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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



For a quick read on the real estate and mortgage industry, with a forecast for the week ahead, click here. Last Week in Review: Home sales slump, while Fed members take part in "I-70 Showdown." Forecast for the Week: A consumer's perspective on the job of economic recovery. View: Summer's not ove...
Here's a quick read on the housing and job markets and an important look at the effect of multiple credit reports for borrowers.  Click here Last Week in Review: Change is needed in the housing and job markets. Find out what kind... and how will those steps impact home loan rates? Forecast for th...
If you have a mortgage rate over 5%, or have two or more mortgages, want/need to consolidate other obligations or are thinking of other financial ideas/planning... Now is the time! Ken PedersonCertified Mortgage Planner, CMPSFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.Lancas...
Here's my weekly read on Mortgage Rates.  What happened last week and which might influence rates this week, plus more.  Click here. Last Week in Review: Fed maintains status quo while markets look for more direction. Forecast for the Week: Economic reports to watch, plus the future of housing fi...
Click here for my weekly post on how mortgage rates are being influenced by today's events. Last Week in Review: The important Jobs Report numbers are in... survey says? Get all the details below. Forecast for the Week: More inflation news is ahead, plus the Fed is meeting. Will they shake up the...
Here is a quick read on what's happening in the market and how it affects rates: click here Last Week in Review: Stocks and Bonds danced around each other this week, reacting to a mix of strong and weak economic data. Find out what this means for home loan rates. Forecast for the Week: A busy new...

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