My father in law and his wife go to Maine every year in August. They want us to go but we won't go. They stay at this place that has no air conditioners. My F-I-L tries to tell us that it is cool and they don't need AC. I think his idea of cool and our idea of cool are definately different. We ke...
In life we are often faced with decisions that we would rather not make. I have seen people in relationships that weren't working stay there because they thought it was easier than moving on. I have seen people stay in jobs that weren't fulfilling, or that they hated because they were afraid of w...
Well we had a great weekend. Karen was like a kid again having fun and pulling pranks. Laughing with the girls. My brother-in-law Jimmy got appointed to the Grand Executive Committee. Both my neices received floor stations.. Renee Grand Hope plus a Grand Rep to MA. Michele got Grand Lecturer and ...
Here it is the middle of Aug and the NJ Order of Rainbow for Girls are having their convention. My wife is a former rainbow girl and our 2 neices are still active. So the whole family gets involved. It is a great organization for girls. Teaches leadership, public speaking( by doing not classes), ...
We have been going to the gym a few days a week after work. In the beginning it was rough, didn't feel like it but we did it anyway. Now we look forward to it. One of the things that most people that just start out seem to complain about is they don't see results(after 1-2 weeks). I try to explai...
Have you noticed that the price of gas has been dropping. I can't remember what it was last year at this time because it went up so fast and furious. Let's hope that it drops just as fast and furious and gets back under 2.00 a gallon. Wishfull thinking... ok... when was that do you remember. I do...
I was stopped at a light and a car went by and there he is hanging out the window, ears flapping in the breeze, with a smile on his face from ear to ear. I remembered when we had our little Maltese, Tyler, he could barely get on the door handle let alone hang out the window. We would have to hold...
My wife and I saw this movie over the weekend. (yea we are slow, what can I tell you). If you haven't seen the movie and plan on seeing it do not read this blog as I do not want to give away what happens in the movie to you. Yea sure it would be nice to have the money to do whatever you want the ...

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