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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



 Click here for a quick read on the market and a forecast for the week ahead. Last Week in Review: The Fed met, but did their statement "charm" the markets? Forecast for the Week: The Fed's favorite gauge of inflation, a read on the consumer perspective of the economy and more are in store, but w...
This weeks Ken's Korner...  Click Right Here 1. How Scarce are You 2. Free screen sharing software... Adobe Connect 3. Fearless Magazine in the link below the video 4.. Quote of the week and more Ken PedersonCertified Mortgage PlannerFAIRWAY Independent MortgageLancaster, USDA...
Click here to catch up on what's going on right now to affect mortgage rates. Last Week in Review: Bonds may sink or swim on the value of the Chinese Yuan. Here's why. Forecast for the Week: Why are the markets watching the Autumnal Equinox? View: How to handle fundraisers and donation requests a...
Here's a quick read on the industry last week and a look ahead... click here. Last Week in Review: Home loan rates started to shift... but in which direction? Read on for details. Forecast for the Week: With double doses of manufacturing and inflation news, plus reports on retail sales and jobles...
Howdy, here's a quick, side by side comparison of how the "NEW" FHA will look compared to todays' FHA, starting in early October Click Right Here. Ken PedersonFAIRWAY Independent Mortgagenmls: 134943Lancaster, PA

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