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A great old article on Jerry Rice, plus Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae's announcement regarding loan limits, and some FHA considerations. The link mentioned:
Home Buying Tips - What is FHA?  What is an FHA home loan?  FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration.  The FHA insures certain mortgages, referred to as FHA mortgages.  A lender needs to be approved in order to offer an FHA mortgage.  Not restricted to first home buyers, FHA mortgages are i...
Looking for help - a few from our team are going to go to New Jersey next weekend to volunteer and we're going to bring some supplies with us. Right now they're asking for batteries and small gift cards to the major chain stores since it's difficult to say from one day to the next what supplies ...
What happens to mortgage interest rates when a democrat wins the presidency? Historically, they've dropped just a little in the month following the election whenever a democrat was elected president. What to expect in the days ahead? More about Ken Pederson and FAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corpo...
This is exactly what our market needs right now.  Another strong mortgage program that allows for a low down payment.  This is a conventional mortgage, see the features and benefits below: 1. 3% Down Payment 2. Conventional Financing 3. Conventional Appraisals 4. Seller Concession up to 3% of th...

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