elkhart county: Wakarusa, Elkhart County, Indiana Community Contact Numbers - 04/03/08 11:14 PM
Town Hall     102 W Waterford Street     574-862-2245     574-862-2245 fax
Fire Dept     301 E. Waterford Street     574-862-4603
Police Dept     102 S. Spring Street     574-862-4200     574-862-2475 fax
Parks     Town Hall     574-862-2245     574-862-2245 fax
Maintenance Dept     312 E. High Street     574-862-4632
These contact numbers are courtesy of your local Elkhart County Real Estate Expert Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty.  If you are interested in buying or selling, call an Expert, Evelyn Johnston, 574-304-7148.

elkhart county: Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana Community Contact Numbers - 04/03/08 11:10 PM
City Hall     300 W Lincoln Street     574-773-2112     574-773-5878 fax
Fire Dept     300 W. Lincoln Street     574-773-4111     574-773-4155 fax
Police Dept     301 W Lincoln Street     574-773-4111     574-773-4155 fax
City Court     City Hall     574-773-2112     574-773-5878 fax
Parks     City Hall     574-773-2112     574-773-5878 fax
Planning/Zoning     City Hall     574-773-2112     574-773-5878
Street Dept     E. Wabash Street     574-773-4322
These numbers were provided as a courtesy by your local Elkhart Country Real Estate Expert Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty at 574-304-7148.
If you are thinking about buying or selling your home in the near future, call an Expert.  Call Evelyn Johnston, 574-304-7148.

elkhart county: Wouldn't Nutty Bags Idea Be Great For High School Baseball Season? - 04/02/08 11:38 PM
I love the post about the "Nuts about your House" idea and thought about my two granddaughters who play softball every year.  My Son and Daughter-in-law sign the girls up for sports all year around and the stands are full of young parents and grandparents.  Grandparents are looking to buy homes in a smaller size or closer to the kids and young parents with expanding families are also looking to buy a home. And how perfect would it be to hand out the nuts bag at every game? As a matter of fact there are either 4 or 6 fields all … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Have You Tested Your Home In Elkhart County Indiana For Radon? - 04/02/08 12:30 PM
Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas.  You can't see radon.  And you can't smell it or taste it.  But it may be a problem in your home.
Radon is estimated to cause many thousands of deaths each year.  That's because when you breathe air containing radon, you can get lung cancer. In fact, the Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the united States today.  Only smoking causes more lung cancer deaths.  If you smoke and your home has high radon levels, your risk of lung cancer is especially high.
Radon can be found … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Middlebury, Elkhart County, Indiana Community Contact Numbers - 04/02/08 12:48 AM
Town Hall     418 N Main Street     574-825-1499     574-825-1485 fax
Fire Dept     117 N Main Street     574-825-1484     574-825-1466 fax
Police Dept     418 N Main Street     574-825-9111     574-825-1489 fax
Parks Dept     Town Hall     574-825-1499     574-825-1485 fax
Public Works     125 York Drive     574-825-1493
Middlebury Township is located in the eastern section of the county, just east of Goshen and Elkhart Township.
This information is furnished courtesy of Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty.

elkhart county: Goshen, Indiana Community Contact Numbers - 04/02/08 12:40 AM
City Hall     202 S 5th Street     574-533-8621     574-533-9740 fax
Fire Dept     209 N 3rd Street     574-533-7878     574-534-2804 fax
Police Dept     111 E Jefferson Street, Suite 5     574-533-8661     574-533-1826 fax
City Court     111 E Jefferson Street     574-533-9365     574-533-3235 fax
Parks     607 W Plymouth Avenue     574-534-2901     574-534-6644 fax
Plan Dept     204 E. Jefferson Street, Suite 4 574-534-3600     574-533-8626 fax
Street Dept     311 W Madison Street     574-534-9711
Zoning Appeals     204 E Jefferson Street     574-534-3600     574-533-8626 fax

elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana Higher Education Opportunities - 04/01/08 12:20 PM
Elkhart citizens know that learning does not stop at high school graduation.  Whether people are seeking a well-rounded, traditional college education, or specific courses designed for job training or a career change, the Elkhart area is home to institutions that can meet their needs.
Bethel College, Brown Mackie, Davenport University, Goshen College, Indiana Tech, Indiana University South Bend, Ivy Tech Community College, Tri-State University, and Vincennes University are among the higher education offerings in the area.  With a short commute, students can reach an even wider variety of options.
Recently, the State of Indiana changed the mission of Ivy Tech.  It has become … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Education In Elkhart County From Kindergarten to 12th Grade - 04/01/08 12:09 PM
The mission of local public and private schools, in Elkhart County, is to provide an educational environment where every student can become a literate, numerate, responsible, and productive member of society.  This belief translates into comprehensive academic programs, outstanding extracurricular and arts opportunities, first-class facilities, and most of all, a highly trained staff.
Elkhart Community Schoolsis the twelfth largest K-12 school districts in Indiana, with fourteen elementary schools (K-6), three middle schools (7-8) and two high schools (9-12).  It also provides a full-day program for all kindergarten students, the Elkhart Area Career Center, Tipton Street Center (alternative school), and many adult/community education opportunities.  Baugo … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County's Economic Development - 04/01/08 08:29 AM
From its beginnings, entrepreneurial spirit has inspired the leaders of Elkhart.  An undaunted courage to pursue dreams guided Dr. Miles to begin a pharmaceutical business at the turn of the century and influenced colonel Conn in the creation of band instruments.  This same spirit has since directed enterprising men and women to build the area into a giant in American free enterprise.
The Elkhart region is the leader in the production of recreational vehicles and manufactured housing.  Hundreds of manufacturers produce motor homes, travel trailers, campers, park models, mobile homes or the products used in RVs and manufactured housing.
Elkhart is also known … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County Indiana History - 04/01/08 08:17 AM
It is popularly believed that Elkhart was named for a local island in the shape of an elk's heart.  It is more likely that the community, county, Elkhart River and Elkhart Prairie were named for the Shawnee Indian Chief Elkhart, a cousin of the famous Chief Tecumseh.
Dr. Havilah Beardsley, who arrived in the area in 1830, laid out the first lots of the Village of Elkhart in 1832.  The village became a town in 1858 and a city in 1875.
During this time, the railroad's presence was growing.  By 1900, a fourth of the population was employed by the railroads.  Early in … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart County's Museums and Recreation - 04/01/08 08:07 AM
Elkhart is an experience to be enjoyed and cherished, with fascinating museums, artistic events, and athletic competitions that are fun for both spectators and participants.
The Midwest Museum of American Art was the first in the nation to focus exclusively on the works of American artists.  The Ruthmere Museum provides the opportunity to travel back in time and visit the home of one of Elkhart's early, wealthy families.  The RV/Mobile Home Hall of Fame & Museum invites you to experience the past and future of Elkhart's top industry.
Each summer the three-day Elkhart Jazz Festival attracts major figures in traditional and contemporary jazz.  … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Churches That Serve Elkhart County Residents And Visitors - 04/01/08 02:56 AM
Since the earliest years of Elkhart County's history, families have worshiped together. Before the first churches were built, itinerant ministers visited settlers.
Elkhart County area churches include modern houses of worship and some of the most classical and time-crafted in the state. A simple drive through the community reveals the many religious options available.  Whether you simply enjoy the weekly sermon or strive for daily involvement, a church in this diversely faithful culture can offer fulfillment.
Catholic, United Methodist, and mennonite have the most congregants in the county. The Church of the Brethren, Evangelical Lutheran, Missionary Church, Baptist and Old Order Amish also … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Transportation in Elkhart County Indiana - 04/01/08 02:45 AM
Elkhart County gets to where it wants to go with enviable ease.  Interstate Highway 80-90 skirts the northern edge of the county and the US 20 Bypass provides four-lane swiftness from the souteastern edge of the city to Mishawaka, South Bend and into Michigan.  The CR 17 corridor has become a mojor connector for both travelers and commerce on the east side of the community.  A brand new railroad underpass allows for more accessibility to and from the downtown area.
Elkhart Municipal Airport was distinguished as the 2004 Airport of Year for Indiana.  It is home to numerous private and corporate aircraft. … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Excellent Medical Facilities Serve Elkhart County Indiana Residents - 04/01/08 02:36 AM
Elkhart General Hospital, the largest hospital in the area, has served Elkhart County Residents for over 100 years.   Elkhart General Hospital is an acute care hospital whose services include a Level II emergency department, open-heart surgery, cardiac catheterization, radiation oncology, mental health and addictions services, in and out patient rehabilitation, birthing suites, and the largest home health care service in the county.
Various other clinics, medical facilities and private practices offer occupational medicine, plastic surgery, laser surgery, sports medicine, and a wide range of specialty health care services and treatments.
Oaklawn, a hospital devoted to mental health and addiction treatment for children, adolescents, … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Parks In And Around Elkhart Countly, Indiana - 04/01/08 02:02 AM
Elkhart is made for individuals and families who love outdoor activities.  A phenomenal system of city and county parks and comprehensive recreation programs satisfies every desire for sports and recreation.  The city of Elkhart has 32 parks with a total of about 300 acres, many situated along rivers where fishing is a popular pastime.  Several of these parks are connected by trails for easy walking or biking between locations.
Youngsters, and the young at heart, can speed down a 60 foot water slide at one of Elkhart's parks.  There are backboards for one-on-one basketball, plus numerous ball fields where organized softball … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Shopping in Elkhart County Indiana - 04/01/08 01:53 AM
A variety of shopping is available everywhere in Elkhart.  Shoppers can stroll the concourses of climate-controlled enclosed malls or browse the unique merchandise selections available at various quaint flea markets.
Concord Mall appeals to the avid shopper's many senses. Offering more than 100,000 total square feet of indoor hops, boutiques, services, and restaurants, this is truly a shopper's paradise.
Shopping in colorful downtown Elkhart remains popular among residents who take the opportunity to enjoy the recently completed Streetscape.  From fine jewelry to floral arrangements to family clothing to salons, downtown Elkhart is filled with genuinely unique shopping experiences.
Adding to the … (0 comments)

elkhart county: RiverWalk on The Elkhart River in Elkhart County Indiana - 04/01/08 01:44 AM
Elkhart, Indiana, a city born on the mystique of the Elkhart River welcomes visitors to come and take a stroll.  The RiverWalk winds around the Elkhart River in beautiful downtown Elkhart, Indiana. Ample parking, picnic areas, and signs detailing Elkhart's rich history welcome visitors to come and take a walk in the park.
Whether there for just a moment or an entire afternoon, visitors to the RiverWalk will find the 10-foot wide concrete walkway that follows the river's course to be comfortable and inviting.  A boardwalk overlooking the water at the end of Jefferson Street and steps leading down the bank at … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Around Elkhart County, Indiana - 04/01/08 01:33 AM
The Elkhart Count,y Indiana, region enjoys economic prosperity amid the charm of small cities and an outlying country atmosphere.  Our region is unparalleled in entrepreneurship, where spirited individuals build new companies with skill and optimism that leads to success.  Elkhart County innovators are second in the state in the number of patents.
The lives of residents are centered on a myriad of lakes and rivers, which give summers of joy and provide picturesque settings for fashionable homes of every size.  The area's housing is ranked among the "nation's most affordable." For local housing information, please contact Prudential One Realty's Real Estate Agent … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Prudential Annual One on One Real Estate Agent Review - 03/31/08 09:00 AM
Today was my BIG day! I had my first one on one to discuss my goals with Prudential One Realty. I need to step up to the bat and buckle down to reach my lofty goals. Make no mistake about it, they are MY goals, not my companies goals.  It is a good thing the market is picking back up! I am both excited and energized by the meeting.  When broken down into weekly goals it doesn't seem that difficult to do.  Is this the normal time of year for this type of review?  Real Estate Buyers and Real Estate Sellers in … (0 comments)

elkhart county: Elkhart county Newlyweds, Congratulations On Your Marriage! - 03/30/08 08:44 AM
This is the beginning of a very special time in your life, just married! The Wedding is over and now it is time to get on with the Happily Ever After! Where do you begin? Most Newlyweds spend more money in the first year of marriage than settled marrieds spend in five years, according to a recent survey. There is furniture to buy, kitchen staples, automobiles, sheets and towels and a home to put it all in. That house is my specialty! I am Evelyn johnston a Prudential One Realty Real Estate Agent here in Elkhart County and I help take the stress out … (2 comments)

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