arlington: Quick Home Sale: Tips from a Realtor - 06/18/14 02:24 AM
Julie Nesbitt of Nesbitt Realty recommends the following preparation tips for those who are selling their homes:
Create a neutral environment by boxing up personal items such as knick-knacks, family mementos, and books. Make the rooms seem more spacious by removing excess furniture. Thoroughly clean carpets, windows, closets, and ovens. Assess needed household repairs and make them. Clear debris from sidewalks, decks, and driveways. Get a qualified HVAC specialist to certify that the furnace and air conditioner is in good condition. Replace dated kitchen and bathroom hardware and fixtures. Remove heavy curtains that block light. Repaint rooms that look … (9 comments)

arlington: How to Win a Bidding War - 06/17/14 06:10 AM

How to win a bidding war, is an interesting article that can help people through the home buying process. For more specific information about how to win a bidding war, continue to the below text.
Contrary to what most people believe, it’s not all about money. Sellers will sometimes take a lower offer, if it means less hassle.
“What sellers really don’t want to do is waste time,” says John Walsh, president of the Connecticut-based lender, Total Mortgage. This means having all the paperwork - pre-approval, proof of income, bank statements, and work history - all organized and ready to … (7 comments)

arlington: Home Buying Advice: Why buy houses that are not selling? - 06/17/14 06:07 AM

Home buying advice, why buy houses that are not selling, is an interesting article that is relevant to home buyers. For more specific information on buying a house, continue reading below.
Any house that has been in the market for several months reflects a bad impression over potential buyers. The first and most common reflection is about some hidden deficiencies in the house because of which it has been rejected until now. However, you might end up with the best deal possible with that house and we are going to discuss the most important reasons to buy that house.

Get … (1 comments)

arlington: The Phoenix at Clarendon Metro Featuring Modern Architectural Designs - 06/16/14 06:00 AM
Located at 1020 N. Highland Street in Arlington VA 22201, The Phoenix at Clarendon Metro is a newly built high rise condominium community having office spaces, post office and a street level retail. Structured on the land where the old post office was standing, the Phoenix at Clarendon Metro features traditionally styled architecture with modern designs.
The units at the Phoenix at Clarendon Metro feature:
Hardwood Floors in living areas Granite countertops Stainless steel appliances Ceramic Tiles for kitchens and bathrooms Carpeting for Bedrooms  
The Amenities of the Phoenix at Clarendon Metro:
Fitness Center Conference Room Clubroom … (5 comments)

arlington: Things I Have Learned While Getting Ready to Move - 06/16/14 05:53 AM

Things I have learned while getting ready to move, is an interesting article from Debbie Reynolds. To read more expert advice from her, continue to the below text.
Things I Have Learned While Getting Ready to Move

Last fall we decided we would build a new home and starting making the list of things at our house that we needed to do to get ready. The list was long and over the months new items have been added. The lessons I have learned will carry forward and I hope they help others when thinking about a move or even staying right … (0 comments)

arlington: 7 Reasons That You Can't Find a Home to Buy - 06/13/14 02:36 AM

Seven reasons that you can not find a home to buy, is a information filled article that can help buyers find a home to own. For the full text on seven reasons you can not find a home to buy, continue reading below.
You can’t find a home and you’re not alone. The housing inventory shortage in Atlanta is genuine and the squeeze in the highly desirable micro markets is a tight one. The reasons vary and the impact is broad and not only affecting buyers, but sellers as well. There are inventory challenges to be sure and issues plaguing buyers … (1 comments)

arlington: Do you know the difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR®? - 06/13/14 02:33 AM

Do you know the difference between a Real Estate agent and a Realtor, is an interesting question that Valerie Ford answers in the Active  Rain post. To read the answer, continue to the below text.
Unless you are involved in some way with the industry most people don’t realize that there is a difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR®.  Although both are held to the same standards of conduct a REALTOR® has agreed to certain codes of ethics in the performance of their duties that is not required by a real estate agent. As a member of the … (0 comments)

arlington: Tips for Agents: Best Paint Colors for Home Staging - 06/13/14 02:31 AM

Tips for Agents: best paint colors for home staging, is an interesting article that can help those market their home for sale.  For more specific details about the best paint colors for home staging, continue reading below.
As an agent, we know that your job will bring something new every day.  Some days you may feel like a lawyer navigating contracts and then others a designer as you show clients new homes and prepare to sell their existing homes.   This week in honor of Sherwin Williams’ National Painting Week we joined a Twitter chat with LA interior designer to the stars, … (1 comments)

arlington: It's the People that Make a House a Home - 06/12/14 04:03 AM

It's the people that make a house a home, is an interesting article that potential shoppers might find as an adequate beginning to start considering owning. For the complete details on people and home ownership, continue reading below.
When you buy a property, you are buying a house, a building made from bricks or blocks, wood and nails. It is the people that move into the house that make it a home; their home.
We grow together and raise a family in our home. Often we get married and have our first child in our home. We watch that baby take their first … (1 comments)

arlington: Condo Buyers. How To Avoid Trouble - 06/12/14 04:00 AM

Condo buyers, how to avoid trouble is an interesting article for potential home owners to be. For the details on condo buying, continue reading below.
Too often people buy a condo, and run into a problem with the Association. And not because they are rude and obnoxious people, or do not care about others, but because they do not know.
- What is there to know?
A lot, but we will concentrate on one issue here:
Minimum rentals.
It is not unusual for owners to think about offsetting some or all of their expenses by renting out their second … (1 comments)

arlington: What To Consider Before Buying A Second Home - 06/12/14 03:51 AM

What to consider before buying a second home, is an interesting article that potential buyers might find as an adequate source for  guidance. For more specific details on buying a second home, continue reading below.
Are you thinking of buying a second home? Perhaps as a vacation residence, a rental property or an alternative place to live near your family? A second home can be a great investment, can improve your lifestyle and can bring you rental money. However, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when you are buying a second property.
Do Your … (0 comments)

arlington: Why Does My Realtor Get Paid So Much! - 06/11/14 06:19 AM

Why does my Realtor get paid so much, is an question that comes up every so often with people in the process of Real Estate transactions. For more specific details about what happens to generate the Real Estate process, continue reading below.
If you’re asking yourself why Realtors make so much, this infographic from Diggsy is for you. Not that it should necessarily sway you one way or another, but it’s important to have a full grasp of the situation and to understand just where “all that money” goes.
Once you account for all of the agent's overhead, fees, such … (3 comments)

arlington: 3 Tips to Prevent the Common Rental Damages caused by Kids - 06/11/14 06:16 AM

Three tips to prevent the common rental damages caused by kids, is an interesting article that can help renters with kids take precautions to ensure the unit it well kept. For more specific details about renting with children, continue reading below.

1. Drawing on the Walls!: All kids at some point have done this. The greatest invention for prevention is the Washable Crayon. SOLUTION: Always invest in Washable Crayons for our precious little ones in case they decide to treat the doors and walls like a coloring book to give us a nice surprise....Or..if you really want to turn them loose, … (0 comments)

arlington: How to Choose the Best Realtor - 06/10/14 04:07 AM

How to choose the best Realtor, is an interesting article that can help those preparing for a Real Estate transaction prepare. For more specific information about choosing a Realtor, continue reading below.

Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will make in our lifetime. You don’t want just anyone to represent you. When it comes time to choose a realtor, there are three key elements to consider.Experience - The first is the realtor’s level of experience. There are a lot of realtors who are new to the game. Ask for the number of … (0 comments)

arlington: If You Don't Want To, What Makes You Think Your Buyer Will? - 06/10/14 04:05 AM

If you don't want to, what makes you think your buyer will, is an interesting article relevant to the Real Estate industry. For more specific information about Real Estate, continue reading below.
There's always a lot of debate about whether to upgrade your home before selling it or sell as is.
Will you make your money back?
Will you make money on your upgrade?
Will the buyers like your choices?
In the past, as a seller, you could get away with giving an allowance for repairs, new carpet, new paint or a new roof for example. But now the average home buyer may … (0 comments)

arlington: Home Staging Tip - Bury The Treasure & You Will Only Attract Pirates - 06/09/14 02:03 AM

Home Staging Tip, is an useful post on the relevance of preparing your home for the market. For more specific details about home staging, continue reading below.
If you're preparing your home for sale, you must think of it as a product.....a product to be strategically marketed.  Making your product appealing to the most people possible is key to a successful sale.  Think about advertising you see for other products.  Brand name companies pay advertisers a lot of money to make their products look their best, to increase their market appeal.
It's very important that your product's best features are highlighted, not … (3 comments)

arlington: Why Should You Use a Realtor - 06/09/14 01:59 AM

Why should you use a Realtor, is an interesting post that shows some of the reasons to work with a Realtor. For more specific information, about working with a Realtor, continue reading below.
There are many good reasons to use a Realtor when buying or selling a property.  I encounter this video at our National Meeting in Washington, D.C.  Where I learned about the latest trends and developments in real estate. 
While the video is a little dramatic, it makes a valid point. You should use a Realtor when buying or selling a property.
Realtors are trained professionals that can guide … (0 comments)

arlington: What to Know on Odyssey Condominiums - 06/05/14 03:34 AM
Yet another one of Arlington‘s premier and ultra-luxurious condo properties featuring generous amenities and the epitome in location, the Odyssey Condominium is located at 2001 North 15th Street in Arlington, Virginia. Developed by Monument Realty and Lehman Brothers, the Odyssey Condominium features units ranging from studios to three-bedroom floor plans. The condominium is set in the heart of Arlington, within two blocks of the Courthouse Metro Station, as well as an outstanding proximity to numerous shops, restaurants, and theaters. The architecture is stark but striking, with a high-end and polished look, and includes on-site amenities and services both. The prime location … (1 comments)

arlington: Preparing For Your First Home Buying Experience. - 06/05/14 03:27 AM

Preparing for your first home buying experience is an interesting article that gives great advice on the steps towards owning a home. For all the details on the home buying experience from Kolsky, continue reading below.
Preparing For Your First Home Buying Experience.
It is normal for first time home buyers to feel tad overwhelmed, especially if you are not familiar with all the steps involved it takes to buy a home. Before you go house hunting make sure "you" are prepared and have a plan of action. You want to make sure that your experience is smooth … (1 comments)

arlington: Why Pre-Qualifying Helps You Find The Right Home - 06/05/14 03:26 AM

Why pre-qualifying helps you find the right home, is an useful article which hones in on the early stages of the home buying process. For more specific details about pre-qualifying for a home, continue reading below.
Why Pre-Qualifying Helps You Find The Right Home  
All too often, home buyers are disappointed when they find their dream home only to discover they are not able to get a mortgage to purchase the property. There are methods that potential buyers can use to ensure this does not happen to them. One of these options is to ensure you obtain … (0 comments)

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