carol blawn: Go EXIT Beach Realty - Real Estate News - 08/24/14 12:14 PM
I can't help it.  We are so excited.  Exit Beach Realty is growing again.  We now have two convenient locations to serve our customers and are our agents better.  
We have our  Ormond Beach location right on Oceanshore Blvd.  across from the beach.   Our new location is formely Exit Realty Destinations office located in Daytona Beach on West International.   We promise to provide the same exceptional service.  We are thrilled and want to thank those who made it possibly for our growth.  Our customers, our agents and Exit International.  

carol blawn: 40 Things You Can Do Right Now For FREE To Improve Your Business - 05/19/14 11:36 PM
With new agents coming into the business on a daily basis, starting out it is quite costly.  At times even seasoned agents have challenges juggling their expenses and bank accounts.  No matter what you must always do things to improve your skill and enhance your business.  In many cases agents assume it will cost a lot of money when in fact there are things you can do to improve your business and it won't cost you a dime just your time.
40 Things You Can Do Right Now For FREE To Improve Your Business
Take a class at your local Board … (8 comments)

carol blawn: Steve Morris Training Event in Daytona Beach LPGA - 05/08/14 04:57 AM
We are so pleased to announce that Steve Morris CEO of EXIT Realty Corp will be in Daytona Beach at LPGA for a live real estate training event. Steve Morris is the Founder and Chairman of Exit Realty Corp International.  He has seen so many changes throughout his 30 year career in the real estate industry. Daytona Beach area Real estate agents are welcomed to attend. If you would like a FREE TICKET call Exit Beach Realty. 368-441-1141 and ask for Carol or Tom.  WE would love to see you there!  


carol blawn: Flat Fee Real Estate Companies - Why Use Spam Tactics - 05/05/14 03:09 AM
I am a proud REALTOR.  I respect the Code of Ethics, I work hard and am proud to Own and Operate an Exit Realty Franchise.  I am Exit Beach Realty.  I've spent a lot of money on my online marketing and MY online marketing is for my customers and agents. I have built a fantastic reputation within the community and with my peers.  The key word being MY online presence that would mean that I would prefer if other companies and businesses would not add their information on my business pages especially those who compete with me.  Is that too much … (1 comments)

carol blawn: Ormond Beach Happenings - 04/14/14 10:17 AM
Relocating is not always easy, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city.  Having to work and move to a new city can be frustrating especially if you know so little about the area.  Well if you are moving to the Ormond Beach area we have collected some valuable online resources just for you! 
Valuable Resources for Anyone Relocating to Ormond Beach Florida.  
Did you know that you can find out what is happening in Ormond Beach Florida from the official City of Ormond Beach website?  For a calendar of events you can visit the Discover Daytona Beach website. Daytona … (0 comments)

carol blawn: Not A Teenage Dream - Relocation Tips For Parents - 08/01/11 05:13 AM
For teenagers who have set roots in their neighborhoods and local schools having to relocate can seem like the end of the world for your child, children and teenager.  Let's face it moving is not easy for anyone but for a teenager it could feel like the end of the world and their life is over.  Here are a few tips to help your teenager get through moving or relocating to a new area.
My Life Is Over If you make the decision to relocate while your teenager is still attending school, it would probably be accepted a little better if … (3 comments)

carol blawn: Thinking of Changing Your Affiliation? Take 10 - 12/10/10 01:02 AM

carol blawn: Happy Thanksgiving - 11/24/10 03:22 AM

From my home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your friends and family!

carol blawn: Florida Hospital Cancer Institute - 10/04/10 06:44 AM
Florida Hospital does it again with the new Cancer Institute.  The public may tour the new facility on Tuesday from 5 p.m to 7 @224 Memorial Medical Parkway.
Additional equipment and personnel will give the patients care under one roof which is important for anyone dealing with cancer. 
Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center is right across the Cancer Institute and have also added two more oncologists to their staff.  This is a big benefit for residents who need cancer treatment.  Now residents do not have to travel to Orlando or Tampa for treatment.  Its right in our backyard!  Another reason why … (0 comments)

carol blawn: Motivational Monday - Just Do It! - 09/13/10 03:41 AM
Just Do It - the mantra for Nike shoes.  I find this little phrase pertains to all areas of any human beings life.  There are so many things we have to do, need to do or want to accomplish and each and every one of us have the ability to do what we set our minds to do!

Too many times I hear real estate agents complain there is no business to be had.  Its a slow time of the year.
Around every corner there are people who are looking to invest in real estate or buy a home. 
If … (2 comments)

carol blawn: Home For Sale - Ormond Beach Florida - 09/07/10 07:26 AM

carol blawn: Don't Let Fear Stop You In Your Tracks - 08/30/10 04:31 AM

carol blawn: Congrats to Todd Hardy - Top Exit Beach Real Estate Agent - 08/27/10 01:13 AM

Congrats to Todd Hardy, Exit Beach Realty Agent who specializes in Ormond by the Sea real estate!  Contact us today or visit our site www.!  You'll be happy that you did.

carol blawn: Motivational Monday - 08/16/10 06:00 AM

Imagine waking up to this gorgeous view?  Cool ocean breezes, waves and natural surroundings.  Today is Motivational if you are thinking of relocating to The Greater Daytona Beach area, think Exit Beach Realty - Call Carol Blawn! 
Come on, you know you want to Exit This Way! … (1 comments)

carol blawn: Do Not Disturb Sea Turtle Nests - Ormond Beach Florida - 08/11/10 06:12 PM

It's that time of year where you will see warnings of protecting sea turtle nests on the beaches.
The Ormond Beach community is very serious when it comes to preserving our natural habitats including our beaches and wildlife.
With so many sea turtle nests volunteers and organizations do their part to ensure these little creatures survive and make it into the water.
The Volusia Turtle Patrol monitors our beaches to help save turtles through their nesting months from May 1st until September 30. 
The Volusia Turtle Patrol monitors Ponce Inlet, Wilber-By-The Sea, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Ormond … (3 comments)

carol blawn: Daytona Beach Votes To Keep Beach Driving - 08/05/10 07:39 AM
The City of Daytona Beach Commission voted unanimously to keep cars driving on the "World's Most Famous Beach!"  That is good news since there are not too many places in the world where you can drive your car along the shore. 

Although tragedy has struck this year with the loss of two children's lives, The Volusia County Council takes these losses very seriously and will discuss the issue and the potential ways to make the sand safer. 
Even after the recent accidents, Commissioner Shiver says beach driving is part of the character of the city and what attracts the … (3 comments)

carol blawn: Just Imagine - Beach House in Ponce Inlet and Grilled Spiny Lobsters! - 07/27/10 04:35 PM
Wednesday and Thursday are two day mini season for spiny lobster in the Daytona Beach area.  The annual mini season is said to bring out 200 to 300 boats that will be heading out to Ponce Inlet.  It's a special event and the regular lobster season runs from August 6th to March 31. 

The Daytona Beach waters offers extremely large spiny lobsters.  Its not unheard of to pick up a 7 lb. lobster. 
Many boaters look forward to the mini season, because they won't be sharing the waters with the commercial trappers.  Commercial trappers have to wait until the … (4 comments)

carol blawn: Country Night at the Beach - Flagler Beach - 07/26/10 02:54 AM
Country night at the beach - Flagler Beach the 4th Annual Flagler Beach Grill Off Contest, August 6th @ Country Night at the Beach at Veterans park in Flagler Beach.  Veterans Park is located at S.R. 10 and A1A.  This event is offered by the City of Flagler Beach and you can go to their site to register and read the rules to the Flagler Beach Grill Off contest. 
Area restaurant owners will be judging this event, entries will be judged based on taste, appearance, originality and people's choice.  To read the rules go to
To register click here Grill … (0 comments)

carol blawn: The Only Oil In Daytona Beach Is Suntan Oil! - 07/16/10 12:53 AM
Many residents have coined the phrase, "The Only Oil in Daytona Beach is Suntan Oil!"  Its a reminder that those who love vacationing in Daytona Beach need to know that the entire state of Florida is not affected by the BP Oil Spill when it comes to the World's Most Famous Beach!  A very strong message and one that should be shouted from the roof tops!
I am really impressed as the county manager posted a message online to remind folks, our waters are ok for now and just in case an emergency plan is in place.  There is an entire … (2 comments)

carol blawn: 4th of July Activities in Flagler County, Florida - 06/30/10 07:50 PM
Starting July 3th the 4th of July festivities will begin at 9 am..with a wide variety of attractions and activities.  The 4th of July celebration includes a watermelon eating contest, a cornhole contest and don't forget the hotdog eating contest to name a few.
Don't miss out on the 4th of July parade hosted by the Flagler Beach Rotary Club which starts @10am!
The day is packed with kids games, live reggae and line dancing with a fireworks display over the ocean.  So grab your suit, your cooler and your sunscreen and hope to see you there!
Enjoy Your 4th of … (1 comments)

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