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Lot's happening in the market, but here's what I'm writing about. Stock market loses money yesterday and today and Wall Street is selling, but when they sell... where do they put their money? No, it doesn't go into savings or cash, because Wall Street will always put their money where they can ea...
Despite what some people think or believe... most people can get a mortgage today.  And no, it's not hard either.  Unlike the past few years when just about anybody could get a mortgage, the difference today is a buyer has to qualify and fit into fairly easy guidelines.  Here are the basics.   1....
Here is a quick snapshot of what the market did last week and what's happening this week.  This is a good, quick read.  Just Click Right Here.   Courtesy: Ken PedersonCertified Mortgage Planner, CMPSFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.717-431-9299 PA's Best Lender  
What happened last week?What to look out for this week? And some financial tips on leasing versus buying an automobile. Click on the link to my weekly "Market Update". Courtesy of Ken PedersonCertified Mortgage Planner, CMPSwww.FairwayPA.com717-431-9299  

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