houston mortgage rates: Peace – don’t Panic! - 08/07/11 04:01 PM
Unless you have been completely out of the “loop” and not in tune with what has been going on in the U.S. financial markets as of late - on Friday evening, Standard and Poor’s (the S&P) announced a cut/downgrade of the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+. Never in history has the U.S. been rated lower than AAA.
What does this really mean? What is the impact on what the S&P has to say regarding the downgrade of the U.S. Debt? Are they not the same organization that failed to downgrade any of the debt of the “sub-prime” mortgages that … (3 comments)

houston mortgage rates: Who's Your Browser? - 08/02/11 04:04 AM
According to the "psychometric consultancy' outfit AptiQuant, users of Internet Explorer have a lower than average IQ.
Based on what? Who really believes this stuff?

AptiQuant sent online IQ tests to more than 100,000 people and, based on the responses it got, came to the fascinating conclusion that users of the Internet Explorer browser are likely to have a lower than average IQ.
Those that use Firefox had the highest IQ and Chrome and Safari fell in between. The study supposedly had the same results when it was administered five years ago!
On its website AptiQuant say it "provides … (4 comments)

houston mortgage rates: It's a New Season - Be on Purpose - Set your Goals for 2011 - 12/30/10 06:10 AM
Year 2010
Seasons change (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) and each season brings new opportunity. Can you sense the "shift"? We are in a new season! The New Year is upon us as we step into 2011.
For some, this past year may have presented challenges to their "business" model. But - if you look back in history, it was during challenging times that insightful and resourceful people found incredible opportunity and took advantage of it. It's a New Season!
This is a great time in life if you know how to use it. Now is the time to reclaim history and … (0 comments)

houston mortgage rates: Two of the Best Texas Neighborhoods for the Money 2010 - 05/05/10 09:46 AM
Two of the best Texas neighborhoods for the money in 2010 were recently listed by NeighborhoodScout.com. "The best neighborhoods for the money are neighborhoods that combine many premium qualities, including excellent public schools, low crime rates, many large, owner-occupied single family homes, and neighbors with four-year college degrees, master's degrees, MDs or PhDs, but where median home prices are surprisingly low compared to other premium quality neighborhoods in the area," says Andrew Schiller, a PhD geographer and the creator of NeighborhoodScout.com.Schiller explained that these are not the least expensive neighborhoods, but rather premium neighborhoods at remarkable bargain prices for their metropolitan … (0 comments)

houston mortgage rates: Residential Mortgage rates for your home in Houston Texas - 04/01/10 05:54 AM
Residential mortgage rates for your home in Houston Texas or where ever residential real estate is located are on the rise. Now that the wheels have come off the Fed's purchase of Mortgage Back Securities that was put in place in January 2009 to keep residential interest rates low in order to stabilize the housing market, expect more volatility with interest rates increasing as we move forward.
We have experienced a spike in residential mortgage rates over the past week and will likely see this trend going forward now that the safety net has been removed. Interest rates for your … (0 comments)

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