when: Know Your Budget When Buying a Home - 03/03/17 07:21 AM
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I just read a great little blog posting by @CoreyMartin and got to reflecting on his first point.  http://activerain.com/blogsview/5016720/6-things-to-look-for-when-buying-a-home
He wrote:  1- Know your budget. It is important that you buy a home at a price that you’re comfortable with.

I can't tell you how many times I've had that discussion with my buyer clients.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know what payment you will be comfortable with...not how much the lender says … (2 comments)

when: Common Questions When Buying a Condo - 02/15/17 12:44 PM
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Common Questions When Buying a Condo - 
For those buyers who are considering a condominium purchase, there are some common questions I get from buyers. Condominium buyers many times are buying their first condo and transitioning from a single family detached home. There's a process for condo buyers in many instances because there are nuances to condos which can mean some major lifestyle changes. Buyers want to be comfortable that there are ways that … (0 comments)

when: 6 Things to Look for When Buying a Home - 02/14/17 07:19 AM
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If you’re buying a home, chances are that you want this to be a long-term spot for you and your family. Sometimes when house hunting we can get caught up in the moment and forget to inspect the most important things!
Here’s a quick checklist!
1- Know your budget. It is important that you buy a home at a price that you’re comfortable with.
2- Determine your deal breakers. … (3 comments)

when: When to Sell: A Guide for Homeowners - 01/23/17 08:44 AM
When to sell: a guide for homeowners, is a published Active Rain blog post that is pertinent to Real Estate. Scroll down to see the entire article.
The one constant in the real estate market is that it’s always changing. From month to month and year to year, things rarely stay static for very long. But regardless of the overall tone of the market, it is almost always seasonally predictable – some times of the year are widely considered better for sellers than others.
This has a lot to do with a numerous outside factors that influence the behaviors of buyers … (0 comments)

when: Where to start when thinking of buying a home? - 06/30/14 03:46 AM

Where to start when thinking of buying a home, is an article that can introduce the steps to home ownership. For the specific information about where to start when thinking of buying a home, see underneath.
So you're thinking of buying a house! Well, Congratulations! This may be one of the biggest decisions in your life. First Things first, You need a Buyers Agent. Your buyers agent will do all the work for you, as well as protect you and look out for your best interests at all times, at all costs. They'll set up private showings and guide you through every step right until … (0 comments)

when: Condo Buyers. How To Avoid Trouble - 06/12/14 04:00 AM

Condo buyers, how to avoid trouble is an interesting article for potential home owners to be. For the details on condo buying, continue reading below.
Too often people buy a condo, and run into a problem with the Association. And not because they are rude and obnoxious people, or do not care about others, but because they do not know.
- What is there to know?
A lot, but we will concentrate on one issue here:
Minimum rentals.
It is not unusual for owners to think about offsetting some or all of their expenses by renting out their second … (1 comments)

when: 3 Reasons to Sell Your Home this Spring - 05/16/14 01:12 AM

Three reasons to sell your home this Spring, is an interesting article that can help potential sellers see the reason to list this Spring. For more specific information about selling your home this Spring, continue reading below.
Many sellers are still hesitant about putting their house up for sale. Where are prices headed?  Where are interest rates headed?  These are all valid questions.  However, if you’re considering selling in Seattle or on the Eastside, here are 3 reasons to sell your home sooner rather than later.
1. Demand is about to skyrocket
Most people realize that the Seattle housing market is … (1 comments)

when: Are All Buyer's Agents Alike? - 05/01/14 11:52 PM

Are all buyer's agents alike, is an interesting question that potential home owners might want to consider before starting the home buying process. For more specific information about buyer's agents, continue reading below.
"Does it really matter what agent I use to look for a home to buy.  I mean, they all have access to the MLS, and all they really do is meet me at homes, right?"
I actually heard a buyer say this and was shocked.  Are all agents alike?  Not even close.
As one of the top selling teams in Utah we are always getting calls on homes … (0 comments)

when: The Soul of a Home - You can't see it, but it's there. - 05/01/14 12:46 AM

The soul of a home - you can not see it, but it is there, is an interesting article that can provide some tips for those shopping for a specific home. For more information about the sould of a home, continue reading below.
The Soul of a Home - You can't see it, but it's there.
You can sense it, or the lack of it, in homes. It’s a feeling, often a physical or emotional connection one seems to get in a certain house. I remember when we sold one of our own homes 7 years ago, the other Realtor told me the buyer … (5 comments)

when: How to Determine Property Value - 12/12/13 01:59 AM
Determining the value of a property when deciding where to live can be accomplished with the expertise of licensed real estate agents.
Stuart Nesbitt is a Realtor licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia
There are 3 factors that dictate the price of a property:
Location Uniqueness and architectural design Improvement values A competitive market analysis can be provided are based on:
Properties that is comparable within the area Adjustments with property size and conditions differences Location and the sale or rental date of the property differences Real estate costs are certainly open to negotiations but there are factors that affect the … (2 comments)

when: Do you know what happens when an agent quits, dies or moves away? - 12/09/13 03:33 AM
Nesbitt Realty lists and sells property in Northern Virginia.
Take the example of an imaginary agent name Charles Valiant of Imaginary Realty. Charles’ client Dana Tennett wants to sell her house. So Dana approaches Charles. Dana signs a 90 day exclusive listing to sell her home. A week later, Charles decides to “chuck” it all. He moves to Japan and puts his license on inactive status.
What happens to Dana’s listing? Does it just become an open listing because the agent is gone? Is the listing voidable on the grounds of abandonment? Does the listing remain in effect? Or, … (0 comments)

when: Do you know what happens when zoning laws change the value of a property? - 12/05/13 01:56 AM
Let’s say an imaginary developer named Harold Dumas owns a 100-acre tract of land along a major river. Harold plans to build a riverfront community
on this property; however, just before Harold applies for his building permit, he learns that the County has changed the zoning on his land. He is now prohibited from building residential development on this property. His property currently used as farmland can be used only as farmland or for light industrial usage. Can Harold expect compensation from the county for the loss he thinks he has suffered?
Harold could expect compensation for his property if the … (0 comments)

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