advice: Luck Had Nothing To Do With It! - 07/01/11 06:23 AM
No they did NOT sell their house because they were LUCKY! Luck has nothing to do with it at all. When I went to them to do the listing presentation we had a long discussion about what it would take to sell.  The number one thing people are looking for is a price that competitive to the market at this time. The second thing I told my sellers is that the house needed to be clean at all times and uncluttered.  So after we set a fair price and addressed cluttering issues we went on and spoke about deferred maintenance. … (5 comments)

advice: I See You Sneaking....... - 06/01/11 03:06 PM
Into my open house! You walk quickly by me when I am talking to another person in the hopes that I won't press the issue for you to sign the sign in sheet. Don't think I don't know your schtick cause I do, this isn't my first rodeo. You are the "independent contractor." You don't need my help. You don't want my advise. You are looking for homes on your own and doing just fine, thank you. When you want to look at a home you just call the listing agent to show it to you. Do you know you are … (43 comments)

advice: So How Do You Incorporate Your Children Into Your Work? - 05/17/11 05:13 PM
It seems I never have enough time with my girls. So I have tried to incorporate them into my business in a effort to spend more time with them and save money (yes the little bums should earn their keep!). With summer coming up this is even more important. With two girls ages 9 and 15 they can both help me with a little something.
My oldest girl, Dana, helps with my website. She is a Word Press master! She doesn't have time to do it completely but she can tweak it here and there. She also is old enough to … (10 comments)

advice: So Does This Happen In Your Market?? - 05/17/11 04:43 PM
It came across my email this morning as a addendum. It was short and sweet and to the point. It was a contract addendum concerning inspections. It stipulated that if repairs were under $500.00 that the seller would do nothing but if repairs were over $500.00 then the parties would negotiate. I really like this in the case of my sellers but I don't really know if it is the greatest for my buyers. These little defferred maintenace things could add up and who is to say what would add up to $500.00. This could be subjective to whom you spoke to.

advice: What Closing Gifts Fit Everyone? - 05/09/11 03:03 PM
I am still up in the air about what is the perfect closing gift. What fits the old and young, the young family and the empty nesters, what fits everyone? I have many ideas but I have ruled them all out for one reason or another. 
1.  A nice dinner at a nice resturant- except some people might have special diets.
2. A keyholder- except would it be so unnoticeable that people would just look by it everyday.
3. A massage for the day after move in- except what if people don't want to get naked and fondled by a stranger.

advice: It's Nice To Have A Day Off! Happy Mother's Day! - 05/08/11 03:54 PM
I did it.... I took a day off. It was actually almost a whole weekend.  No open houses, no reading, no showings or (gasp) Active Rain! I spent Saturday with my best friend shopping for her wedding dress and then at a BBQ. And Sunday my girls and I stayed home and watched movies followed by a ride on the bike trail at dusk. It was a beautiful weekend with family. Happy Mother's Day to me. 
Its in some peoples nature to want to work all of the time. And its way to easy to do that in real estate. Buyers … (1 comments)

advice: The Importance Of Not Being House Poor.....Lets Learn From Our Mistakes. - 05/06/11 11:58 AM
What happens when your wants do not meet up with your housing budget? When told of the amount you have available are you determined to use it all? If it doesn't seem like enough do you borrow from family and then have to pay them back later?It seems the vast majority of all buyers I work with do want to use all of their budget and sometimes more. Is this wise with the wreckage of the last generations overindulgences in the housing market still in the process of foreclosure?
Generally it is reccomended to keep your mortgage payment to about 25% … (7 comments)

advice: So You Want To Buy A Foreclosure?? Are You Sure About That?? - 05/05/11 05:10 PM
I am almost certain that the same person keeps calling me and changing their name to disguise themself. And everytime they call they want to know about foreclosures. They want the awesome house, in a awesome neighborhood, and they want it for half of what it is listed for, and it better darn well be in great condition too! Its bank owned they say, and the bank doesn't want to hold property, they want to liquidate so they don't have to manage it. I try to explain that in our market in South Dakota we have a considerably lower amont of … (3 comments)

advice: Is It Always Black Tie? - 04/07/11 05:45 AM
I am justing wondering what everyone else does concerning business dress? When is it alright to dress down a little. I mean in agreement with one post from yesterday its definately not during open house but what about other times? Times I would question would be:
                                                                 1.) placing open house signs

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