sioux falls: Haunted Sioux Falls Tour - 10/10/11 01:12 PM

The Haunted Sioux Falls Tours, presented by the Siouxland Heritage Museums, will be held again this October on fivehaunted dates. The tickets are on sale now in the Old Courthouse Museum for $10 each. Limited tickets available. Tours begin October 4th and run selected dates throughout the month. Learn about Sioux Falls locations with a haunted past on the Haunted Tour- believe it or not! Space is limited, buy your tickets early!
October 4 - 6:30pm

October 11 - 6:30pm

October 18 - 6:30pm

October 25 - 6:30pm

October 30 - 4:00pm

Siouxland Heritage Museums
200 W 6th St

sioux falls: Extreme Mausoleum Makeover Sioux Falls, SD - 10/05/11 12:59 PM

In the heart of Sioux Falls, in my heart of my neighborhood is Woodlawn Cemetery. Woodlawn is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city and is the earthly home of many of the forefathers of our great city. The crown jewel of the cemetery is the R.F. Pettigrew mausoleum.  This mausoleum holds four members of the Pettigrew family, Sen. R.F. Pettigrew, Bessie Pettigrew (his wife), Alma Pettigrew(his sister), Harlan Page Pettigrew (his brother).  The mausoleum was constructed prior to the death of Bessie Pettigrew in 1916.  After 90+ years of wear and tear the roof of the structure was … (9 comments)

sioux falls: VA Loan Changes October 1, 2011, Sioux Falls, SD - 10/03/11 04:37 PM

You may already be aware, but VA loans have made important changes that take place in October.
          For a veteran with a down payment of:
                   0 to 4.99%    the fee drops from 2.15% of the loan amount to 1.4%
                    5 to 9.99%    the fee drops from 1.5% of the loan amount to .75%
                    10% or more  the fee drops from 1.25% of the loan amount to .5%
The funding fee for second time use has dropped as well.
What does this mean? It means it is cheaper then ever to get a VA … (10 comments)

sioux falls: Family Fun Day In Sioux Falls, SD - 09/22/11 04:26 PM

A great family fun day in Sioux Falls is a trip to the Great Plains Zoo! The zoo is open year round but my favorite time to go is in the fall. The weather is nice and the animals are still all out on display. Admission for adults is around $8.00 and kids are under $5.00. So this is a very affordable day of family fun.

Pack a lunch and go have a family picnic after you go through at Lower Sherman Park which is adjoining the zoo parking lot. With a restroom area, picnic benches and playground equipment … (3 comments)

sioux falls: Rosalie's Picks For Sioux Falls Fun! - 09/21/11 04:56 PM

1.Stampede Hockey
2.Dinner, drinks and live music at Touch of Europe
3.Carousel Skate
4.Wild Water West Amusement Park
5.Yogi Bear Campground
6.Falls Park
7.Pettigrew Museum
9.Pheasants Baseball
10.Terrace Park
11. Great Plains Zoo
12.Sioux Falls Bike trail…..see me here!
13.Minerva’s Restaurant (is awesome)
14.Fat Daddy’s Comedy Club
15.Old Courthouse Museum
16.South Dakota Symphony at the Washington Pavilion
17.Country Apple Orchard
18.Sioux Empire Mall
19.Hot Harley Nights

20.Paramount Studio
21.St Joseph Cathedral
22.Foley’s Fish Chop and Steak House
23.Sanaa’s Gourmet Mediterranean
24.Sioux Empire Fair
25.Shrine Circus
26.USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial
27.Thunder Road Family Fun Park
28.SculptureWalk Sioux … (0 comments)

sioux falls: March Into The Light, September 24, 2011 Sioux Falls, SD - 09/19/11 11:54 AM

Substance abuse is a disease that affects millions around the world. People I am close to, and people I am not close to yet. It breaks apart families and disadvantages innocent children.  Let us support those courageous individuals who are brave enough to step away from the darkness of addiction and step into the light of recovery.

Join me at the first annual March Into The Light recovery walk, which will provide hope to those struggling with substance use disorder. Starting and ending at Falls Park, the march will start in pre-dawn darkness, with the rising sun as a … (4 comments)

sioux falls: Scenes From Sioux Falls,SD - 09/18/11 04:56 PM
Here are some miscellaneous scenes from Sioux Falls for you to enjoy! Hope you all had a productive weekend too!

21ST AKA The Boulevard near McKennan Park

Central Fire Station

Statue of Liberty at McKennan Park

The Potato Man at McKennan Park

Orpheum Theatre Downtown

sioux falls: Tired Of Taxes?? Uh Yea!!! Reasons To Move To South Dakota - 09/17/11 04:14 PM

Just like Uncle Sam the State of South Dakota wants YOU! A two month marketing campaign aimed at luring businesses from higher taxed states such as Illinois, Minnesota and California was kicked off back in August. With direct mailings, radio spots and print ads the State of South Dakota wants to let you know about our low tax rates or lack of taxes. Here in my great state we enjoy:
1.   no corporate income tax
2.         no personal income tax
3.         no personal property tax
4.         no business inventory tax
5.         no inheritance tax
So do you want to move … (15 comments)

sioux falls: The Washington Pavillion Of Arts And Science.....Sioux Falls, SD. - 09/14/11 05:03 PM

The Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science is located in the heart of Downtown Sioux Falls. Originally the home of Washington High School the building was repurposed in 1999. The huge three floor building houses the Kirby Science Discovery Center, which is a hands on interactive science area. The Pavilion also houses two … (0 comments)

sioux falls: RASE August 2011 Housing Market Statistical Reporting For Sioux Falls, SD - 09/13/11 07:51 PM

Sioux Falls, SD – September 12, 2011:Despite some choppy waters in August, there have been noteworthy shifts on both sides of the closing table. Buyer activity is moving back in line with historical trends while sellers are making fewer concessions in order to sell their homes. Falling supply and improving absorption rates in many regions also suggest that market balance is realigning towards neutral. Locally, a few indicators posted positive movement over August 2011, but do the rest of the numbers provide reason for optimism?
New Listings in the Sioux Falls region decreased 5.1 percent to 498. Pending Sales … (2 comments)

sioux falls: Monday Funny! If You Need A pick Me Up! - 09/12/11 03:56 AM
This Didn't happen in South Dakota but It sure looks like it to me!Hope your Monday is going great!


sioux falls: Come See The Old Courthouse Museum In Sioux Falls SD! - 09/07/11 02:51 PM

The first Minnehaha Courthouse was finished in 1893. Built by Wallace A. Dow it was said to be the largest courthouse between Chicago and Denver. The building is constructed of native Sioux Quartzite with slate stairs, granite pillars, stained glass windows and tiled fireplaces. Also notable is the 16 large murals painted by Ole Running between 1915-1917 for the sum of $500.00.
Used for county business until 1962 when it became too small it was turned into The Old Courthouse Museum in 1974. Today there are three levels open to the public where you can view the history of Sioux … (2 comments)

sioux falls: Downtown Sioux Falls.....Part Two - 09/05/11 06:27 PM
It’s to awesome to only show in one part so here is part two of downtown Sioux Falls!

Just some of the great things to discover in downtown Sioux Falls. Come and visit and make your own discoveries! To see more of our beautiful down town please click on the icon for part one.

sioux falls: Downtown Sioux Falls.....One Of My Favorite Places To Be.....Part One - 09/04/11 06:21 PM
There is something about downtown! That mix of old and new, a nod to the history of the past and the promise of the future! I love our downtown, from the Jazz Club I go to on Saturday nights to the beautiful architecture! Here are some images from our beautiful downtown. I hope you come and visit us soon! Rosalie

Check back for part two of our beautiful downtown tomorrow!
 Part Two!             

sioux falls: Come See Our Namesake!Falls Park in Sioux Falls SD - 09/01/11 04:33 PM

First documented by Lewis and Clark in 1804 the falls of the Big Sioux River have been the heart of Sioux Falls ever since. That site is now home to Falls Park. With the remnants of the old Queen Bee Mill and the observation tower as well as the bike trail there is something for everyone. Sit a spell at the Falls Overlook Café and have a tasty sandwich or dessert. Or wait around for the Wells Fargo Sound and Light show played at around dusk over the falls (from Memorial Day-Labor Day). Also on site is the Falls … (0 comments)

sioux falls: It's That Time Of Year..... - 08/20/11 03:51 AM
....the time I have been waiting for since well, mid May?! Yes school is back in session! Please remember to watch out for extra little pedestrians running out into the street!  Also slow down in those school zones because officers are handing out tickets! I hope you all are enjoying the season as well as I am!



sioux falls: Oh No I'm NOT! - 08/15/11 07:27 PM
I walking into the home with my clients and we hesitantly looked around. We were faced with the sign. It was hanging on the wall and politely insisted....please take off your shoes. They looked at me and I looked at them and I said I think I am going to keep my shoes on for this one! It was rather apparent that children and animals and adults that lived like animals lived there. The floor had not been cleaned for days?weeks?months? Who knows! Anyway just to reiterate a disgusting house with sticky floors covered in dog hair is not going to … (26 comments)

sioux falls: Locusts?....No they are not really locusts! - 08/13/11 04:26 PM
They are Cicadas!
That creaky sounding insect that makes music at night. I guess to me there is nothing more soothing then sitting outside and listening to them sing. That is until one almost flies into your face! This guy almost did and I got my camera really quick to take a picture of him. You hardly even see them but this guy was hung up on a spider's web so he was sticking around for a picture. 
Some facts about cicadas:
1. There are over 2500 species of cicadas
2. Only male cicadas sing which they do by … (9 comments)

sioux falls: Holy Smokes You HAVE tO BE KIDDING ME!? - 08/11/11 05:10 AM
I was trolling around Facebook like I do frequently (yes I am a FB STALKER!) and I came across an interesting post! It was a friend of mine that said that Facebook synches up your cell phone contacts into your Facebook account if they are your friends or not! EVERYONE! So I went and checked it out and it's true! Right at the top of the list practically was my ex-husband, whose name is John, But that's not what I have him listed in my phone as!! So word to the wise if you want to turn off this lovely feature … (6 comments)

sioux falls: St. Joseph Cathedral.....Sioux Falls, SD- Part Two - 08/09/11 07:46 PM
St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls, SD was the first cathedral in Dakota Territory. Built in 1919 it has been a beacon on the hill to the faithful of Sioux Falls for over 90 years. It has just recently undergone an extensive renovation to return it to its original beauty.  From the beautiful marble floors, to the rich woodwork, to the hand painted frescos it is a beauty to behold! This is part two of my pictures.  Enjoy!

To see part one of this series please click on the picture … (9 comments)

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