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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



Click here for a quick read on recent recoveries in the housing market and the big news coming this Friday. Last Week in Review: Food and fire for the housing market. Read below to discover what happened. Forecast for the Week: High-impact reports hit the markets...with the big news coming this F...
Here's a quick video with some info that may be helpful to you... Ken Pederson Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. nmls: 134943
Howdy, Click on the link for a short video explaining the new Loan Program and just a little bit about how and why you are going to want to know more about this today and in the future... This product is perfect for many people that fit into the fastest growing demographic group of our Country. h...
Click here for a quick market update Last Week in Review: The US Dollar has dropped. Find out why and what it could mean to home loan rates! Forecast for the Week: A full load of economic reports hits the markets. Read what they are and why they matter. View: How much can you deduct for driving? ...
Here is a quick read on upcoming economic news and how it will affect mortgage rates... click here. Last Week in Review: Stocks continue to like the good economic news we have seen, but how are Bonds and home loan rates faring? Forecast for the Week: It will be a heavy week of economic news ahead...
Click here for a quick read on how the labor market is starting to look a little less sleepy, and what that's going to mean for mortgage rates. Last Week in Review: The labor market continues to improve, and while that's good news for our economy, what does it mean for home loan rates? Forecast f...
For a quick read on what's happening in the market right now and why, click here.  Last Week in Review: Traders were singing one minute only to scream the next. Read below to see why! Forecast for the Week: How many high-impact reports can you fit in a week? Find out below. Video View: Which cred...

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