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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



Quick read on what happened last week and what's ahead with mortgage rates... click here. Last Week in Review: Don't be fooled by today's low rates... Forecast for the Week: More housing news - plus, why the Fed's upcoming meeting is so important. Weekly View: Kids and credit cards - what do you ...
What we're talking about today... 1. Is USDA/Rural Housing available? 2. Hitting a home run at the closing table. 3. Enhancing your communication efforts to improve your business 4. And more... s Korner...
Howdy, Check out our brand new Home-Buyer University.  Loaded with online "classes" all about Home-Buying.  We're hoping this turns into a great site for consumers to learn more about the process and get many of their questions answered. Click Right Here.  And let me know what you think please, I...
Here's a quick read for you... what happened to mortgage rates last week and what might influence them this week and a little bit more.  Click here. Last Week in Review: Fed members did a lot of talking...find out what they're saying and what it means for home loan rates. Forecast for the Week: I...
Howdy, This short video is why and sort of how to use video in email.  I use a logitech webcam, mid-range cost along with eyejot, which is the simplest tool I know of to put video into email.  Click here for this short video... Ken PedersonCertified Mortgage Planner, CMPSFAIRWAY Independent Mortg...
Quick read on what happened last week and what's ahead in the mortgage rate world... click here. Last Week in Review: The Stock market takes a hit...and the latest read on US employment was a surprise! Forecast for the Week: The economic calendar is thin this week, but some heavy hitters arrive o...

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