elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana's La Casa Help A House Fixed 18 Houses Today! - 05/10/08 12:53 PM
Elkhart County, Indiana, home to La Casa helps homeowners everyday, all year long, but one day a year they organize a day for REALTOR's to give back to the community.  This is the first time I have volunteered to "Help A House" and I gotta say, it sure felt good.  The home we worked on was an early 1900's home in pretty sad shape, located in Goshen.  The homeowner and her three children were there to run fetch things, hand out drinks, donuts, pizza, or help tear apart or put bak up whatever needed doing at the moment. Did I mention … (2 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County, Indiana, EnviroCorps Water Night Wednesday - 05/05/08 11:23 PM
Elkhart County, Indiana, EnviroCorps  "Pumped Up" is the second of a three-part "The Water Supply, Elkhart and You" series.  "Pumped-Up" is at 6 pm Wednesday at North Main Wellfield, 1000 N. Main Street, Elkhart.  Elkhart Public Works and Utilities Terry Bunn will discuss local water supply and ways to reduce contamination risks while convserving water.  Admission is free.  Call Veronica Rog at 574-293-2572 for more information.
This public announcmenty is brought to you by your local Elkhart County Real Estate Expert Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Reatly, 574-304-7148.

elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana Looking for Prom Pictures - 05/05/08 11:16 PM
Elkhart County, Indiana, newspaper The Truth is looking for pictures of you, all dressed up, before the Prom, during the Prom and even after the Prom.  They want to print them in their Share section.  Digital imiages only are accepted by email at etruth.com. Don't forget to name the school and provide contact information for the sender and who is pictured.
This public announcement is provided by your local Elkhart County Real Estate Expert Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty.  For more information, contact Evelyn at 574-304-7148.

elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana, How Important Is A Home Inspection? - 05/05/08 10:09 PM
Should a buyer get a home inspection for a home they are buying? Should a seller order a home inspection prior to putting the property on the market? There are advantages for both.
 Simply put, a home inspection is a visual examination of both the physical structure and major systems of the entire home including: walls, ceilings, floors, decks, exterior covering, the roof, foundation, insulation and ventilation, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning. It is not an appraisal to validate the value of a home, nor a pass/fail exam. A third-party inspector will give a report on the physical condition and suggest … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana, Avoice These Seller Mistakers - 05/03/08 11:59 PM
You want to get the best price for your home, plus sell it in the least amount of time. In a buyers' market such as the one Elkhart County is in now, homes will take longer to sell. Therefore, it's important that you make the right moves at the very beginning of your homeselling process to remain competitive. Here are some common traps that many homeowners fall into and how to avoid them.
1. Over-pricing - It's easy to think your home is worth more than the current market may support, particularly after the long run-up in home prices. Since home … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana Home Buyers Must Have's And Wish List - 05/03/08 11:35 PM
Shopping for a home in Elkhart County, Indiana is an exciting adventure and it's easy to get lost in a sea of dazzling for-sale homes and all of their fabulous amenities - which can cause you to temporarily forget that a large backyard is your top priority. To keep yourself focused, take time to identify and organize exactly what you're looking for in a home by creating thorough "must-have" and "wish" lists before you begin home shopping. You may also want to make a third list that details your dislikes.
To get started ask yourself these questions: Which items and features must … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Preparing Your Elkhart County Home For A Successful Open House - 05/03/08 03:28 PM
Elkhart County Indiana Buyers are drawn to homes that appeal to their senses. This is important to remember when preparing your home for an Open House. Through sight, sound and smell, buyers should leave your home with a lasting impression. Here are some tips to showcase your home in the best-possible light.
Start outside by inspecting the front of your home from across the street. Does it have curb appeal? It should look inviting, with a trimmed lawn and flowerbed and a freshly painted front door. Polish door handles and knockers and replace worn items such as a rusty doorbell. Consider … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana, Make Sure You Have A Marketing Plan - 05/03/08 03:00 PM
Only for the rare few sellers, simply placing a "For Sale" yard sign on the front lawn creates a line of traffic filled with potential buyers. If you want buyers to see your Elkhart County, Indiana home, you've got to find them.  The key is marketing.  To get the most exposure for your home, you should have a marketing plan with clear objectives and specifically outlines the resources that will be used to reach potential buyers.
Each marketing plan should be designed around your property and capitalize on its most desirable features.  Therefore, you need to be honest with your local Elkhart … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County, Baugo Township, Indiana Seeking Donations for Fire Dept. - 04/27/08 09:31 AM
The Baugo Township Fire Department in Elkhart County, Indiana  is asking for support in a funraising program.  Representatives will contact all homes in the area asking for a donation of $20.00 to be used topurchase equipment, and the fire department wishes to thank residents for thir donations by giving a certificate for an 8 X 10 color portrait to be taken at the station.  You can also mail in a donation to the fire department at Baugo Township Fire Station, 57955 CR 3, Elkhart IN 46517.
This public announcement is brought to you by your local Elkhart County Real Estate Expert Evelyn … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County, Indiana, Florence Street Closure Due To Construction - 04/27/08 09:19 AM
A portion of Florence Street will be closed in Elkhart because of water main construction.
The closing will begin Monday April 28th and last about four weeks.
The cross streets of the area affected are South West Boulevard and South Highland Avenue.  Local traffic, including mail delivery, trash pickup and emergency vehicles will be allowed within the construction area.
 This public announcement is brought to you by your local Elkhart County Real Estate Expert Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty, 574-304-7148.

elkhart county: Elkhart County, Indiana, Familiarize Yourself With Real Estate Glossary - 04/27/08 07:52 AM
Elkhart County, Indiana is a GREAT place to live, and spring is here and you want to start looking for a home.  GREAT!  Let's familiarize ourselves with the Real Estate Glossary.  It will help the process make more sense to you as you work with your local Elkhart County Real Estate Expert Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty, 574-304-7148.
Adjustable Mortgage Loans: Mortgage loans under which the interest rate is periodically adjusted to more closely coincide with current rates.  The amounts and times of adjustment are agreed to at the inception of the loan.  Also called adjustable rate loans, adjustable rate mortgages (ARM's), … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County, Indiana, Credit Builders Inc and Indigo Financial Group, What Do They Have In Common? - 04/26/08 01:41 PM
Elkhart County, Indiana is home to both Credit Builders Inc and Indigo Financial Group, and to Real Estate Expert Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty. I, as a Real Estate Professional, have gathered many contacts  that I can turn to for help with my Client base. Of course, whom I look to depends on particular needs, and my clients can use whom ever they coose to work with. But my point is this, as an astute REALTOR I am able to help almost every customer I have contact with, because I have searched, tried out and choosen to work with the best … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana, It's All About Location, Location, Location! - 04/26/08 01:21 PM
There's an adage in real estate that says the three most important considerations when buying property are (1) location, (2) location and, of course, (3) location.  In other words, buy something in the right location and you can't miss.  It will not only provide shelter, but steady appreciation as well.
In fact, if you examine the cost of a particular piece of property, you will find the prime driver behind the price is usually the location and its desireability.  In other words, the buetter the location, the greater the demand, and the higher the price.
Some of the "drivers" that creat … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County, Indiana-Good News - Nehemiah Wins Lawsuit Against HUD - 04/26/08 12:55 PM
This is good news not only for Home Buyers in Elkharty County, Indiana, but for Home Buyers across the whole United States of America!
Judge Lawrence K. Karlton of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California upheld Nehemiah's motion for summary judgment and invalidated the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rule to ban private downpayment assistance as proposed in the "Standards for Mortgagor's Investment in Mortgaged Property" regulation published October 1, 2007.
To be clear, this rule cannot be enforced by HUD and is no longer a threat to private downpayment assistance programs.
We are thrilled with … (0 comments)

elkhart county: How Many Elkhart County Real Estate Agents Do You Need To Find A House? - 04/26/08 01:35 AM
Although it may seem that having several REALTOR's working for you increases your chances of finding the right property, it doesn't.  In fact, having more than one Real Estate Agent working for you usually works the opposite way.
The reason is simple.  Real Estate Agents earn money through sales.  If a Real Estate Agent knows that he or she is "sharing" a buyer with several other associates, they will devote less time to that buyer than to another consumer they represents exclusively.  And for good reason.  Real Estate Agent's invest a lot of time locating suitable homes for buyers.  They do market research, take … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana Rotary Guest Speaker Today - 04/22/08 10:07 PM
State Treasurer Richard Mourdock will speak to members of the Elkhart County, Indiana Concord Rotary Club today.  Mourdock will discuss such topics as Indiana and the global economy, responsibilities of the state treasurer and his office, and other initiatives currently being undertaken by him.
The meeting is from noon to 1:30 pm Today at King's Buffet, 3535 S. Main Street.
This announcement was brought to you by your Local Elkhart County Real Estate Expert, Evelyn Johnston, Prudential One Realty.

elkhart county: Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana Asked To Heed Sign Restrictions - 04/22/08 01:03 PM
Goshen, Indiana, with the imminent arrival of garage/yard sale season, city of Goshen officials are reminding residents of policies for those events.
Garage/yard sales are permitted up to four times per year by a person or group for a maximum of four days per sale.  Unsold items must be cleaned up between sales.
City policy prohibits posting sale signs on trees on public rights of way or on utility poles or light standards.  Owners must give permission for signs to be placed on their properties or buildings.'
Report signs in violation to Nic Allen, the city's ordinance administrator at 574-533-9857.
This public announcement is brought … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Goshen, Indiana Greencroft Senior Center - 04/21/08 11:23 PM
Goshen's Greencroft Senior Center offers choice activities and programs for all area adults, 55 and older, at no or low cost.  For more information please call 574-537-4090.  Also available for private rentals and catered events, with seating to 500.  Real Services meals served Monday through Friday at 11:30 am.  Meal reservations are at 574-971-6016 between 10 am and 11:30 am the previous weekday. Donation: $3.
Adult day Services at the Thelma A. Schrock Homestead, Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5 pm.  Call 574-537-4000 and ask for a marketing associate, or contact them via greencroft.org.
Homemaker, handyman and companion services for those 50 … (2 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County, Indiana Harvest Basket - 04/21/08 11:13 PM
Elkhart County, Indiana's United Labor Agency for Community Services sponsores the Harvest Basket Food Program from 9 to 11 am Tuesdays at 3322 Middlebury Street, Elkhart.  The supplemental food program is for those 60 and older, disabled or having a serious illness or injury.  The program has a yearly membership plus weekly user fee.  Choice offood is provided along with services. (i.e. foot clinic, blood pressure screening, flu shots).  For more information please call 574-522-2899 9 am to 4 pm Monday - Thursday, or come in Tuesday morning.
This public announcement is brought to you by your Local Elkhart County Real Estate … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County, Indiana Council On Aging - 04/21/08 11:06 PM
The Elkhart County, Indiana Council on Aging is located at 2555 Oakland Avenue.  This community facility is a primary source for information on programs and services available to older adults.  Among its services are transportation to and from doctor appointments, pharmacies, agencies, stores, banks and other necessary business; a food pantry in which volunteers deliver nonperishable groceries to homebound adults twice a month; grocery shopping for older adults; state-trained counselors who assist with insurance, volunteers who relieve primary caregivers; volunteers or staffers who help with light homemaker tasks and yard work, outside cleaning and minor household repairs; money management; and telephone … (2 comments)

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