broker: Dad, what do you do all day? - 10/05/15 06:39 AM
This is an old post first put up before 2009. I got a chuckle out of it and thought I’d share with you.
When I come home exhausted it’s tough to remember (much less explain) what the heck I did all day.
A lot of times, I answer calls.  I get calls from renters who want to rent condos and townhouses. I get calls from buyers who want to make appointments or who just have questions.  I talk to landlords who use  our property management services.
Sometimes I really don’t know the answer. But when I don’t know the answer, I don’t make it … (1 comments)

broker: What are Real Estate Agents? - 09/28/15 05:29 AM
Real estate agents are go betweens for buyers and sellers for real estate property.  All real estate agents have to be licensed by their state or such as of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Every real estate agent has to be affiliated with a real estate broker. A broker is a real estate profession with higher educational requirements and a minimum of 3 years of full time real estate experience. A realtor and broker have to be a member of the National Association of Realtors. Both realtors and brokers agree to follow the high standards of ethics and participate in any continuing … (0 comments)

broker: Where are Nesbitt Realty military Real Estate services? - 10/06/14 11:39 PM
Nesbitt Realty’s clients have ranked from E-4 to O-9 and most every rank in between. Many of our agents have served in or been closely involved in the military lifestyle. Contact us if you’re relocating to any of the following installations:
Fort Belvoir  
Fort Myer  
Henderson Hall  
Mark Center  
National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)  

broker: Wordless Wednesday: Hollin Hall Video - 08/06/14 04:57 AM

Hollin Hall is a quiet suburban neighborhood in Fort Hunt. For more information about Hollin Hall, click the following link:

broker: Highly Desirable Facts About Vienna - 08/04/14 01:11 AM
Vienna is a town in Fairfax County, Virginia with a population of 14,453 at the 2000 census. Since then Vienna has increased in population by about 3%. Significantly more people live in Vienna zip codes that are outside of the town of Vienna.
In July 2005, CNN/Money and Money magazine ranked Vienna fourth on its list of the 100 best places to live in the United States. In addition to excellent public schools, its assets include a downtown with many small businesses, a Washington Metrorail station with large parking garages (the western terminus of the Orange Line) just south of the … (0 comments)

broker: Find a home in Del Ray - 07/31/14 11:57 PM
Del Ray is located in the City of Alexandria VA in Northern Virginia not far from Arlington and Washington DC. Del Ray is one of Alexandria’s older neighborhoods. Del Ray was founded in 1894 as a “streetcar suburb” to Washington, DC. Most of Del Ray was built from the 1890’s to the 1950’s and retains that small town charm despite being so close to the center of the universe.
Quaint streets with brick or stone homes are found on streets that branch off from Del Ray’s arteries. At the heart of Del Ray is the main street: Mount Vernon Avenue. … (10 comments)

broker: From the Broker: Q&A on Earnest Money - 07/10/14 05:55 AM
I recently received this question by email:
Is a E M D asked for when the other party doesn ‘t believe the buyer is serious? Also if I refuse to put down a earnest money deposit do I risk ending negotiations for the property?
A buyer should always ask his or her own agent questions like this. If you don’t trust your agent to give you the right answer you probably have the wrong agent.  When you question your agent’s judgement you can always ask for an explanation from the agent’s broker. That said, what follows is not … (0 comments)

broker: The Cost of Being a Real Estate Agent - 06/25/14 12:46 AM

The cost of being a Real Estate agent, is an interesting document that shows what prices are associated with operating in Real Estate. To see the thorough analysis, see the infographic below.
Placester did this great infographic about the costs of being a real estate agent in today's economy. There's always that 'illusion' that we make the big bucks and this gives a very good example of all our costs that we incur every year. Point to this next time someone says to you 'I think I'd like to become an agent'.
The Cost of Being a Real Estate Agent … (1 comments)

broker: Questions about Earnest Money - 06/23/14 07:39 AM
I recently received this question by email: Is a E M D asked for when the other party doesn ‘t believe the buyer is serious? Also if I refuse to put down a earnest money deposit do I risk ending negotiations for the property?
  A buyer should always ask his or her own agent questions like this. If you don’t trust your agent to give you the right answer you probably have the wrong agent.  When you question your agent’s judgement you can always ask for an explanation from the agent’s broker. That said, what follows is not a specific … (4 comments)

broker: Quick Home Sale: Tips from a Realtor - 06/18/14 02:24 AM
Julie Nesbitt of Nesbitt Realty recommends the following preparation tips for those who are selling their homes:
Create a neutral environment by boxing up personal items such as knick-knacks, family mementos, and books. Make the rooms seem more spacious by removing excess furniture. Thoroughly clean carpets, windows, closets, and ovens. Assess needed household repairs and make them. Clear debris from sidewalks, decks, and driveways. Get a qualified HVAC specialist to certify that the furnace and air conditioner is in good condition. Replace dated kitchen and bathroom hardware and fixtures. Remove heavy curtains that block light. Repaint rooms that look … (9 comments)

broker: WHAT DOES COMMISSION REALLY COVER? - 06/18/14 01:18 AM

What does commission really cover, is an eye opening article on costs associated with Real Estate business. For more specific details on what a commissions costs go to, continue reading below.
Most Sellers I encounter have no idea how the Selling Commission is allocated, and what it actually covers. 
Here is an excerpt from my booklet... A Real Estate Guide for Sellers .... where I explain to clients how the commission structure works.
How Commission Is Allocated ... and What It Covers
Real Estate professionals are independent business people who must pay fees to their broker, to their boards, and must … (1 comments)

broker: 7 Essentials of a Great Real Estate Website - 05/14/14 12:34 AM

Seven essentials of a great real estate website, is an interesting webinar that Active Rain University will be hosting. For more specific details about essentials of a great real estate website, continue reading below.
If your website isn't generating leads, there's probably a reason for that.
In our next webinar, "7 Essentials for a Great Real Estate Website," ActiveRain Community Evangelist Bob Stewart will take you through seven essentials things that any successful real estate website must have.
If you've been thinking about upgrading your website, or you know your site should be better but you just aren't sure what to look for, … (1 comments)

broker: What is a Realtor? - 04/14/14 12:36 AM
Julie Nesbitt
One of the most complex and significant financial events in peoples’ lives is the purchase or sale of real estate, be it a house, condo, townhouse or some other investment property. Because of this complexity and significance, people typically seek the help of real estate brokers and sales agents when buying or selling real estate.
Nesbitt Realty brokers and sales agents have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in Northern Virginia communities. Our brokers and agents know which neighborhoods will best fit our clients’ needs and budgets. Nesbitt Realty real estate agents are familiar with local zoning … (0 comments)

broker: 7 Things Your Realtor Doesn’t Want to Hear - 03/20/14 01:08 AM
“I’ll know it when I see it.” Buyers should come into the home buying process with a list of must-haves and wants. Buyers that want to be taken seriously get preapproved. This helps to expedite the process of making offers and also to pinpoint the price range of what the buyer can afford. Stuart and Will Nesbitt discussing real estate related matters in the office
“I’m not in any hurry.” Realtors don’t expect to rush you through the home buying process. At the same time, they don’t want to waste their time with a client that doesn’t have any firm motivation … (5 comments)

broker: What is the difference between equitable title and legal title? - 12/23/13 12:19 AM
Equitable title is conveyed to the buyer when the seller signs the
offer to purchase. A ratified sales contract creates equitable title.
After closing and accepting the deed, the buyer receives legal title.

broker: About Real Estate Contracts With Contingencies - 12/16/13 02:45 AM
Real estate contracts sometimes come with contingencies. This is a part of the contract that states certain conditions or timelines are met or the seller or buyer can void the contract. The conditions or timelines can be any that both parties agree on and are put within the contract.
Contingencies usually last for a specified period. Once the contingency ends the contract could end or the contract is valid without the contingencies agreed upon.
Usually the buyer is more eager to have a contingency plan but in today’s economy and market they are more widely accepted by both sellers and … (0 comments)

broker: I was quoted in the Post - 08/26/13 08:24 AM
I was contacted over the weekend by several friends, associates and strangers because a reporter quoted me as an expert in the Washington Post.
For those who aren’t from the Washington Metropolitan area, the Washington Post is a widely circulated paper in Washington DC, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, and across the country.  If you think you’ve heard of the Washington Post, you probably have. The Post is not the most famous paper in the United States. (The USA Today or New York Times perhaps have that honor.) But the Washington Post is probably one of the most famous papers in … (0 comments)

broker: Questions for your condo agent - 07/29/13 04:41 AM

Think of Nesbitt Realty for condos and condominiums in Northern VA
Here are some common questions to ask your agent, your mortgage broker and yourself when you are thinking of buying a condo.
How much can I afford per month? Is the condo is my price range? Do I like the community? Where are the grocery stores, shopping malls, bars? Is there enough space for my needs? What is the condition of the condo unit? Do the common areas need repairs, renovations? How old is the condo? Is there a parking facility? Is parking assigned? Is there a fee to … (8 comments)

broker: Alexandria’s Best Real Estate Deal … EVER - 07/26/13 12:53 AM

Art Festival in Old Town
In 1669 John Alexander bought the land that became Old Town from an English ship captain. John Alexander paid the tidy sum of 6,000 pounds of tobacco. Almost twenty years later, the town of Alexandria was formally established in 1749.
Today, visitors, tourists and travelers alike come to Alexandria VA to taste the quaint colonial and historical feel of this city not far from Washington DC. It’s a place frequented by historical figures like George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Even for those like me, who were born in Fairfax and who have lived for … (1 comments)

broker: New Construction Buying Tip - 07/02/13 01:04 AM

Nothern Virginia Condo Experts
If you’re thinking of buying a newly-built condo or new house, you probably already know that every new development will have its own sales staff. These people are often friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about the new development. However, these folks work to sell this property only, because the sale staff works for the builder. The on-site staff of a new condominium knows the property as-well-as or better than anyone around and they are there to assist you but they work for the builder. The staff at a new home development probably knows the property very … (2 comments)

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