las cruces real estate: Construction Strong in Las Cruces - 11/17/10 05:39 AM
Now is clearly the time to buy Las Cruces real estate. Our most recent market report highlights many of these reasons, including low prices and low interest rates. These reasons alone make it a great time to buy and it looks like it's staying that way.

Last week we read a great blog that tells us that construction spending in Las Cruces, NM is growing. Construction spending includes everything from new buildings to home improvements. Steinborn & Associates Real Estate owner, John Hummer, tells us in his blog that now is a good time to invest in Las Cruces because we have … (1 comments)

las cruces real estate: How is the Market? - I still say it’s GREAT! - 09/18/10 04:40 AM
I wrote a Blog Post in June with this same title. Then in August, I wrote "NOW is absolutely the best time ever to buy a home." I stand by both of those statements. You will find some home owners, potential home buyers, and even some REALTORS who say the market is terrible. Whatever that means!

I say,
"Chicken Little don't worry, the sky is NOT falling".
But, Chicken Little says look at what I see:


Based on the first 6 months of 2010, we said sales are up over 2008 and 2009, and … (4 comments)

las cruces real estate: NOW is the time to buy or sell a home - 08/22/10 02:55 PM
In Las Cruces, NOW IS THE TIME for Selling and Buying a Home! The opportunity for buying a home right now is the best that it has been in the last 20 years. 3- Sentences sums it up:
1- Mortgage Interest Rates are the lowest they have EVER been.
2- There is an excellent selection of homes available.
3- Las Cruces Home Prices are a "steal." (US News & World Report, 2010) Worried about Selling? Hear horror stories? Remember, after you sell, you are a buyer, and you get to take advantage of a far greater gain than any problems … (3 comments)

las cruces real estate: Advice for a stress free move - 08/22/10 02:38 PM
Whether it is across town or across the country. The Evelyn Bruder Real Estate Dream Team understands that the moving process is integral to relocating, and it is one of the great anxiety producing parts of relocation.

You are not alone. We are with you every step of the way. Today we want to give you our 5 best moving tips.
Your peace of mind is important to us. We will continue with a series of blogs to provide you with all of the advice you will need to make your move as easy as possible.
Let’s start with our … (2 comments)

las cruces real estate: We can positively say NOW is absolutely the best time ever to buy a home - 06/22/10 04:03 AM
We can positively sayNOW is absolutely the best time ever to buy a home.
Whether it is your first Home, you are moving up, or you are downsizing, we want you to know that it is an exciting time for home buyers in Las Cruces. If you have a home to sell, the Market activity is peaking, and homes under $250,000 are selling quickly. If you are even considering buying a home, you need to read on and take 90 Seconds to watch this video…
This video perfectly sums up why the Current Market conditions are perfect for a Home … (0 comments)

las cruces real estate: How is the Market? A Current Market Analysis - 04/05/10 04:47 AM
How is the Market?

How is the Market is the most common question we get asked by everyone we meet and everywhere we go.
Each month, The Evelyn Bruder, Las Cruces Real Estate Dream Team, prepares a report with the updated Residential Real Estate Market Statistics, and a Current Analysis of the Las Cruces Real Estate Market.
We are happy to E-mail you, or any of your friends, a copy of this analysis each month as soon as it is available. Click for our very short form, just tell us your Name and E-mail Address, and you will begin … (0 comments)

las cruces real estate: Why you should buy a home by April 30 - 03/23/10 02:59 AM

* Interest rates are at their lowest levels in 40 years.
* There is an excellent selection of homes available.
* Homes are available at the lowest prices in many years.
The best part about buying a house before April 30, 2010 is that you have the opportunity to receive a FREE, non-repayable tax credit. If you are not a new home buyer you can receive up to $6,500 and if you are a first time home buyer you can qualify for up to $8,000.
If have already filed your taxes, don’t worry, because you can either wait till next … (0 comments)

las cruces real estate: Selling Your Home: Which Repairs Create Positive Returns? - 10/29/09 03:35 PM


Most people looking to sell live in homes that are a little dated. Trends come and go, and over time, we all do the best we can to keep our homes exactly how we want them. It’s tough to compete against the brand new, never lived in, built to sell houses; the only downside to those is that they’re priced much higher than homes that have been previously lived in. So, if a cost-conscious and trendy couple or family is looking to buy, there’s a small market available to them.
Nowadays, there’s a full-fledged portion of the workforce … (1 comments)

las cruces real estate: Las Cruces New Home Construction and Sales Are ‘Strong’ - 10/04/09 06:41 AM

: October 4th, 2009 : Evelyn Bruder : Comment (0)
Business Week, Votes Las Cruces 8th Top Market for Home Construction

Everyday I get asked “How is the Real Estate Market doing? I finally have an authoritative answer. Anarticle in the September issue of Business Week Magazine focuses on a Top 10 list of strong, consistent building markets. The article names Las Cruces the number 8 place in the country. Las Cruces had a year-over-year (2009 v 2008) increase in all building of 11.6% including a 1,841% increase this year in multifamily building permits. The full article can … (0 comments)

las cruces real estate: SUPER SUNDAY-COME ON OUT-WE HAVE 55 OPEN HOUSES TO SEE - 05/28/09 09:28 AM
This Sunday from 2PM to 4PM, Streinborn GMAC is having our monthly Super Sunday Open House. There will be 55 homes both new and resale in every section of the city and in every price range for you to visit. This link will show you all of the homes with MLS details, pictures, maps and virtual tours where available.
1339 GOLDENROD2936 square feet, 4 BR, 2.5 BA It is a magnificent home w/high ceilings and … (0 comments)

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