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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



Protect This House and go ahead, turn the volume... WAY UP!
Click here for a quick read on current mortgage rate behavior.  Half empty... or half full? Last Week in Review: Inflation is heating up, but what does that mean for home loan rates? Forecast for the Week: Thursday will be an especially busy day when it comes to reports this week, with news on jo...
Short little video blog-post...  Change and Rejection. Short Sale Waiting Periods  How long after a short sale and foreclosure does someone need to wait to purchase a home? Ken PedersonFAIRWAY Independent MortgageMortgages in PA  
Come on out and join us on Wednesday, May 25th from 12 to 1 at LCAR. And get a free lunch while you are here and maybe win a door prize and of course, we'll have some handouts and gifts for you.We'll be talking about how to use a "rehab" loan to help more buyers put the home they are buying into ...
Click here for a quick run-down of what the latest employment numbers mean for home loan rates, and what's ahead. Last Week in Review: Find out the story behind the latest employment numbers - and what they mean to home loan rates. Forecast for the Week: Don’t let the slow start fool you! Find ou...
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Click here for a quick read on what Fed Charman Ben Bernanke said, plus some good charts to check out. Last Week in Review: Fed Chairmen Ben Bernanke spoke...and I was listening. Learn what he said, and what this could mean for home loan rates. Forecast for the Week: The job market labors on, but...

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