. What is a problem is a relatively new mortgage on the Premises which is stil...
No one needs to be told that the residential housing market in Massachusetts needs creative solutions now more than ever. This may be the perfect time to dust off, and reconsider, the condominium conversion. Many owners of two and thee family dwellings have lost money in their 401(k)  and other p...
We all know how many mortgages are currently "under water" By "under water", I mean than once the property is sold and selling expenses  and comissions paid, there is no money left over for a downpayment on the "next"home. The mortgage and property taxes are current; the property just has no equi...
It hasn't been an easy habit for me to break. I was gratified, and a little bit honored, that I had information about a client which no one else had. I initially knew where they were looking to buy. After the transaction was completed, I knew many details about the transaction that were not in t...
We have all heard the story. "Well,  I am not sure whether it is legal or not, but the current owner rents the downstairs "apartment" for $1,200 a month, and she has never had a problem with the authorities". The response to this is that "She has been darn lucky, and if she does have a problem, s...
This really happened. A man entered into a contract to sell a piece of property. He signed the contract as an individual, but the man actually "owned" the property as a Trustee of a nominee trust of which he was one of several beneficiaries. The Seller reneged on the sale. The Buyer moved for spe...
A long, long time ago, my parents lugged me to my sister's Commencement from college. I was one of these bratty kids who always asked questions like "Why do they call in a commencement when Margot has finished college?" or "Why do they say you practice law Dad, do you ever have real games?" Well,...
Our firm. Topkins & Bevans, does a significant number of REO representations in Massachusetts. This is a fantastic "how-to" list and I am going toptu it up on my firm;s blog Topkins & Bevans Blog. Elliott TopkinsThe feedback after last weeks Harris Real Estate University Superstar Interview has b...
I have had situations in my Massachusetts law practice was have been, in a word, impossible. A client comes to me and says that her 93 year old mother is just about to enter a nursing home, for a stay which may be extended. She has some savings and a home that is totally paid for. Her legal compe...
This post is certainly not written out of self interest. I am a Massachusetts real estate attorney with over 40 years of experience assisting Realtors, and Buyers and Sellers, in entering into real estate transactions. I represent some Condominium Associations. I have written many sets of Condomi...

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