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Welcome to my blog about mortgages and real estate loans in Oregon, California, Alaska and Washington. I am a government specialist and am a Vietnam era veteran. I enjoy working first time home buyers and have many tools available to help them.



Since most First Time Home Buyers are FHA borrowers I posted the answer to what the reasons are in my blog This information can also be very valuable to anyone considering a VA loan that is a First Time Home Buyer and especially for someone looking to buy using the USDA...
FHA is changing the rules on “cash out” refinances on April 1, and no, it isn’t an April Fools Joke!. Up until then, we have been able to make loans to borrowers that qualified for FHA loans up to 95% loan to value for a cash out. A cash out refinance is when you get more money than is owed on yo...
This is a second in a two part series by George. I think it is a very good read and something that covers a lot of details about the new refinance plan for those that are underwater on their current mortgage. Yesterday I wrote the first of two parts on the Homeowner Affordability & Stability pla...
I think the George may have hit this program right on the nose. I hope that it helps people but the chances are not as good as the government may lead many to believe. The big thing is, and always has been, participation of the servicers. The Homeowner Affordability & Stability plan was released...
There is a huge amount of talk about foreclosure right now, not just with the media but with almost any conversation that is about Real Estate. The issue of what foreclosures are doing to the market place as far as bringing values down, the problem that this company is having and laying off emplo...
Do you want to buy a home with just a $100 down payment? HUD allows some of the homes that they have foreclosed to be purchase with an FHA loan with only a $100 down payment. Most HUD owned homes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska are eligible for this program. This is a great way for a firs...
Come by the site and see my latest pictures. I think you will enjoy what Danny and Rich have done. Ok, for all of you picture buffs that love the Wordless Wednesdays and Speechless Sundays, we have a treat for you. Some of you might have read the post from Rich Dansereau or maybe the one from me...

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