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Castellum Realty LLC / Lancaster Real Estate prides itself to be a leader in International Real Estate Investment advice in Placencia Belize, Dubai UAE and locally in Lancaster County PA, Lititz PA, Hershey PA, Millersville PA, and in Central Florida. We work with first time buyers, newlyweds, investors, active adults and everyone in between. If you need to buy a home in Lancaster PA, Belize, Dubai, Florida or elsewhere then call us and we'll make an appointment to show the house of your dreams or as we like to put it "The Castle of your dreams".
Dubai realestate development is still going strong however at a slower pace than a few years ago. I believe it has a great future as the most afvance cosmopolitan state in the Middle East. Take the Helicopter ride to see this spectacular town Go to : the First team ,Dubai and look for helicopter ...
I have two vine yards for sale in the south of France in Langedoc. One vineyard produces approx.100,000 liters per year . The asking price is 1.3 million euro. it produces several wine varieties including Chardonnay and Merlot. The other one is larger and produces 400,000 liters / year. It comes ...
I thought it was very positive that Pres.Obama during the State of the Union , promised to start building nuclear power plants. With a  future of more electric cars and  more and more electronics and  automation there will be an increased need for electric power. I believe the "greenies" who want...
Does anybody have the connections to know what the government will do after the $ 8000 tax credit will expire on Nov 30 ,2009.. I believe this incentive helped to get several  renters to purchase a house and that is why the lower end of the housing market was revived and is doing relatively well....
We have experienced an obvious result of the $ 8000 stimulus programm.Many renters bought a home ,mainly in the below $ 200,000 range . It will be interesting to see in about two years how many of those buyers are still in their house.I expect another foreclosure wave. As I have expressed before,...
About 2 years ago now, we went to Europe as the first team of realtors representing the United States in an unprecedented move to meet european buyers head on. The show, in Utrecht holland, was part of a 2 day International exposition at the Second  Home International Exposition. Buyers were eag...
I just had to share this with you. It is an incredible inspirational story, narrated by an incredibly gifted person. You may not think so at first and even ask yourself, why would i want his life, but as you watch more of the video, you will understand the power he has as you find yourself slowl...
I have some concerns about the proposed plan by the Obama team. While I agree that many projects  that they are proposing are useful, I have serious doubt how it will impact the USA economy, unless certain limitations/regulations/restrictions are put in place. I don't have the time to point it a...
  While having a short sleepless moment and thinking about Obamas task for today to get the economy going, i came up with the following idea. We have high unemployment ( !0 % ) that needs to be solved with work and business activities in the states. All the government ideas to give every one a fe...
Everytime when there is another Natural Disaster like the one we just had in Texas, I realize how good we have it here in Pennsylvania. I lived in Texas (Hurricanes), Ohio (Tornados) and California where we had several serious earth quakes and chances for Sunamis. All those issues seem to make t...

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