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I will provide information about the Las Cruces area Real Estate Market, and in addition, general information on Real Estate related topics. This blog should be a resource for both those already living here, as well as anyone considering relocating or retiring in Las Cruces so I will also add any new and current community Information that I know. This blog's ability to provide day to day information is intended to supplement all of the many Real Estate resources that are to be found on my WEBSTITE: I am proud of this Website and I encourage you to visit.



This past weekend we headed out into the blazing sunshine to enjoy the Whole Enchilada Festival. As always, Las Crucens came out by the hundreds for the parade, the carnival, the shopping, and most importantly, the food. Tent after tent after tent emitted delicious scents, serving up everything ...
Of all the social media outlets, most people seem to shy away from Twitter. Before I joined, I didn’t really understand the benefits - or even the point - of “tweeting.” However, after a few months of being a “Twitterer,” I now understand that it’s a great platform for sharing information, ideas...
Around this time every year, Las Cruces hosts a unique and tasty event: the Whole Enchilada Festival! This event is a celebration of the culture, history, and food of New Mexico, offering a range of entertainment and festivities for the whole family to enjoy. This year, the event takes place in ...
I’m sure you have seen the countless “best places to live in America” articles on sites like MSN,, and so on. Occasionally I’ll click and read, but so often those big top ten lists overlook the fantastic, smaller cities and towns that could be the ideal location for any person or famil...
So, you landed that big promotion! Congratulations! Unfortunately, the job is sending you six hundred miles away from the place you currently call home. After the initial feelings of excitement and exhilaration wear off, the general feelings of uncertainty and nervousness tend to kick in. There ...
Whether you call them clients, customers, or patrons, they’re unequivocally important to you, me, and our respective businesses. It’s sad to say that it can be difficult to find the perfect balance of honesty and selling your product; in different aspects of business, being too honest can hurt y...

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