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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



Click here for a quick read on what's going on with mortgage rates. Last Week in Review: Europe and the Treasury Department impacted Bonds. Find out what it all means to home loan rates. Forecast for the Week: This week will be busy from start to finish... but the biggest news will hit on Friday...
Click here for a quick read on the reaction in the markets after last week's events Last Week in Review: Our hearts and minds - as well as the markets - were moved by the tsunami in Japan and unrest in Saudi Arabia. Read how both impacted Bonds and home loan rates! Forecast for the Week: Double ...
As a lender, all too often I get caught in the trap of focusing on the financial reasons that people buy homes.  The long term wealth enhancement, tax benefits, equity build-up... and then something clicks and I remember, most people do not purchase homes, (the primary residence) for the financia...
Click here for a quick read on last week's Jobs Report, and what it means for the market. Last Week in Review: The Jobs Report numbers are in, but did they make us roar with happiness? Forecast for the Week: It’s a quiet week when it comes to economic reports, but will that be true of events arou...
Here's a snapshot of what's driving mortgage rates...  Click on... Loans in PA Ken PedersonFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.nmls: 134943
Ken Pederson Certified Mortgage Planner, CMPS FAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp. nmls: 134943
Click here for a quick read on last week's uncertainty and this week's high-impact reports. Last Week in Review: Mortgage Bonds were pushed and pulled by fear and uncertainty. Read what it means to home loan rates. Forecast for the Week: It doesn't get much bigger than this! Here's a sneak peek o...

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