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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



Howdy, hope your end of month is fruitful...  Today we're talking about finicky underwriting and influence... Ken PedersonCertified Mortgage Planner, CMPSFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.www.FairwayPA.com717-431-9299PS: Get one free giveaway at   12 "Buyer" motivators ...
Here's my weekly review on what all of this uncertainty in the markets means to you... click here. Last Week in Review: The Fed and "uncertainty" dominated the news last week... what was all the buzz about?Forecast for the Week: What should you be on the look out for this coming week?View: 10 thi...
Here's a quick read on what's going on in the mortgage arena recently:  Click here Last Week in Review: Washington has done it again, passing major financial reform legislation. Find out what this will mean for our economy... and the great home loan rates we've been seeing. Forecast for the Week:...
Here is my weekly quick read on Mortgage Rates - click here. Last Week in Review: News from "over there" helps Stocks over here.Forecast for the Week: Manufacturing and inflation news heat up the headlines... and could rock rates.View: What do you need to know about your gas and electric bills? S...
Here's what we're talking about today: 1. Give and yee shall receive 2. Home Buyer University 3. WOW - Presentations 4. And a little bit more... Ken Pederson Certified Mortgage Planner, CMPS FAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp nmls: 134943

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