fairfax county: 4 Bedroom In Fairfax County Asking $534,900 - 05/17/17 01:06 PM

This 4 bedroom property in Fairfax is listed for $534,900. 4300 Andes Dr has 2 full bathrooms and 0 half bathrooms. Split Level houses are not unusual in 22030.
The agent is saying ”
Ashwood model with HUGE family room addition and rare 2-car garage in Fairfax Villa. Enjoy an open kitchen with granite and newer SS appliances, updated bathrooms with Jacuzzis, and private deck. Hardwoods and ceramic tile, 4 bedrooms including … [Read more]

4 beds, 2 full baths
Home size: 1,440 sq.ft.
Lot Size: 12,790 sq.ft.
Added: 05/17/17, Last Updated: 05/17/2017
Property Type: Residential Detached for Sale
MLS Number: FX9935834
Subdivision: Fairfax Villa

fairfax county: The Four Stages Of Negotiations When Buying Or Selling A Home - 05/17/17 12:49 PM
The four stages of negotiations when buying or selling a home is a pertinent Real Estate blog that is relevant to the Real Estate industry. Scroll down to see the entire blog.
Whether you're buying or selling a home, you're going to have to go through the negotiation process. Today I will be outlining the four major stages of negotiations. Ideally this will prepare you for anything that may come your way.

1. Getting the offer accepted: You have agreed on price, terms, and conditions. You have signed the contract and put it into escrow.
2. Appraisals: The … (1 comments)

fairfax county: Four Considerations About Riverview Estates - 03/10/17 07:55 AM
If you’re thinking about purchasing a home in Riverview Estates you might want to take this into account. Middle school children at Riverview Estates attend Benton, and Parkside Middle Schools. Riverview Estates homes typically do have garages. Properties in Riverview Estates typically do have basements. Easy access to Davis Ford Road and Yates Ford Road. (Take the backroad into Fairfax County!) For more information contact Nesbitt Realty (703)765-0300
Contact us at (703)765-0300 to speak to a real estate agent that cares about your needs.
For buying or selling at Riverview Estates contact us.
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fairfax county: The Buying Process in Fairfax County, Virginia - 03/01/17 12:48 PM
The process for purchasing a home in Fairfax County is the same as anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia but different from the procedures that are used in many states. Unlike the New York, each party is not represented at closing by a attorney. Instead, a settlement company manages the transaction.  The settlement company’s attorney represents the contract, and not any one party at the table. When the buyer and seller agree to a contract, the buyer will deposit money into escrow. The settlement agent will direct the transfer of escrow funds. In Northern Virginia, there are no closing meetings. It … (0 comments)

fairfax county: Finding your dream home - 01/11/17 08:15 AM
We аll wаnt tо find оur drеаm hоmе аnd wе thіnk іt іѕ easy. However, аftеr dоіng thе ѕеаrсh bу оurѕеlvеѕ, we ѕlоwlу bесоmе fruѕtrаtеd аnd tіrеd. When this hарреnѕ, wе ѕеttlе fоr ѕоmеthіng less. Finding thе rіght home fоr uѕ ѕhоuld nоt bе that difficult. Thеrе are simple wауѕ tо find them. First, wе need tо set criteria. Aftеr thаt, we lооk for іt ѕуѕtеmаtісаllу whіlе соnѕіdеrіng thе іmроrtаnt factors іn сhооѕіng a hоuѕе.
Sеttіng thе criteria
In order tо fіnd the right hоmе fоr уоu, уоu ѕhоuld knоw whаt уоu are lооkіng for. Fіrѕt, whаt dо уоu need? If уоu have … (0 comments)

fairfax county: What is Burke Station Square like in Burke? - 02/22/16 05:55 AM
Burke Station Square is a community of single family homes in Fairfax County at Burke. Burke Station Square was built around 1972. Single family homes at Burke Station Square generally cost from $510,000 to $590,000. Burke Station Square is served by Kings Glen Elementary School, Lake Braddock Middle School, Lake Braddock High School.
Burke Station Square is close to Colonel Silas Burke Park, Burke Station Park. Burke Station Square is near Burke Road and Rolling Road.
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fairfax county: Pending Home Sales Drop - 02/07/16 11:39 PM
Following a surge driven by the home buyer tax credit, pending home sales fell with the expiration of the deadline for qualified buyers to sign a purchase contract, according to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.
The Pending Home Sales Index, a forward-looking indicator, dropped 30.0 percent to 77.6 based on contracts signed in May from a reading of 110.9 in April, and is 15.9 percent below May 2009 when it was 92.3. The falloff comes on the heels of three strong monthly gains as home buyers rushed to take advantage of the tax credit.
The data reflects contracts and not closings, … (0 comments)

fairfax county: Home Owners Do Love Their Houses - 02/07/16 11:26 PM
Despite declining home prices, 90 percent of Americans don’t regret buying their current home, according to a survey for Bankrate.com.
Among the 9 percent who do regret the purchase, most say they are unhappy that they can’t sell their home and move elsewhere or they can’t afford their monthly mortgage.
Some 79 percent of those polled say they have a fixed-rate mortgage on their homes. Among those making over $75,000 per year, 90 percent say they have a fixed rate mortgage.
Source: Bankrate.com (07/12/2010)

fairfax county: Demand is Strong for Well-Prices Homes - 02/07/16 11:22 PM
Yes, houses will sell as long as they are priced right. In many — but not all places — that means they’re priced low.
“People who price their homes to the market are selling them in a reasonable amount of time, but people who cling to 2004 or 2005 prices aren’t,” says Richard Smith, president and CEO of Realogy, the parent company of Century 21, ERA, Coldwell Banker and Sotheby’s International Realty.
In some areas, pent-up demand has exploded. “It’s crazy,” says Brendon DeSimone, an associate with Paragon Real Estate in the Noe Valley near San Francisco. “I had one house … (0 comments)

fairfax county: 4 Poor Decor Choices New Home Owners Make - 02/02/16 10:39 PM
When your client finally closes on their home, they’re going to be excited to start making the place their own. But going overboard with decorating concepts or placing furniture in the wrong configurations can make a home look cramped and uninviting. Help guide your client’s eye for interior design by steering them away from these furnishing mistakes recently highlighted by realtor.com®:
Making a Home Picture-Perfect
Secrets of the Staging Pros
Staging Outdoor Spaces
6 Ways to Spruce Up a Home With Staging
Oversized furnishings. “Measuring a space is imperative before you purchase anything,” Will Saks, a designer with Homepolish, told realtor.com®. … (3 comments)

fairfax county: Remodeling Benefits Owners Who Sell or Stay - 02/02/16 10:31 PM
WASHINGTON (December 9, 2015) — Homeowners preparing to sell often make improvements, both big and small, to their homes that can help yield positive results and garner top dollar from buyers. According to a new report from the National Association of Realtors®, remodeling projects can also bring major benefits to homeowners who choose to remain in their homes.
“Realtors® know that certain home upgrades and remodels can be beneficial to get more buyer eyes on a property, potentially bring in more offers or gain more equity from a home,” said NAR President Tom Salomone, broker-owner of Real Estate II Inc. in … (1 comments)

fairfax county: 4 Personal Benefits of Volunteering - 11/30/15 04:51 AM
I recently started volunteering as a coach for Fort Hunt Youth Basketball and I believe volunteering has some great benefits.
Friendship- When people get together, relationships are formed. After coaching a few practices, it’s not uncommon for volunteers to exchange phone numbers or social media information. By giving just a small amount of time, lifetime bonds may be established. Community- Building with your community gives a sense of pride. Whether you are volunteering at your local recreation center or at your local food kitchen, this will save money. Saving money saves resources and funds can now go toward other local improvements. … (1 comments)

fairfax county: Should I Rent or Buy? - 11/30/15 04:26 AM
Is it time to take the plunge into the home buyers’ world?
If the idea of purchasing your first home or just buying the next home is on your mind, I have some thoughts to add to the collection you’ve already been making in your own mind.  Sometimes moving seems like an exciting experience and other times just a nuisance.  The act of actual moving is totally irrelevant, though when it comes to actually achieving movers happiness.
In order to gauge the level of success you’ve achieved from a move some factors must be taken into account.  The first that I’ve noticed when … (1 comments)

fairfax county: Thanksgiving is near. . . - 11/23/15 03:53 AM


fairfax county: Contingencies in Real Estate Sales Contracts - 11/23/15 03:45 AM
Real estate contracts often have contingencies. A contingency is a clause in a contract that gives either the buyer or seller a way to get out of the contract if certain conditions or timelines aren’t met. A contract could be contingent on anything a buyer and seller agree to, but there are a few very common contingencies. Typical contingencies are:
financing sale of home home inspection appraisal Generally, a contingency only last for a period of time and the contingency expires. After a contingency expires, either the contract expires or the contingency expires depending upon the terms of the sales agreement.
For … (0 comments)

fairfax county: Why sign a buyer’s representation agreement? - 11/23/15 03:42 AM
July 1, 2012 agents are now required to have buyer representation in writing in the state of Virginia. Realtors must disclose which party represented in a transaction prior to showings. Without a clear understanding, many clients are hesitant to sign (perhaps you do not know the agent well enough to commit or think there is a fee for a buyer rep- there is not). I would recommend signing a limited agreement for a day to view 1 to 2 homes. If you are comfortable  with the agent after the initial meeting, then extend the agreement for the purpose of finding your … (1 comments)

fairfax county: Did You Know ‘Missing Households’ Plague Housing Recovery - 11/23/15 03:38 AM
High unemployment among young adults is prompting a big loss in household formation that is critical for long-term housing demand, according to housing experts.
Of 25 to 34 year olds, about 75 percent were employed in September; that’s about the same as year-ago levels and near the levels during the recession, The Wall Street Journal reports.
Young adults who are unemployed are mostly opting to live with their parents and aren’t renting or owning their own place. Indeed, the number of adults under the age of 35 who are living at home is at the highest level since 1981. More than … (0 comments)

fairfax county: According to Census, Americans on the Move Again - 11/23/15 03:31 AM
After staying in place for years, bogged down by the financial effects of the recession, Americans are finally back on the move, according to the latest U.S. Census data.
In 2012, nearly 16.9 million people moved between counties, and 7 million made long-distance moves from one state to another. For long-distance moves, that figure was nearly 5 percent higher than 2010.
The recession had the effect of “freezing people in place” as they waited out a housing and economic slump, and now there’s “at least a thawing,” Kenneth Johnson, a demographer with the University of New Hampshire, told USA Today.
The median price of … (0 comments)

fairfax county: Seven Things Your Realtor, Doesn’t Ever Want to Hear - 11/23/15 03:15 AM
“I’ll know it when I see it.” Buyers should come into the home buying process with a list of must-haves and wants. Buyers that want to be taken seriously get preapproved. This helps to expedite the process of making offers and also to pinpoint the price range of what the buyer can afford. “I’m not in any hurry.” Realtors don’t expect to rush you through the home buying process. At the same time, they don’t want to waste their time with a client that doesn’t have any firm motivation to make offers or to buy. “I’m not going to give it … (1 comments)

fairfax county: On what a resident should ask about condos? - 11/16/15 12:30 AM
What matters in a condo varies by the person, but questions tend to draw from the same pool of questions:
What amenities are included? Is there a pool? Tennis court? Exercise room? Are pets allowed? Are there areas I can walk my dog? Are there any size or breed restrictions? Is heat electric or gas? Is the heat included in the condo fee? Do condo fees include utilities? Electricity? If there is carpet, are there hardwood floors underneath? Is the washer and dryer in the unit? On the same floor? In the basement? If buying, what are the condo fees and … (6 comments)

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