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  Danbury News Times indicates that the actual opening of the Bypass will be during the week of 11/16. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Original Post from July 09 The wait appears to be over for residents of D...
Those of you who know me well have to be rolling your eyes at the idea of me talking about places to buy and consume fresh produce and farm products.  After all, my idea of trying to eat healthy is to have a diet Coke with my burger and fries.   As the old expression goes - "It's not what you kno...
  I wrote recently about how the "mortgage approval pendulum" has been swinging as far from the 2003-2005 position as it possibly can.  This has slowed down the process considerably.  Well - it's swinging even further and it could very well slow down the process even more. It is called the Mortga...
When you are shopping for a home loan you will usually see rates quoted in two columns.  The first will say INTEREST RATE and the second will say APR - which stands for Annual Percentage Rate. What's up with that?  Shouldn't the interest rate BE the Annual Percentage Rate? In a perfect world it w...
    We hear a lot in the news about programs to help homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgages.  Sometimes  it's from job loss, sometimes it's because the adjustable loan just adjusted and the payment has gone up dramatically. Believe it or not, the banks do not want to own any more fo...
Quite often, price negotiations turn into very adversarial situations where one party tries to get the upper hand. There seems to sometimes be a feeling that you can win a negotiation by getting your opponent into a situation where he will be somehow harmed if you were to pull out. Emotional Vs. ...
The first report from the National Association of Realtors June, 2009 telephone survey of 1,004 people is in. According to the interviews it seems that "most consumers are not aware of how affordable homes have become in today's market".  More data will be released later this week.  CLICK HERE to...
This is another one of those phrases that Realtors hear all the time. It is, quite frankly, a very natural thing to feel and say. You paid good, hard-earned money for your home. You’ve put additional money (and sweat equity) into the house. You’ve lived it in for a period of time and your neighbo...
Homes actively listed for sale in Greater Fairfield County MLS: Danbury     321 Single Family   253 Condominiums   Bethel        131 Single Family     40 Condominiums   Brookfield   135 Single Family     41 Condominiums    Search Listings Here  
Roger Miller had a hit song in the 1960s called England Swings Like a Pendulum Do. I know I'm dating myself with this reference but if I'm getting old it's fine. Better than the alternative. Well most things swing like pendulums, don't they?  Right now the ability to get a mortgage has swung as f...


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