blog: Can You Renegotiate Your House on Closing Day? - 04/11/19 06:11 PM
You have spent days looking for that dream home…you find it!  You buy it. You do inspections, get a mortgage, order a survey and secure insurance.  So now you are happy and can’t wait to move into your perfect home. Except…
After signing the closing documents, you go look at the house and it does not look the same.  Your agent hands you a gift card and tells you what a wonderful property you bought…you are puzzled…and not so happy.
Appliances that you thought were to stay with the house are missing… Seller took the waterbed so now carpet is missing where the … (2 comments)

blog: Truth about Florida's Real Estate Flippers - 03/01/19 01:12 PM
Truth about Florida’s Real Estate Flippers is something most home buyer are not aware of. Home Buyers love pretty houses…buyers like new stuff.  Buyers like to see updated homes. But is the “new camouflage” really worth it? Are these renovations hiding more secrets than home buyers suspect?…you better believe it!. True stories below…
What is House Flipping?  
House Flipping is a quick-profit strategy in which an investor purchases real estate under market value and improves the property in order to sell at a higher price. A flip house is defined as a home that is bought and sold within … (2 comments)

blog: 10 Biggest Home Buying Misconceptions - 11/08/18 08:04 AM
#1 Misconception: The New Construction Builders Agent is there to “help” you, the buyer.
Not so.  The New construction agent only works for the builder and their primary job is to “sell” you on the the community so you fall in love and want to buy in that community. Their loyalty, and confidentiality is only to the builder, never the buyer.
Whatever you tell the builders representative will be passed along to the builder.  It is never their duty to give you “freebies” or lower the price. They will never disclose the negative facts in the contract or tell you that there … (6 comments)

blog: 3 Tips for Negotiating a Florida Home… - 11/07/18 11:31 PM
# 1 Know what the property is worth
Every property on the market has a value...yet most home buyers start making offers without knowing much about the property value.  You should know that plus more...
Is the property fairly priced at market value?
Is it priced low to generate multiple offers?  
Is it overpriced because inventory is short?
Does the seller just want top dollar?  
Did the listing agent skew the seller on a higher value to get the listing?  
Did the agent price it too low in order to look good by selling it quickly?  

blog: Orlando Lakefront Homes for Sale - 10/20/18 07:14 AM
There are almost 500 Orlando Lakefront homes for sale in Orange county. Add to that the the surrounding counties of Seminole, Lake, Osceola, Polk and there are about 700 more lake homes to choose from. Lake county was named as such because it has over 1,200 lakes. There are all kinds of lakefront homes, some are desirable and bring top dollar while other lake homes may appear like are bargain, but are not in demand.
It is my opinion that a quality lakefront home brings the highest price tag, are most desirable, supply is limited and they appreciate about 3x faster that … (1 comments)

blog: Orlando FL Million Dollar Homes for Sale - 09/07/18 01:13 PM
There are more than 500 Orlando FL Million Dollar Homes for Sale currently just in Orange and Seminole County. These homes start at $1 Million Dollars and go all the way up to $28 Million. Add the surrounding counties in which to explore the Million Dollar market and it quickly becomes too confusing for any buyer to handle alone...
If you are thinking about buying a Florida Million Dollar Home, you need an Orlando FL Luxury Buyers Agent   to guide you to the best buys. Call us for a no pressure chat about your needs and the best options available:  407-539-1053.
There … (0 comments)

blog: Luxury New Construction in Orlando Area - 08/26/18 05:28 PM
If you are thinking about Luxury New Construction in the Orlando area, please put your seat belt on now. I am going to take you on a ride behind the scenes of buying a new construction home and it is not what you think.
Here is a true new construction luxury buyer story: this one I call “bait and switch”.
Buyer went to contract with a closing date of about 8 months out.  The buyer was promised several “bonus” upgrades, but when I read the contract, only one “bonus upgrade”  is mentioned...the builders representative forgot to include everything she promised. I remembered and … (3 comments)

blog: Luxury Lifestyle Vacation Homes in Orlando FL - 07/27/18 12:50 PM
Dreaming about luxury lifestyle vacation homes in Orlando FL? Wish you could go somewhere just to have fun? Maybe it’s time to discover your vacation home options and let us help you find the home of your dreams. We make buying a vacation home simple, so you can start enjoying a vacation home luxury lifestyle that will rejuvenate you. If you can dream it, we can find it. Call us: 407-539-1053.
Buying a luxury vacation home in Orlando is a smart investment for you to explore. There are many reasons to choose Orlando for your vacation home or investment property and hundreds of … (0 comments)

blog: Orlando Homes For Sale - 07/06/18 10:40 AM
There are many beautiful Orlando Homes for Sale. Buying a home in Orlando is a smart move and just the start of you living your dream life. Orlando is the prime home buying location to work, play or invest in.
Currently, there are 7,486 homes for sale.  That is way too many properties for any home buyer to navigate on their own.  Most of the homes for sale in metro-Orlando are in Orange county, However, the city of Orlando is surrounded by the counties of Seminole, Osceola, Polk and Lake county, which many locals still refer to as being part of … (2 comments)

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