las cruces: White Sands Missile Range: The Other White Sands - 10/20/14 06:26 AM
White Sands Missile Range is one of the most important parts of the Las Cruces economy because it employs about 8,500 people. These jobs keep the Las Cruces economy active in good economic times and in bad.
However, when one mentions White Sands to people from outside of our area, they don't typically think about the missile range. One of the most interesting features of southern New Mexico is White Sands National Monument. This desert oasis of what looks like white sand (but is actually gleaming white gypsum crystals) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in NM.
If you … (1 comments)

las cruces: How is the Las Cruces market? Great and Getting Better! - 10/16/14 02:52 AM
September 2014 has seen record home sales that are the highest since 2008
(Click to Expand)
(Click to Expand) The Year-to-Date Sales total for 2014 has been best since the marked peak in 2006-2007.
Inventory levels are low, only 1130 homes are actively listed for sale. Historically, this has hovered between 1,200 and 1,300 over the past 5+ years.
Overall Absorption Rate is only 9 months so it's still a buyer’s market, but past three years moving toward balance (6-7 Months)
The Median Price of homes sold in the first 3 quarters of 2014 is $151,525. This represents an increase of … (1 comments)

las cruces: 8 Tips for Finding the Right Home (And #1 Might Surprise You!) - 10/08/14 02:43 AM
One mistake that potential buyers make is going house hunting without any sort of plan. Some will set off on this journey without knowing what they want, what they need, or what they can afford. We have compiled a list of 8 tips to help you answer those questions to make sure you buy the right home for you!
Talk to Yourself
Ok, don't start ACTUALLY talking to yourself but understand what type of home will suit you. Would you like a new home or will an existing one work for you? Single or multi-story? Would you be able to handle a … (0 comments)

las cruces: Spotlight On: The Rio Grande Theatre - 09/30/14 02:06 AM

Tucked away in downtown Las Cruces, the Rio Grande Theatre is a completely modern performing arts center with a digital projector, sound and lighting systems. While sitting in one of the 422 seats you will enjoy the productions amazing visuals and sounds. Acoustical panels shape the sound to increase your audio experience all while keeping you comfortable with their climate controlled facility.
The Rio Grande Theatre has been entertaining people for over 70 years and is the only remaining two-story adobe theatre in the country. In 2005, the Dona Ana Arts Council renovated and reopened the facility and it has … (0 comments)

las cruces: Do You Suffer From Buyers Remorse? - 09/25/14 02:05 AM
Have you ever bought a new car and the next day started to question whether or not you made the right decision? Have you ever bought a new, expensive TV only to find great deals in the paper the next day?
It happens to many homeowners too. You find the right home, go through the process, sign the closing paper, get your keys, and you're finally a homeowner! How exciting. But later that day, some troubling questions creep into your mind: Did I make the right decision? What if I paid too much? What if a better house for me is … (1 comments)

las cruces: Don't Let Bad Curb Appeal Happen To You! - 09/24/14 03:40 AM
Your curb appeal-the appearance of your house and surrounding yard-has a lot to say about you. Good curb appeal says you care about your home and your neighborhood. Flub your curb appeal factor, though, and you'll trash your property value and detract from nearby houses, too. Here are some classic curb appeal no-nos.
Stay in synch with your neighborhood
Sure, you've got flair and panache. But take it too far, and your house becomes the proverbial sore thumb of the neighborhood. Better to put your money toward regular maintenance and energy-efficient upgrades that provide a return on your investment.
Stash your trash
You … (2 comments)

las cruces: Day Trip: A Day at White Sands National Monument - 09/23/14 02:01 AM
The White Sands National Monument is a must-see for any family in Southern New Mexico. The White Sands National Monument is a vast 275-mile white sand desert sitting just a short drive from Las Cruces. The scenic beauty of the white sands offers breathtakingly beautiful recreation your whole family will enjoy.
The White Sands National Monument is a vast desert of huge, undulating white sand dunes. Our family loves walking barefoot through the sandy dunes. Keep your eyes open for animals or even small footprints they leave behind in the white sands as your family explores the White Sands National Monument.

las cruces: The Forgotten Room - 09/16/14 02:06 AM
For many years, kitchens and bathrooms have been the most popular rooms to remodel in your home. While these rooms have a tremendous impact on the resale value of your home, recent trends show see a new room popping up.
Can you guess what it is? The Laundry Room
Homeowners are just now beginning to understand the importance of a good laundry room. For an average size household, someone can spend quite a bit of time doing your laundry every week, but the real kicker is the dread you feel knowing how tedious the chore can be.
A well-designed laundry room can … (0 comments)

las cruces: Come out to the 6th Annual SalsaFest! - 08/20/14 01:58 AM
Taking place on Saturday, August 23rd through Sunday, August 24th is the 6th Annual Salsa Fest! The festival takes place at the Downtown Mall between Las Cruces and Griggs Streets.
This festival will be fun for the whole family with activities for everyone! There will be a salsa making competition and competitors will create their salsa from scratch on-site and will compete for cash, prizes and awards. Live salsa music will fill the entire competition as will salsa dancing. If you're feeling a bit more competitive you can enter the salsa dancing competition. For the younger salsa fans there will be … (1 comments)

las cruces: Fixing Water Damaged Floors - 08/18/14 01:28 AM
We find over and over that people tend to put off home repairs until right before they put their home for sale on the market. One of the most common repairs is due to water damage. Here are some helpful tips if you floor has been damaged by water.
Vinyl Tiles
Linoleum or vinyl tiles are some of the least expensive flooring solutions available and because they are among the easiest types of flooring to clean and maintain, they
are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. However, being used in wet locations such as these also increases the risk of the … (2 comments)

las cruces: Conquering Common Home Buyer Fears - 08/13/14 02:40 AM

I get a few people who contact me from time to time questioning whether or not they should get a house. Their questioning is usually based on the unknown, or fear that they aren’t the right kind of person to buy a home, or that perhaps the market still isn’t stable enough to buy now. Everybody is the right kind of person; it just takes some fine-tuning to really determine what’s really right for the buyer. Here are some of the most common buyer fears that I hear most frequently.
Do I have enough money to buy a home? Before … (0 comments)

las cruces: How Changing Jobs Affects Buying a Home - 08/06/14 06:02 AM
For most people, changing employers will not really affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage loan. However, for some home buyers the effects of changing jobs can be disastrous to your loan application.
We were reminded of this a few weeks ago when we worked with a gentleman who just relocated to Las Cruces, NM for a new, and better paying job in a new industry. Unfortunately, part of his new income is based on commission.
Commissioned Employees
If a substantial portion of your income is derived from commissions, you should not change jobs before buying a home. This has … (0 comments)

las cruces: Just the Facts - The Hard Numbers of Home Refinancing - 07/31/14 02:16 AM

In part 1 of this blog, “Refinancing Your Home Mortgage and Why You Should Do It Now!”, we mentioned that with today’s very low interest rates, around 4%, almost everyone with a higher rate mortgage will save money by refinancing. We also noted that not only would you save money but you will build equity in their home faster and pay less interest to the bank! Depending on your situation, you will be able to increase or decrease the term of you mortgage, consolidate higher interest debts, and it could give you the opportunity to get out of or into … (0 comments)

las cruces: You don't rob banks so why let them rob you? - 07/02/14 03:24 AM
Refinancing Your Home Mortgage and Why You Should Do it Now!
Anyone who is looking at refinancing their home mortgage will inevitably come across the “Big Four” reasons to refinance. However, there are many more reasons that depend on your specific lifestyle and your future financial planning.
First, let’s quickly go over the “Big Four” for those who haven’t.
You will almost certainly get a lower interest rate. Current interest rates are still hovering at near-historic lows and most likely are lower than the interest rate you currently have.
You will save money. Having a lower interest rate means you … (0 comments)

las cruces: The Seven Deadly Sins that'll Stop Your Las Cruces Home Sale - 06/19/14 03:16 AM
The Seven Deadly Sins that'll Stop Your Las Cruces Home Sale
Selling a Las Cruces home is not an everyday experience. It can be a complicated process. To successfully sell your home you must plan all the steps involved and fit the pieces together while avoiding the potential pit falls along the way. As a Las Cruces Real Estate Professional in the business of accomplishing all the steps that are needed to make the process easier for you, we have put our experience into this blog to help you avoid those 7 pitfalls.
7. Poor Curb Appeal Buyers DO judge … (0 comments)

las cruces: Las Cruces, New Mexico named one of the best cities of the future! - 03/06/14 03:39 AM
Along with major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix and Houston, a recent study named Las Cruces one of the nation's Top 10 Best Cities of the Future.
Our home town Las Cruces, New Mexico's was #10 on the list, published by:
The report states "The town became popular during the new millennium with retirees seeking good weather and a lower cost of living, and the city grew from 52 to 77 square miles between 1999 and 2009.
The famous White Sands Missile Range is just up the road, but what really sets the town apart is the $200 million … (0 comments)

las cruces: Breaking News: Recovery in 2013 Las Cruces Real Estate Market! - 01/14/14 01:18 AM
It was a record setting year in the Las Cruces real estate market as prices continue to rise to new highs as well as a significant reduction in inventory. What does this all mean? It means that the market recovery we saw in 2012 continued strong into 2013 and is projected to continue into 2014. Here are some of the highlights for 2013!
Record Breaking Sales In 2013, Las Cruces experienced an increase of 5.7% in number of homes sold. In total, 1400 Single Family Homes sold in 2013 which represents the greatest number of homes sold since 2008. This continues … (0 comments)

las cruces: Highlighting the HERO Program - 12/18/13 05:00 AM

So what is the HERO program? The HERO program is an incredible MFA first mortgage loan designed for households in which at least one member is a member of the armed forces, a healthcare worker, teacher, or safety worker. This loan includes a 3.0 percent down payment grant for low to moderate incoming homebuyers employed in the occupations mentioned above. Even better is that you do not have to be a first-time home-buyer to qualify!
Now, some of the occupations listed above are pretty broad terms and we are going to define them a bit to avoid any confusion. Remember … (0 comments)

las cruces: 5 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home - 08/20/13 05:18 AM
There are plenty of ways to improve the value of your home whether you want to sell up or just invest some money into the place that you live.
Of course building an extension is one strategy, but that isn't exactly practical or affordable for the majority of people. So here are 5 alternatives which won't cost quite as much and can quickly add a little bit of value whilst at the same time making your home a little bit nicer to live in.

Redecorate This is one of the simplest ways to quickly reinvigorate your home if it is … (1 comments)

las cruces: Buy with Confidence: 6 Ways to Make Your Home Purchase Easier! - 07/30/13 05:08 AM
There are several steps you can take in order to make sure your real estate purchase is as stress free as possible. By doing a little homework and a little legwork you will know what to expect and that will help alleviate any stress you are having about buying your new home.
Get Your Finances in Order Getting all your ducks in a row ahead of time will save you the most stress! The seller wants to be reassured that if they accept your offer that the deal is going to go through, barring any last minute title or inspection issues. … (1 comments)

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