buyers information: Open Houses Sioux Falls Check List - 11/20/11 05:24 AM

After three years of being a REALTOR I know open houses! So I am making you a list of essential open house items that will make the day easier on you.
1.   Easy on and off shoes….cause you will have to take them off!
2.   A notepad and pen to take notes because if you go to several homes you can forget details.
3.   A babysitter if you have younger kids! It will be hard to hit all the homes on your list if you are lugging around a two year old that is getting into everything!
4.   … (4 comments)

buyers information: Contractual Agreements and Family Obligations. Are You Cheating? - 11/14/11 12:03 PM

I get your call during floor time and you ask some information about a home. It turns out you want to see it later. It is not my personal listing but a colleagues, so yes that is fine. I do my normal spiel and ask if you are working with any other agents and you say no. The showing comes and the showing goes and you say you love the house. I try to call you later to check in and never can contact you again. Your not cheating on me are you??
I meet you at open house … (7 comments)

buyers information: Buyer's Remorse. When You Take Time To Think About It - 11/13/11 05:31 PM

Sometimes you walk in and you just know! The house is in the perfect place and in the perfect condition and the price is there too! I experienced this when I bought my first home, a beautiful Craftsman bungalow. I just had to have it! A home may look like just a shelter. It may appear to be just a pile of wood or bricks with assorted nails. But what it represents is something different. It represents a lifestyle and a backdrop for many happy memories!
So if you think that you have found the one don’t just … (36 comments)

buyers information: Tap Dancing And Buses......I Just Can't Say! - 11/02/11 04:11 PM

I am one of the nicest people I know but yet sometimes you would not think so. It all depends on if you are my client or if you are my customer. Don’t get me wrong I am nice to everyone at all times I just cannot always answer those questions that you want me to answer.  It is the difference between being my client or my customer. If you are a customer I am most likely meeting you at an open house and you have questions as well you should. The most common ones are….
1.    Is this home … (8 comments)

buyers information: The Case Against The Part-Time Agent - 10/26/11 02:17 PM

In today’s day and age one can barely walk ten steps without tripping over a real estate agent and or a REALTOR. I know your brother’s wife’s sister is a REALTOR but she might not necessarily be the right choice to market your home. When you venture into the realm of the part-time REALTOR you really might not get what you are looking for. Real estate is not a career that is conducive to time away. A part-time agent has family obligations and quite possibly another job to take into consideration on top of your home transaction.
Part-timers will … (98 comments)

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