mortgage lender: Elkhart, Indiana, Not All Mortgage Lenders Are Alike! Take Roger... - 07/01/13 04:34 AM
Elkhart, Indiana, Not All Mortgage Lenders Are Alike! Take Roger for instance...
Roger Maxwell, Mortgage Lender with Guaranteed Rate Mortgage knows more about mortgages than many underwriters!  (Now, I know I am going to get in trouble with that one), Roger actually reads the underwriting guidelines, probably not for fun, but so that he can do his job better and serve his clients to the best of his ability. And he teaches real estate agents the ins and outs of what is required for different programs.
Why would he do that? So we can talk to our Buyer's about the different types … (4 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Indiana Real Estate Agent Evelyn Johnston Asks: Are We Done With Short Sales Yet? - 03/18/10 06:07 AM
Not according to the news media we aren't, says Elkhart Real Estate Agent Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty, they say 2010 is going to be the year of Short Sales.  Why?  Because those who have been unemployed, can't find a job, have drained their savings accounts and 401k'S PAYING their Mortgage's in the hopes of saving their home.  They are now out of extensions on their unemployment, and cannot pay anymore.
This is what the news media is reporting and although I have not actually seen a rise in interest to list homes, there is still a steady stream of … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart, Indiana, Certified Short Sale Expert Evelyn Johnston, Pre-Forclosure Specialist - 02/14/10 09:41 AM
Elkhart Indiana has it's share of pre-foreclosures, says Evelyn johnston, certified short sale expert with Prudential One Realy. Our unemployment rate led the country in the sheer number of folks who lost their jobs due to the downturn in the RV market, mainly because of high gas prices.  Local employers are now starting to call employees back to work, but for some Home Owners, it just wasn't quick enough to enable them to get their homes out of pre-foreclosure.
If your Mortgage Lender was unable to modify your loan, and you are behind in your mortgage, call a certified short sale expert to talk … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Real Estate Agent Evelyn Johnston Says, If You Are Behind In Your Mortgage... - 12/05/09 01:05 AM
If you are behind in your mortgage payment, there are new rules, says Elkhart Real Estate Agent and Certified Short Sale Specialist Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty.  The US Treasury just released new guidelines that both you, the Borrower, and your Mortgage Lender must now complete and follow.
Exactly what this means to you is this:  Once the Mortgage Lender issues you approval to sell your home as a Short Sale, both you and they must meet minimum requirements, AND they cannot require you to repay any portion of the first mortrgage!
If you, or someone you know, are behind in your … (2 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart REALTOR Evelyn Johnston Says: If You Are Behind In Your Mortgage Payment, There Is Hope! - 10/02/09 01:16 PM
The first thing you should do if you are behind in your mortgage payment, is, call your Mortgage Lender and ask for their help, says Elkhart REALTOR Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty.  Your Mortgage Lender does not want your home back, they are in the business to loan money, and accept deposits.
Give your Mortgage Lender the opportunity to modify your loan, if possible, and stay in the home.  Do not move out!  Once you leave the home the Mortgage Lender can accelerate the foreclosure process and take possession of the home, when there may have been a chance for … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Real Estate Agent Evelyn Johnston says "Get Pre-Approved First!" - 09/12/09 09:12 AM
According to Elkhart Real Estate Agent Evelyn Johnston, you need to Get Pre-Approved First!, and here is why...until you sit down with a reputable Mortgage Lender or Mortgage Broker, you really do not know how much of a home you can afford to buy.  After the Mortgage Lender/Broker has reviewed, verified and qualified you as a ready, willing and able buyer, you have P O W E R!
With your pre-approval in you hand you can safely go shopping for a home! Prior to shopping though, you also need to take time to sit down and make a list of the things … (2 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Real Estate Agent Evelyn Johnston Shares-Short Sale Homes-Everything You Need To Know-Part 3 - 08/22/09 03:18 AM
In Part 1 of this series on Elkhart Real Estate Agent Evelyn Johnston Shares-Short Sale Homes-Everything You Need To Know, I spoke about the very basics of a short sale and in Part 2 I talked about the Hardship Package and little known facts and beliefs about Short Sale Homes. If you haven't read them, please take a few minutes to go back and catch up.
Okay, so now you have found a Real Estate Agent who knows all about Short Sale Homes, has successfully closed on Short Sale Homes, and you have listed your home with that experienced Real Estate Agent.  An offer … (2 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart REALTOR Evelyn Johnston Shares, Short Sale Homes-Everything You Need To Know-Part 2 - 08/15/09 02:35 AM
If you missed my post from yesterday "Elkhart County, Indiana, Short Sale Homes-Everything You Need To Know-Part 1" you can go back and read it here.  Today we are going to talk about the Hardship Package.
Once an offer is received on your property, your Short Sale Hardship Package must accompany the offer to your Mortgage Lender.  You will delay the processing and possible loose the offer if you aren't fully prepared with all the necessary documents.
First you must have a conversation with your Mortgage Lender, some of them require a 10 minute credit overview process where you tell them … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart REALTOR(r) Evelyn Johnston Shares, Short Sale Homes-Everything You Need To Know-Part 1 - 08/14/09 09:03 AM
If you live in Elkhart County, Indiana you have probably heard of a Short Sale, starting today I am going to tell you everything you need to know-this is Part 1.
The news media, whether it be television or newspaper has been talking about Foreclosure, Pre-Foreclosure and Short Sales for several months, probably over a year by now, due to the higher than average unemployment rate.  You may even be facing foreclosure yourself, know someone who has or see signs of it in your neighborhood.
I am going to give you the information you need to know, whether you are looking … (2 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart, Indiana, What in the World is a Short Sale? - 07/10/09 10:06 AM
A Short Sale in Elkhart Indiana, and any other town for that matter, is when you cannot sell a home for the amount you owe on it.  You do not necessarily have to be past due in your payments to qualify as a potential short sale.
The unemployment is so high in Elkhart County, Indiana that many homes are not worth what the home owners paid for them several years ago when there were jobs...
How do you know if you qualify?  First you have to talk to the bank, they will want a hardship letter, two years worth of income … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Spring Has Arrived in Elkhart Indiana! - 04/12/09 01:42 AM
The green grass sure is a welcome sight here in Elkhart Indiana!  After lots of snow and cold weather it is a welcome change to the view!  I  think the warmer weather is partly responsible for the buyers who are coming outdoors to play!  That and the great incentives to buy, like the $8000 first time home buyers tax credit.  Who wouldn't want to buy?  There are plenty of homes available to look at in all areas of the county!
If you are thinking of buying, now is the time to start looking.  But first you need to speak with a … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Indiana, Are You Behind In Your Mortgage Payments? - 04/11/09 03:57 PM
Elkhart Indiana still has a high unemployment rate, at 18% we are the highest in the country, and that means we have folks not working, not able to locate a job and mortgage payments getting behind.  Further and further every month.  If you are in this situation, communication with your Mortgage Lender is a must. 
There is help available for either temporarily reducing your payment or perminant modification.  Ask them to reduce the interest rate, ask them to take what is past due and put it on the end of your 30 year mortgage so you can start over.  If you … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Indiana Homeowners: Don't Face Foreclosure Alone! - 03/29/09 03:56 AM
Again this week I have received notifications of a record breaking number of folks in Elkhart and Elkhart County Indiana who face foreclosure.  Don't face foreclosure alone! There are options to loosing your home and I would like to sit down and spend a few minutes talking to you about it.  If you have received a notice of default from your Mortgage Lender and delivered by the Sheriff, please call me.
President Obama's Home Ownership Affordability and Stability Plan is offering money to your Mortgage Lender to work with you to modify your loan.  Unemployment can now be used as income for … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Indiana Realtor on WNDU's Facing Foreclosure Series - 03/12/09 11:54 PM
Evelyn Johnston with Prudential One Realty was selected by WNDU's Reporter Ryan Famuliner to speak about her experience in helping folks who are Facing Foreclosure and also interviewed on of Evelyn's Clients whose house did get sold.  A Pre-Foreclosure Sale is always Foreclosure Prevention!
The Channel 16 Reporter and Cameraman met Evelyn at one of her listings located at 60037 SR 15 in Goshen to record the interview.  They spoke about the people who are Facing Foreclosure and they don't even know help is available or that they can do what is called a Short Sale.  A Short Sale means if … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Indiana, 108 Homeowners In Jeopardy Of Foreclosure, Just This Week! - 03/07/09 01:24 AM
108 Homeowners have just received notice of foreclosure, this week.  It is a sad thing to see so many neighbors agoniziing over where they will lay their heads at night.  With the unemployment rate so high, jobs are at a premium.  One of my clients drives 50 miles one way, just to have a job.  We are trying to sell his home so he can move closer.
Something you should know if you are behind in your mortgage payment or expect to be soon, You Do Not Have To Move Out!  Your Mortgage Lender will be happy for you to stay … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Indiana, When Is A Foreclosure Complete? - 02/25/09 11:18 AM
If my Elkhart Indiana home is in Foreclosure, what are my rights and when is it over?
I am not an Attorney and cannot give you legal advice, but to the best of my understanding the Foreclosure is Complete between 9 and 11 months from when you miss your first payment.  Just because you are behind you don't need to move out of your home!  You own the home until it is either sold to another person or sold at the Sheriff Sale, when usually your Mortgage Lender buys it from you.  How do you know if your house is scheduled for … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Indiana, Are You Looking For A REALTOR To Sell Your Home Because You Are Behind in Your Payments? - 02/09/09 10:36 PM
There are approximately 350 REALTOR's(r) still active in Elkhart, Indiana, some more so than others, and all of us have our own personalities, dreams for our business and how we see it growing.  On the surface we all look alike, in that we all help you to either buy or sell a home or both.  But what is it that makes you choose which one to work with?
Alot of times we choose a REALTOR(r) based on the experience some one else had with a particular Elkhart County Real Estate Agent. That's okay, and it is what we call a referral.  … (0 comments)

mortgage lender: Elkhart Indiana Interest is UP in Home Buying! - 02/01/09 11:00 PM
Elkhart Indiana has been unusually hard hit due to RV Plants closing, relocating or closing their door, and we have a HUGE inventory of homes on the market, but guess what?  I received multiple offers on one of my properties this weekend.  The buyers are out there looking and not afraid to put in an offer.  I wrote about this very same subject on surge in buyer activity just a few days ago, you can read about it here.
If you were smart enough to read Gary Keller's new book SHIFT, you might remember a scenario he uses to demonstrate to BUYERS that … (0 comments)

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