AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE - THE ALAMEDA FOOD BANK       The Alameda Food Bank, a totally volunteer service in 2010 provided services to an average of 1,350 individual recipients per month from the Food Bank’s office/warehouse.  The Food Bank has set a goal of providing 1000 turkeys or hams to the...
  INTRODUCING NEWBIES IN ACTIVERAIN VIRGINIA DEAN   Virginia Dean got her first real estate license 1995 in Atlanta, GA.  She prides herself on her people skills and attention to detail.  She lives in Visalia, CA.,now and build her business  by providing Concierge type service, going above and be...
    SUPPORT ALAMEDA'S SMALL BUSINESSES ON SATURDAY   On November 26, millions of people are being asked to "Shop Small" at their favorite local stores. I have features a few of the businesses which will be participating in Small Business Saturday.  Visit them and support our local businesses.  Th...
HAPPY THANKSGIVING     Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It is an American holiday inspired by the Pilgrims who celebrated their first successful harvest in 1621 after a grueling winter.     It wasn't until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a natio...
    Sale of a Home Held in A Trust   A sale of a home held in a trust is very common.   As an estate planning technique, many people have put their assets, including their homes, in a trust.  The trust then becomes the owner of the home.  This is usually done to protect the estate from a probate,...
    Judy Chapman's post about the real estate crash and the legislative steps which led to the crash.  Her analysis is compelling and seems to be accurate.  She names one person who may be at the center of the crash and three laws which paved the way for the crash.    The real estate crash didn’t...
  EMERYVILLE CA CONDO MARKET REPORT 2011    Emeryville CA Condo Market Report for 2011 shows that the number of days on the market for a condominium has increased by 56% from October 2010 to October 2011.  In October 2020 a condo was on the market for about 42 days before it sold.  Now in Octobe...
    ALAMEDA PARKS - TILLMAN PARK AND HARRINGTON FIELD   Tillman Park was opened in 1991.  The park is located in heart of the Harbor Bay Isle residential neighborhood.  It is four acres in size and surrounds the Bay Farm Island School.  A playing field, picnic area and play area are on one side o...
    VETERAN'S DAY, 2011   Two years ago we took a River Cruise from Le Havre to Paris on the Seine.  Before we departed Le Havre we visited the D-Day Memorial and cemetery in Normandy.  Seeing all the crosses and Stars of David lined up like soldiers on the ground of the cemetery was sobering and...
ALAMEDA PROPERTY VALUES FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS   Alameda Property values for the last 10 years point to the fact that purchasing a home in Alameda is a good strategy over time.  People who live in Alameda are happy for a number of reasons.  It is a friendly community with wonderful neighborhoods,...

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