daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 31 - 04/01/11 04:36 AM
Magical Wishes and a bad escrow companies.
I really have issue with bank owned properties that require a specific escrow company and give them POA. I am dealing with one right now which should have closed last week - but the escrow company was "too busy". They actually sent me an email saying they had too many files and would not be able to get mine closed on time! Then they wanted an extension that stated the reason for delay. So I put "Workload at the escrow company". Realizing that this would make them look bad to their large client, they refused … (1 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 30 - 04/01/11 04:28 AM
Paperwork and home tours.
I spent much of the morning organizing my files and doing paperwork so that if another agent needs to step in and do something while I am on vacation it will be easy for them to do so.
I had a great afternoon touring beautiful homes for sale in Mukilteo. We looked at view homes, golf course homes and few new construction plats. My client found two that we really likes :) He is just finishing his interview process and will return in a few weeks with this wife to tour again.
This evening is final packing … (0 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent: Day 29 - 03/29/11 05:11 PM
New ideas and new opportunities were the themes for today!
My day started with a fantasitc agent meeting at my office where Chad and Rudd from ActiveRain joined us to talk about blogging. So much great information!
I continued to receive offers on the property I have listed in Silver Lake. It is great to have some many interested parties, but I am ready for the seller to make a decision so I can change the status to Pending and move forward. I am hoping for a signed around contract tomorrow morning. Nice problem to have - I know.
The afternoon … (1 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent: Day 28 - 03/29/11 05:42 AM
Comparing offers can be heart breaking!
A listing that I have received multiple offers. I started by comparing the "easy' stuff - net offer price, closing date. length of inspection period. Two offers are very close. So then I started looking at the more intangible aspects of the offer. Young couple about to have their first child - missed out on two other homes. Family moving into the area - on a tight deadline. Whose dream do you crush?
Just as I am about to present my comparisons to the seller and make a recommendation, I get a call that another … (6 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 27 - 03/27/11 05:19 PM
Today was all about the long journey home - or at least it felt that way.
Tournament finals are always stressful - today it was my daughter's volleyball team finishing up a three day tournament. They played so well - I was a proud fan!!
After the final game we started our journey back to Snohomish County from Spokane. Luckily I was a passenger - not the driver- and I had cell service the entire trip. So I got a lot of work done! I received another offer on one of my listings (that makes two on the same house) - … (2 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 26 - 03/27/11 04:59 PM
Helping potential buyers while being halfway across the state was the name of the game today.
While at my daughter's volleyball tournament I received calls on two of my listings from potential buyers who were standing outside of the homes wanting to get inside. I quickly called agents in my office to help them out. It is fabulous having an entire office of agents that I can depend on to help cover my business while I am out of town - and vice versa - they know they can count on me to help out when they need it.
I also … (2 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 25 - 03/25/11 06:02 PM
Today was all about my daughter's volleyball tournament. The girls did great and finished the day in Division One!
Of course, work also took place. I received a call from an agent that she found one of my vacant listings with the key missing and the door unlocked. I tracked down the agent that was there before her - yep he took the key and forgot to secure the property. Sigh. He went back and replaced the key.
I received an offer on a property. It is a relocation home so they will not look at it until Monday. I also … (2 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 24 - 03/25/11 05:57 PM
Real Estate Agent to the rescue!
I had my morning planned - a few errands before we left town, some time at the office to leave my files for the agent covering my business, last minute suitcase check - then on the road to Eastern Washington for my daughter's volleyball tournament.
Then the call came.
My seller had locked herself out of the house. She was in the garage - with no way to get back in. No problem - I will come by and get the key out of the agent box and let her in. Oh - problem. My … (1 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 23 - 03/23/11 05:34 PM
Feeling like quite a bit was accomplished today!
I solved an escrow issue that will allow my client to close on his purchase of a condo in Issaquah before his loan lock expires, solved a class registration issue for my daughter, secured a huge price reduction on one of my listings, created and delivered the flyers for the new price and sent over a counter offer for another buyer.
I'm heading over the mountains for the weekend with my family for my daughter's volleyball tournament. Good thing I got a lot done today :)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 22 - 03/23/11 04:05 AM
I am starting to think that the Super Moon a few days ago really made people crazy!
I am representing a buyer on a bank owned condo in Issaquah. We have been under contract since January 31st - our closing date is Friday. My client's loan documents are at escrow and we are all set to close. Escrow sends me an email saying they need an extension through April 1st. I question the extension stating that our paperwork is all in and we are ready to sign - is the seller unable to sign on time?
Nope - seller is good. … (0 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 21 - 03/22/11 04:13 AM
The word of the day is Frustrating!
I received an email from a potential seller stating that another agent dropped off stats to him that show that I have only closed 13 transactions since January 2009. Huh? I sent him back a note that I have, in fact, closed 54 transactions in that time frame and that my businesses has grown every year - even in this down market.
When I met with this seller two weeks ago he gave me a disk (his only copy) of professional photos he had done of the home along with business cards from every … (8 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent: Day 20 - 03/21/11 06:36 AM
Another successful day balancing family and work!
The morning was filled with a roof inspection (went very well) - and a listing appointment. On the way home from taking the listing I stopped at a vacant home I have on the market and took some photos of the yard to show that yard service company needs to do some work. Then I headed home to enter the new listing into the MLS.
I did some emails, some follow up research for clients and made a few phone calls.
Received a response from a listing agent on a property where I wrote … (2 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 19 - 03/20/11 04:18 AM
How can a day be restful and stressful at the same time? Ask a realtor with no appointments on a Saturday!
I was thrilled to spend the day with my family. I was able to stay for my son's entire hockey practice - something that rarely happens. I REALLY enjoyed naptime :) And we all attended a WHL hockey game together in the evening.
But I couldn't help being concerned over not having a face to face appointment on a Saturday. This is the day most clients have off - they should be wanting to go see properties! Where are they??

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 18 - 03/19/11 04:50 AM
I really like days where I am able to able to balance real estate and family.
The morning started at the title office where a potential client was meeting with my title rep to turn in some forms to clear a title issue. We chatted and she asked me to come by her home on Sunday to put it on the market!
Next the title rep, a lender and I shared ideas for growing our businesses together. We talked about the resources that we have available and how to share them, and ideas that we each have learned from recent seminars … (5 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 17 - 03/17/11 04:59 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen please make sure your seatbelt is buckled. The ride is about to begin!

Today was one of those roller coaster days in real estate. The morning started with an early morning email from a buyer's agent rescinding her client's offer on one of my listings. Down we go....
Then a mid-morning notice from escrow that a deal my buyer wrote on a vacant piece of land in June 2010 is actually going to close TODAY! Wheee we're climbing back up!
Here comes the fall - the lender for one of my buyers starts a conversation with me … (4 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 16 - 03/16/11 06:51 PM
Today was the second day of the Tom Ferry seminar in Bellevue. I had the opportunity to talk with some of the ActiveRain staff who were in attendance. They are going to help me with my profile photo sizing issue (thanks Craig)! So hopefully soon I will fill the entire photo box and not just the corner.
I really am more of a 3 or 4 hour at a time class person. One day max. I found it hard to focus today and do not feel that I got as much value out of today as I did yesterday. With all … (1 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 15 - 03/15/11 08:03 PM
Today I attended the first day of Tom Ferry's T3 seminar in Bellevue. Every agent should take time now and then to review their business plan, take stock of the activities they are doing, and learn some new ways to better serve thier clients. I gathered some great ideas today! I'm excited to go back tomorrow and talk about improving my use of social media.
During the seminar I received a text from a buyer's agent completing an inspection at one of my vacant listings. She somehow managed to lock herself, the buyer and the inspector out of the house. She … (3 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 14 - 03/14/11 07:03 PM
Besides paperwork and some follow up emails, the biggest part of my day today was spent at an inspection for my buyer purchasing a bank owned condo in Everett.
The purchase and sale made it clear that it would be the buyer's responsibility to de-winterize the property for inspection. My buyer - taking his own counsel instead of mine - decided not to de-winterize the property and inspect it without running water. It's a third floor condo so he figured that if there were any leaks prior to the bank winterizing the property the unit below would have reported them, and/or … (5 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 13 - 03/13/11 06:59 PM
Sunday is Open House Day!
I spent the morning prepping for the Open House. Printing information sheets for visitors, printing comp sheets, making feature cards, etc. I grabbed a quick lunch and headed out to put out my directional signs - in the wind and rain.
By the time I walked into my listing to set up for the open I felt like a drowned rat! I hurried around turning on lights, making sure no valuables or prescription drugs were in sight and putting the knife block into a cabinet. Presentation - Security - Safety Those are the things I check for before … (2 comments)

daily routine: A Month in the Life of an Agent : Day 12 - 03/12/11 05:57 PM
Slept in a little longer than I planned this morning - but woke up feeling a whole lot better than yesterday!
I delivered flyers to my listings that needed them and took photos of painting work that has been completed at another listing. Then I headed into the office as this is my weekend to be Manager on Duty. I spent time cleaning out my briefcase, turning in paperwork for a completed deal and preparing a mailer to go out announcing the sale of a lakefront home that I recently listed.
The office was busy today - many agents in, working … (2 comments)

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