tip: 3 Tips for Investing in Residential Real Estate in 2017 - 02/06/17 10:07 AM
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A great deal of the wealth of the top one percent of Americans is built on real estate.
Aside from owning your home, it used to be that only the wealthy and well-connected were investing in real estate. Unless you knew the right people and were willing to put up a big chunk of money, there were relatively few methods for the average person to invest in real estate aside from just … (1 comments)

tip: Tips for picking the right neighborhood - 09/28/15 05:46 AM
When considering a potential new residence it’s important to think about the neighborhood and surrounding amenities that are close by. Make a list of all of the amenities or services that are nearby or close to the neighborhood and track how long it takes as well as what routes you might use to get to each. You can also check the Walk Score of a neighborhood for a short-hand look at convenience.
Next, decide what the best characteristics of the neighborhoods are and determine what you like about them. Making a list of each neighborhood you are considering can be particularly helpful … (1 comments)

tip: Simple Steps to Buy a Home - 09/28/15 05:43 AM
I’m going to buy a home, what’s the process?
Go to your bank or lending institution to obtain pre-approval.  As part of this you will discover what amount it is willing to lend.  This is important both to know your budget and to ensure that your offers are accepted.  Failure to pre-approve can ruin your chances for success later. Sit down with a Realtor to see what’s available, what meets your needs, and to discover the hidden dangers in home buying. Once you have found a property you wish to buy you can proceed with an offer.  Your Realtor will provide … (0 comments)

tip: Find homes in Northern Fairfax County - 10/03/14 12:25 AM
See all Northern Fairfax County.

See all Centreville.

Use our site to research Fairfax County's many communities including:
Alexandria Annandale Bailey's Crossroads Burke Centreville Chantilly Fairfax Station Falls Church Fair Lakes Franconia Fort Belvoir Great Falls Huntington Lorton Mason Neck Mclean Mount Vernon Oakton Reston Springfield Vienna On each of these pages you'll find fast and free information about homes for sale right now.
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tip: New Construction Buying Tip You Would Never Suspect - 08/11/14 01:33 AM
If you’re thinking of buying a newly-built condo or new house, you probably already know that every new development will have its own sales staff. These people are often friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about the new development. However, these folks work to sell this property only, because the sale staff works for the builder. The on-site staff of a new condominium knows the property as-well-as or better than anyone around and they are there to assist you but they work for the builder. The staff at a new home development probably knows the property very well, but they will … (2 comments)

tip: How to Win a Bidding War - 06/17/14 06:10 AM

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Contrary to what most people believe, it’s not all about money. Sellers will sometimes take a lower offer, if it means less hassle.
“What sellers really don’t want to do is waste time,” says John Walsh, president of the Connecticut-based lender, Total Mortgage. This means having all the paperwork - pre-approval, proof of income, bank statements, and work history - all organized and ready to … (7 comments)

tip: Things I Have Learned While Getting Ready to Move - 06/16/14 05:53 AM

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Things I Have Learned While Getting Ready to Move

Last fall we decided we would build a new home and starting making the list of things at our house that we needed to do to get ready. The list was long and over the months new items have been added. The lessons I have learned will carry forward and I hope they help others when thinking about a move or even staying right … (0 comments)

tip: How to Choose the Best Realtor - 06/10/14 04:07 AM

How to choose the best Realtor, is an interesting article that can help those preparing for a Real Estate transaction prepare. For more specific information about choosing a Realtor, continue reading below.

Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will make in our lifetime. You don’t want just anyone to represent you. When it comes time to choose a realtor, there are three key elements to consider.Experience - The first is the realtor’s level of experience. There are a lot of realtors who are new to the game. Ask for the number of … (0 comments)

tip: Home Staging Tip - Bury The Treasure & You Will Only Attract Pirates - 06/09/14 02:03 AM

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If you're preparing your home for sale, you must think of it as a product.....a product to be strategically marketed.  Making your product appealing to the most people possible is key to a successful sale.  Think about advertising you see for other products.  Brand name companies pay advertisers a lot of money to make their products look their best, to increase their market appeal.
It's very important that your product's best features are highlighted, not … (3 comments)

tip: Tips for Picking a Contractor for Your Remodeling Project - 05/21/14 03:39 AM

Tips for picking a contractor for your remodeling project, is an interesting article that can help home owners start remodeling. For more specific information about picking a contractor, continue reading below.
Tips for Picking a Contractor for Your Remodeling Project The thought of remodeling your home is at once exciting and a bit stressful. You are about to plop down a lot of money. The project can be very disruptive to your domestic routine. Horror stories abound about nightmare contractors doing shoddy work, or who disappear with your money. … (1 comments)

tip: How can I find the rental that suits my specific needs? - 08/28/13 04:19 AM
The goal is to find the rental that suits all of your needs, most of your wants and fits your budget. What’s the most effective choice to realize that goal? You can:
Do it yourself; or
Enlist the services of a rental agent.
If do it yourself, then you are in effect your own rental agent. That means you must rely on your own personal knowledge of the area and your own contacts to find your perfect rental. Of course, you could change your own oil, put in your own stitches and you could cut your own hair, too. … (4 comments)

tip: King Street in Old Town Alexandria - 08/23/13 04:29 AM
The King St. Metro stops at the foot of the hill where King St. veers away from Old Town. From the George Washington  Memorial and from the Metro, one can look down King St. toward the Potomac to the unique shops, boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs and activities of Old Town Alexandria. The area has some of the shops you would expect in an upscale mall, but many of shops and restaurants you’ll find only here.
Old Town Alexandria was a Colonial seaport. It is located down-river and within eyesight of Washington DC. Alexandria was George Washington’s hometown. The city’s roster of historic … (0 comments)

tip: Homes for Sale near Union St. - 08/22/13 04:45 AM
Union St. runs parallel to the Potomac river. Near the Potomac River there is a trail that runs all the way from Mount Vernon to DC. Union St. intersects King St. Union St. has several parks including Founders and Oronoco.
Union St. also has a variety of  restaurants including Chadwick’s, Mai Thai, Virtue, Ben and Jerry’s, and Union St. pub. Union St. is also known for it’s nightlife. Condo’s nearby include Alexandria House, Old Town Commons, Abingdon Row, and Port Royal. The Torpedo Factory is located on Union St.
Union St during the Spring
See all Old Town.

tip: Near the Metro and Affordable: Hunting Creek Club - 08/21/13 07:29 AM
Just south of Alexandria, near the intersection of Richmond Highway and Huntington Avenue, stands a sixteen story brown brick tower called the Hunting Creek Club. The tower shares the neighborhood with a few other high-rises, the most notable being Montebello at the rear on Mount Eagle.

Built in 1972, the architectural appeal of the building is in that
awkward stage that occurs long after “new” but just before “vintage”. This is of course a personal opinion, and others may disagree, but driving past the building on many occasions, it never struck me as particularly beautiful. But then, my work … (2 comments)

tip: Introduction to Old Town Alexandria - 08/08/13 05:48 AM
Old Town (sometimes called Olde Town, Old Towne or Olde Towne) is in my opinion the heart of the city of Alexandria. As the name implies, Old Town is the oldest part of Alexandria, a port in colonial times. Old Town Alexandria is found along the Potomac, just inside the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and then north toward Reagan National Airport. Old Town is served by the King St. Metro and the King St. trolley. With over 100 restaurants, shops, boutiques, coffee shops, ice cream houses and more, Old Town has both a small town, upscale and touristy feel.
Summer art festival … (1 comments)

tip: Types of Condos - 07/17/13 06:51 AM

skyline of the Carlyle District
Many people picture a high-rise building filled with apartments when they think of a condominium. But, not all condos are high-rises. In fact, not all condos are buildings, much less hi-rises! For example, a bare land condo  is a condominium in which the owner owns land only.
Even horses are getting into the act! Some stables have gone condo. In a stable condo, the owner purchases a single stall for his horse in a stable, but shares the stable and grounds with other horses and owners. At a marina, it is possible to condo a … (6 comments)

tip: What every renter should know about condominiums - 07/03/13 12:21 AM
As the primary mover and shaker in Condo Alexandria, I field calls every single day from renters who are interested in condominiums.  The names and locations change but there are a few fundamental misconceptions that are so common, I feel the need to write this note for the general benefit of the world at large.
It looks like an apartment, but it’s not an apartment.  
First of all, a renter needs to understand the difference between an apartment and a condominium.  An apartment, or any multi-family dwelling, is owned by a single entity. Most usually the owner is a company, … (0 comments)

tip: New Construction Buying Tip - 07/02/13 01:04 AM

Nothern Virginia Condo Experts
If you’re thinking of buying a newly-built condo or new house, you probably already know that every new development will have its own sales staff. These people are often friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about the new development. However, these folks work to sell this property only, because the sale staff works for the builder. The on-site staff of a new condominium knows the property as-well-as or better than anyone around and they are there to assist you but they work for the builder. The staff at a new home development probably knows the property very … (2 comments)

tip: Another reason you need a rental agent … - 07/01/13 01:42 AM

Q. Oh my goodness! what
a mess! Ok here it goes. My husband and I moved to Las Vegas from WI,
and we were in contact with the landlord by email.Well she sent us pic and we looked at them it seemed good on “line” that is. Well in her emails she stated the house needed painting but she did not have the “money” as of yet ” But she did say would paint “later” So my not so smart hubby, sent her $2600 and she faxed the lease .When we arrived 4 days later and she met us at … (3 comments)

tip: Woodbury Heights Wordless Wednesday Video - 06/25/13 11:41 PM

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
Woodbury Heights is a highrise condominium in Arlington VA. For more specific information click the following link: http://nesbittrealty.com/2013/06/10/woodbury-heights-1-2-bedroom-units/

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