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Focusing on real estate in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and Falls Church. Neighborhood notes, community commentary, local landmarks and informal information to help you know the area better.



Some folks are giving Obama a hard time about his Christmas vacation in Hawaii.  It reminds me of when they gave Bush hell for going to Texas for vacations. I don't begrudge Obama his vacation. The man is probably pretty tired after flying all around the world. Among other trips, he went on his M...
This is for LilSince I became a fan of the new TV show, Glee, I've been scouring the internet for clips from the show. There are quite a few clips from Glee on YouTube. But here are a couple of other clips that are truly delightful.This talented artist is Sam Tsui. And he sings the lead and all t...
I'm pretty sure that I'm out of touch with the "mainstream" views on healthcare and the role of government.  I can remember when my thinking was the mainstream and those who disagreed were outsiders, but things have changed in my four and a half decades on this planet. I don't think the governmen...
Here are a few ideasUpdating or Building a New Kitchen? Some Tips to Keep in Mind to Keep from Losing your Mind.   Doing a remodel or a new building project can be trying at best. It has been known to bring previously solid relationships to a crashing end. Some tips to keep in mind to ensure a ha...
I was just looking at my website stats. I had a big dip in activity starting on December 23rd.  But today I had a big spike in searches and registrations.  I suppose everyone took a break from house hunting and now they are back at it.  But, that's just an anecdotal assumption, that doesn't mean ...
When looking to buy or rent a home, a licensed real estate agent provides a variety of unique skills and connections to ensure you get a much better home. First and foremost a Realtor brings security.  Everyone knows what they want in a home, but very few people realize the litany of potential pi...
Do you know that you can shorten your wait in the elements by relying on This Web service provides real-time arrival information for several Northern Virginia bus systems (as well as other transit systems) and is accessible via the Web and handheld electronic devices. NextBus in...
Kingstowne real estate includes 2788 townhouses (many with a one or two-car garage), 712 condominiums, 421 luxurious single-family houses and 1213 rental apartments. In total there are 5100 pieces of real estate, providing 5100 homes in a planned community that provides a suburban lifestyle in t...
Merry Christmas everyone!December snows in Old Town Alexandria shut the city down?  No, Old Town is a walker's paradise and once the sidewalks were shoveled the town came to life.City Hall was shut down and Market Square was roped off until the snow could be cleaned up.Here's a historic look down...
Have you heard this: "Don't you just hate the greedy credit card companies?" "How about the greedy insurance companies and their insane profits?" "Don't you just hate the greedy bankers who got us into this mess?" But let's get down to the real truth. These statements aren't about greed, they are...

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Nesbitt Realty is a family-run brokerage.
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