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Ken Pederson, a mortgage lender and Certified Mortgage Planner in Pennsylvania, talks about wealth accumulation and mortgage advice.



We distinguish our service from other mortgage companies in the fact that we issue a true Pre-Approval - not a pre-qual.  The difference?  We collect the docs and do the research up front, so when we send out a Pre-Approval, we mean it.  That's all well and good, but how can we get the message a...
Have you ever been called by a lender a few days or hours before closing only to be told the loan can't be approved due to XYZ excuses?  And not because of the appraisal, which almost everyone except for the seller may understand?  The loan was denied due to a Loan Officer error or because the bo...
Wednesday, February 19th, LCAR is holding a continuing education class on Reverse Mortgage Purchase Loans. Reverse Mortgages are a widely misunderstood loan product that's good for some, not for others.  This is a perfect opportunity to learn the difference, and see if/where this product could i...

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