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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



Below is a link to a strong description of the upcoming changes that take place this week for all lenders across the country.  Some of these aren't necessarily new, however, the enforcement of these guidelines has been nil, so that's the biggest change.  Unfortunately, these disclosure requiremen...
Click here for a 90 second read on the market and interest rates. Just Click Right Here... Ken PedersonCertified Mortgage Planner, CMPSFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.
The annual Harvard Housing Report is a must read for anyone involved in the real estate industry.  Chock full of vital information.  The report tells us where the housing market is, what got us here, where will we be in the future, how will we get there and who will the buyers be? Go to my blog b...
  Click on the link for a quick video describing some of the new changes that go into effect on 7/31/2009 for every lender (brokers, lenders and banks) across the US.    Click Right Here...  Also enclosed: Why is Baltimore suing Wells Fargo?  Take time off to grow your business? and more.  Ken Pe...
Click on the link below to read a short summary of what moved mortgage rates last week and what to keep an eye out for this week.  Short and sweet... Click Right Here. Ken PedersonCertified Mortgage Planner, CMPSFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.

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