how to: Breaking a Lease on a Rental Agreement - 01/12/17 07:52 AM
Most rental agreements in the Commonwealth of Virginia have a section regarding the renter breaking the lease agreement. While there is also likely a section or several sections regarding when the leasing agent can evict the renter, the section on breaking the lease should be of particular interest to those who might be in a position to have to break the lease some day. Renters should understand these contract terms so they can make an informed decision. Additionally the renter should consider all costs associated with breaking the lease. This includes both financial costs as well as emotional costs.
Understand the Contract … (0 comments)

how to: What every renter should understand about condominiums in VA. - 11/09/15 03:26 AM
I field calls every single day from renters who are interested in condominiums.  The names and locations change, but there are a few fundamental misconceptions that are so common, I feel the need to write this note for the general benefit of the world at large.
It looks like an apartment, but it’s not an apartment.First of all, a renter needs to understand the difference between an apartment and a condominium.  An apartment, or any multi-family dwelling, is owned by a single entity. Most usually the owner is a company, but more rarely an individual owns the property. Employees of the apartment … (1 comments)

how to: Simple Steps to Buy a Home - 09/28/15 05:43 AM
I’m going to buy a home, what’s the process?
Go to your bank or lending institution to obtain pre-approval.  As part of this you will discover what amount it is willing to lend.  This is important both to know your budget and to ensure that your offers are accepted.  Failure to pre-approve can ruin your chances for success later. Sit down with a Realtor to see what’s available, what meets your needs, and to discover the hidden dangers in home buying. Once you have found a property you wish to buy you can proceed with an offer.  Your Realtor will provide … (0 comments)

how to: Alexandria localism: Improve Your Dance Skills at Lioudmila’s Dance Studio - 12/17/14 11:05 PM

Lioudmila’s Dance Studio was started in 2000 and is located at 18 Roth St Alexandria, VA 22336. Lioudmila is just off Duke St. a little bit after Old Town and at the beginning of West End Alexandria. The phone number for Lioudmila is (703) 751-8868.
Lioudmila’s has experienced dance instructors that give lessons in a wide variety of dance styles – from Salsa, to Swing, to what ever you request. Lioudmila’s has group lessons that are great for newbies to learn the basics, and dance parties that are great for advanced dancers to hone their skills. Lioudmila’s is affordable with … (8 comments)

how to: I’m buying a townhouse in Alexandria, do I get to keep the appliances? - 12/01/14 02:48 AM
Alexandria Appliance question: A resident of Beauregard Station called to ask me about what happens with the appliances that are not removable; that is, they are part of the plumbing, ventilation, or structure of the home transfer with the sale of your condo.  This would include central air, water heaters, dishwashers, and similar appliances.  Appliances that are removable, however,  such as refrigerators, window A/C units, microwaves, etc, belong to the seller, unless stipulated otherwise in your purchase agreement.
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how to: Tips for Real Estate photography - 10/29/14 11:36 PM
Exterior of House
Move cars away from front and / or rear of house and close garage doors. Move trash cans and recycling bins inside or away from house. Remove newspapers from driveway and sweep leaves. Open deck furniture umbrellas, remove grill covers and put any deck cushions on furniture. Hide toys and sporting equipment in garage or storage containers.  
Interior of House
Turn on all interior lights and open all blinds. Make sure any burned out light bulbs have been replaced. Clean vertical surfaces that reflect light such as mirrors, refrigerators, windows, television screens, etc. Hide all … (8 comments)

how to: Where are more details about Arlington? - 10/06/14 11:43 PM
Arlington's central location in the Washington DC metropolitan area, its ease of access by car and public transportation, and its highly skilled labor force have attracted an increasingly varied residential and commercial mix. Arlington's planners have focused on a smart design which focuses neighborhoods with the highest density along the Orange Line of the Metro. Some of Arlington's most upscale high-rises and sought after addresses are within a block or two of a Metro station.
But as you work away from the metro, high-rises give way to townhomes and then older neighborhoods like Lyon Park feature stately older single family residences … (3 comments)

how to: Find homes in Northern Fairfax County - 10/03/14 12:25 AM
See all Northern Fairfax County.

See all Centreville.

Use our site to research Fairfax County's many communities including:
Alexandria Annandale Bailey's Crossroads Burke Centreville Chantilly Fairfax Station Falls Church Fair Lakes Franconia Fort Belvoir Great Falls Huntington Lorton Mason Neck Mclean Mount Vernon Oakton Reston Springfield Vienna On each of these pages you'll find fast and free information about homes for sale right now.
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how to: From the Broker: Q&A on Earnest Money - 07/10/14 05:55 AM
I recently received this question by email:
Is a E M D asked for when the other party doesn ‘t believe the buyer is serious? Also if I refuse to put down a earnest money deposit do I risk ending negotiations for the property?
A buyer should always ask his or her own agent questions like this. If you don’t trust your agent to give you the right answer you probably have the wrong agent.  When you question your agent’s judgement you can always ask for an explanation from the agent’s broker. That said, what follows is not … (0 comments)

how to: How to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space - 07/10/14 01:39 AM

How to add color to your outdoor space, is an insightful relevant article that can aid in establishing color in an outdoor space. To hear how to add color to your outdoor space, go to the article below.
How to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space.   Summer is officially upon us. With all the warm nights it's the perfect time to enjoy sitting outside on your patio or deck. And when you spend so much time in your outdoor space, you want it to feel comfortable. You want it to be your second living room. As a Montgomery County PA … (0 comments)

how to: How to Decorate a Small Space - 07/10/14 01:38 AM

How to decorate a small space, is an helpful article for detailing small spaces. For the specific details on how to decorate a small space, see below.
How to Decorate a Small Space
  Whether it's a small condo in a big city or a small home office, we all have spaces that need to be utilized to their full potential. No one likes to walk into a small room and have it actually feel small. This Montgomery County PA home stager is giving some redesign advice on how to decorate a small space so that it doesn't necessarily feel small. … (0 comments)

how to: Home Inspection Repair Requests, Do You Let Your Buyer Decide? - 06/24/14 12:27 AM

Debbie  Reynolds drops nothing but the facts on this pertinent article on home inspection repair requests. To read her words specifically, continue to the below text.
Home Inspection Repair Requests, Do You Let Your Buyer Decide?
I attended an education class and there was lots of discussion about home inspections. One of the issues that came up was when agents that take control of the inspection and determine for the buyer which repairs need to be repaired and which ones are okay to not have repaired.
The instructor emphasized the huge amount of liability the agent is taking on by being the one … (1 comments)

how to: How to Win a Bidding War - 06/17/14 06:10 AM

How to win a bidding war, is an interesting article that can help people through the home buying process. For more specific information about how to win a bidding war, continue to the below text.
Contrary to what most people believe, it’s not all about money. Sellers will sometimes take a lower offer, if it means less hassle.
“What sellers really don’t want to do is waste time,” says John Walsh, president of the Connecticut-based lender, Total Mortgage. This means having all the paperwork - pre-approval, proof of income, bank statements, and work history - all organized and ready to … (7 comments)

how to: Condo Buyers. How To Avoid Trouble - 06/12/14 04:00 AM

Condo buyers, how to avoid trouble is an interesting article for potential home owners to be. For the details on condo buying, continue reading below.
Too often people buy a condo, and run into a problem with the Association. And not because they are rude and obnoxious people, or do not care about others, but because they do not know.
- What is there to know?
A lot, but we will concentrate on one issue here:
Minimum rentals.
It is not unusual for owners to think about offsetting some or all of their expenses by renting out their second … (1 comments)

how to: 3 Tips to Prevent the Common Rental Damages caused by Kids - 06/11/14 06:16 AM

Three tips to prevent the common rental damages caused by kids, is an interesting article that can help renters with kids take precautions to ensure the unit it well kept. For more specific details about renting with children, continue reading below.

1. Drawing on the Walls!: All kids at some point have done this. The greatest invention for prevention is the Washable Crayon. SOLUTION: Always invest in Washable Crayons for our precious little ones in case they decide to treat the doors and walls like a coloring book to give us a nice surprise....Or..if you really want to turn them loose, … (0 comments)

how to: How to Choose the Best Realtor - 06/10/14 04:07 AM

How to choose the best Realtor, is an interesting article that can help those preparing for a Real Estate transaction prepare. For more specific information about choosing a Realtor, continue reading below.

Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will make in our lifetime. You don’t want just anyone to represent you. When it comes time to choose a realtor, there are three key elements to consider.Experience - The first is the realtor’s level of experience. There are a lot of realtors who are new to the game. Ask for the number of … (0 comments)

how to: If You Don't Want To, What Makes You Think Your Buyer Will? - 06/10/14 04:05 AM

If you don't want to, what makes you think your buyer will, is an interesting article relevant to the Real Estate industry. For more specific information about Real Estate, continue reading below.
There's always a lot of debate about whether to upgrade your home before selling it or sell as is.
Will you make your money back?
Will you make money on your upgrade?
Will the buyers like your choices?
In the past, as a seller, you could get away with giving an allowance for repairs, new carpet, new paint or a new roof for example. But now the average home buyer may … (0 comments)

how to: Preparing For Your First Home Buying Experience. - 06/05/14 03:27 AM

Preparing for your first home buying experience is an interesting article that gives great advice on the steps towards owning a home. For all the details on the home buying experience from Kolsky, continue reading below.
Preparing For Your First Home Buying Experience.
It is normal for first time home buyers to feel tad overwhelmed, especially if you are not familiar with all the steps involved it takes to buy a home. Before you go house hunting make sure "you" are prepared and have a plan of action. You want to make sure that your experience is smooth … (1 comments)

how to: Tips for Picking a Contractor for Your Remodeling Project - 05/21/14 03:39 AM

Tips for picking a contractor for your remodeling project, is an interesting article that can help home owners start remodeling. For more specific information about picking a contractor, continue reading below.
Tips for Picking a Contractor for Your Remodeling Project The thought of remodeling your home is at once exciting and a bit stressful. You are about to plop down a lot of money. The project can be very disruptive to your domestic routine. Horror stories abound about nightmare contractors doing shoddy work, or who disappear with your money. … (1 comments)

how to: 10 Home Buying Tips Richmond VA - 05/21/14 03:34 AM

Ten home buying tips is an interesting article that offers insight on the home buying process. For more specific details about buying a home, continue reading below.
Making the decision to buy a new home is a life-altering event…in a good way. But the process can be daunting. Take the following advice from the Marcus Rice Team  into consideration before heading out on your home-buying journey.
Don't buy if you can't stay put. Given today’s challenging marketplace, don’t buy a home unless you can commit to staying there for at least a few years. The days of flipping for profit are … (0 comments)

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