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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



The first place to get information is at  HomePath is the venue that Fannie Mae (FNMA) uses to sell homes that have been foreclosed upon and FNMA has repurchased.  FNMA opened up a direct link to Realtors and consumers thru  FNMA is the largest purchaser of mortgage...
Click here for a quick read on the economic reports due this week and what they'll mean. Last Week in Review: The US credit outlook was cut from stable to negative... but what does it mean to the markets and you? Forecast for the Week: It’s hard to believe how many jam-packed economic reports are...
Learn more about that little used mortgage program that has the potential to help you grow your business.  You will learn more about the product and more importantly, how to use the product to attract more buyers and sell more homes.  * Free lunch* Hand-outs* Marketing materials, ready to go* Doo...
Here's a quick read for you... FAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Rate Forecast Ken PedersonFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.Mortgages in PAnmls: 134943
Click here for a quick read on how last week's political drama affected mortgage rates and what's to come. Last Week in Review: The potential government shutdown dominated the headlines. How did home loan rates react? Forecast for the Week: Important inflation news will end the week, plus retail ...
Howdy, Click on the link for my quick, weekly video...  Ken's Korner Ken PedersonFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corpnmls: 134943
Good read from my buddy Steve Harney.  Click right here. Ken PedersonFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.nmls: 134943
Here's a quick read on what happened last week and what's ahead... things that might push rates up or down?  Click here on Ken's Weekly Update Ken PedersonFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.nmls: 134943  
Howdy, check out the link for a quick video and the free hand-out is attached...  courtesy of my buddy, Steve Harney. Click here...  Ken's Korner Ken PedersonFAIRWAY Independent Mortgage CorpPennsylvania Mortgage Bankernmls: 134943

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