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Portland: The Greenest City in America. (As Ranked by Popular Science). Popular Science magainze was recently involved in a study that ranked cities' "greenness" across the nation. They used raw data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Geographic Society's Green Guide, which collected su...
Halloween is just around the corner and then the barrage of holidays is upon us.  Are you ready?Sure you have your Outlook calendar set up, you have your PDA synced and even possibly your phone...but to you have the national holidays all set correctly? Most of us don't. Here's how to change that....
How many times have you had to check your flight or someone's flight as you head out the door. Usually this means you have to goto the airports website or to the carriers website and find the link to flight status and enter in the flight number and see where if it is on time.Now you have some mor...
Roughly 10.4 million single family houses in the U.S. contain 3,000 square feet or more, and represent 27 percent of the total valuation of single family owner-occupied units.   And yet an influential committee leader in the House of Representatives is set to release a draft proposal to take away...
Have you ever gotten a text message or even worse an email, on your cell phone that you didn't want or didn't request?Sure on our computers, we have to hit the junk mail button and call it a day.  But on your cell phone you have to pay to recieve either a text, and SMS or an email.  That's not ri...
We are all over the it probably hard to keep up.  Here's a summary for the Portland Metro Area.  What's yours looking like? July Residential Highlights A steady increase in new listings, along with a decrease in the number of transactions led to a rise in Inventory in the Portland Met...
Do you remember when the iphone was first announced.  It seemed like everywhere you turned for months every blog was about how the iphone was going to change someone's life.  Well since it's release, the press has not slowed down that much. How is this relevant to the real estate industry.  Well ...
Google Business Search for Real EstateHow would you like to have your very own search engine (backed by on you website.  Lets make it better.  What if you could also have the following?Place your logo next to the search to fully brand the search. Ad-words are turned off so you don't l...
Google is one of the top service providers for internet 2 and cool tech software and many of us crave the newest and best.   Here is a list of some great Google Mobile applications.  Most of them are easy to use and easy to set up.  I use it to get driving directions, find businesses and check tr...
The other day I listed a house that had not been on the market in about 21 years.  The owner was a organized enough to have kept the original listing flyer.  It was incredible: the agent had developed a some text and a rough outline on a typewriter.  Then they taped a printed photo from a 35mm ca...

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