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So I got excited the other day. After what seemed like an endless delay I received my Massachusetts real estate brokers' license. I have been getting referrs from people on the ActiveRain network for some time now. I would read and analyze them and try to pass them along to someone in Massachuset...
One of the realities of living in many older towns is the fact that there are many private ways or private streets which exist. Many people have homes on streets which have not been made public streets, as such, and which do not receive town or city maintenance or snow plowing in the winter. If y...
This started out as one of those "dream engagements" for all concerned. A lifelong friend, whose real estate transactions I have always taken care of, was selling his spectacular home on a private way, where there were eight or nine other beautiful homes, and purchasing a town home in Boston's So...
I am participating in a closing tomorrow, which features something that I have never before seen in my over forty years of practicing real estate law. The Buyer's Agent has borrowed against her commission, and the closing agent is paying off the outstanding obligation as a set-off from the Buyer'...
Massachusetts, where I have been practicing real estate law for more than 40 years, is an extremely "tenant-friendly" state with many people able to survive in the location they live in for more than six months with out paying rent. There is no "self-help" in Massachusetts, and people whose mortg...

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