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This is a reblog from my friend Melissa Z out in California concerning the cash buyer and the reality of it all! This applies to CA as well as SD!  The fable of the cash seller getting a home for pennies on the dollar is generally just that a fable! Banks with foreclosures and short-sales general...
Here is some good information if you are selling your home or if you are on the fence about it! In our current market there is plently of inventory and if your home is not in the best shape, updated and with the correct price it will sit there and sit there! Do yourself a favor and just get it ri...
It was a beautiful balmy night and people showed up in droves for the 20th Annual Sioux Falls Parade Of Lights in downtown Sioux Falls. Here are some photos that I took to share with those that did not get to go! I am also working on editing the video that I did as well which I will post to my Yo...
A Black Friday tradition twenty years in the making is coming right up! Sioux Falls 20th Annual Parade of Lights is coming up on November 25, 2011 starting at 7:30PM. The parade starts at 14th and Phillips Ave and snakes up Phillips Ave. to 5th St. With the high speculated to be 50 degrees on Fr...
My friend Jay out in Virginia points out something that has me thinking. I cannot tell you how many sets of stairs I have seen pulled away from the outside wall of a home but it has been alot! This is just another good reason to have a reputable home inspector look over your dream home so it does...
The year was 1948 and the United States was reeling from a housing shortage from GIs coming back home from WW2. Enter Chicago entrepreneur, Carl Strandlund who come up with the ingenious idea of using surplus steel from WW2 to solve the problem. Thus was born the Lustron Steel home. Built from 1...
After three years of being a REALTOR I know open houses! So I am making you a list of essential open house items that will make the day easier on you.   1.   Easy on and off shoes….cause you will have to take them off! 2.   A notepad and pen to take notes because if you go to several homes you c...
As much as you think that the new roof or your drain tile will affect the price of a home they won't! People expect a home with a decent roof and a basement that don't leak prior to them even considering an offer on it! Distinguishing "VALUE" From "SALEABILITY" An error commonly made by sellers w...
  As a Realtor I have the pleasure to be around many different types of people.  I love nothing more then being around a variety of people. Everyone is different and I find it exciting to learn about different backgrounds.  Not everyone shares these feelings and that is why The Fair Housing Act ...


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