ken pederson: What is the Cost of Waiting in Real Estate for home buyers? - 08/12/17 07:09 AM
The Lancaster County and surrounding Real Estate markets, like much of the US are HOT, HOT, HOT!!  How HOT is it you ask?
The Lancaster County Association of Realtors (LCAR), tells us how hot the market is...
* June had the highest number of homes sales... EVER!
* June had the highest average sales price... EVER!
* Despite a "low inventory" and "sellers market", the Real Estate market is breaking records... 
Are you working with buyers that are thinking of buying now or waiting?  Listen in to today's short video and see what the C.O.W. is, the "Cost of Waiting" and the impact on the home buyer … (3 comments)

ken pederson: Is now a good time to sell my home? - 08/09/17 04:23 AM
Is now a good time to sell your home?I believe it is... in most parts of the US, demand is up and the supply of homes available is down.  This is creating a very classic, "Sellers Market".  In Lancaster County, in June of this year, 62% of all homes listed for sale were sold in less than 30 days!  And, we had the highest average sales price ever... All due to the strong demand and low supply. Listen in for more information: 
Is now a good time to sell your home... Yes, assuming you really want to sell!!  
Have questions about buying or … (1 comments)

ken pederson: 4 bedroom home for sale in York PA - 07/16/16 01:04 AM
4 Bedroom home for sale in York.  
Click on the link, this is a nice home... check out the photos and what's nearby too.  This property website is cool... Click on the link   225 Surrey Ln in York
Listed by Gina Meier.

ken pederson: 3 bedroom homes for sale in Lebanon, PA. 1590 Cambridge - 07/09/16 02:57 AM
Check out this property... 1590 Cambridge Drive in Lebanon, PA.  Gorgeous

ken pederson: 3 bedroom home for sale in Myerstown, PA. 5 Homestead - 07/09/16 02:53 AM
Here's a nice home for sale in Myerstown, PA.  Click on the link for pictures and property website.
3 bedroom Home for sale., 5 Homestead Circle.

ken pederson: 3 bedroom home for sale in Millersville, PA - 07/09/16 02:47 AM
102 Linger Street is for sale... Here's a cool website to tell you more.
3 bedroom home for sale in Millersville... 

ken pederson: 4 bedroom home for sale in Conestoga PA. River Road - 07/09/16 02:42 AM
Here's a nice home for sale in the pretty countryside of Lancaster County... 3106 River Road. 
3106 River Road in Conestoga, PA.

ken pederson: Underwriting guidelines easing? - 01/31/15 04:11 AM
Is underwriting easing?  You bet, here are just a few examples of how.  (Please note, there are alot of loan programs and many underwriting guidelines do NOT apply to all programs.  So, just because we can do something with a conventional loan, doesn't mean we can do it with FHA.  Contact me or your closest FAIRWAY Independent Mortgage branch)
Here are some relatively new guideline changes:
1. Only one year of tax returns required for self-employed borrowers.
2.  3% down payment with Conventional Financing.
3. All gift money with low down payment, conventional.  
4. Close today, even though the new job hasn't started yet.
5. … (2 comments)

ken pederson: How to buy a foreclosure in Lancaster, PA - 11/23/14 09:58 AM
How to buy a foreclosure in Lancaster?
Buying a foreclosure can be difficult, unless you are able to pay cash.  Many homes that have been foreclosed upon are not in the proper physical condition to meet lender and loan program guidelines. 
This scares many buyers, Realtors and lenders away from foreclosures.  It is for this reason, many foreclosures sit for months and years at a time or are purchased by investors for rehab and flipping or renting out.
Now there's a solution for home buyer's that see the diamond in the rough and want to buy a home under value and make it their … (1 comments)

ken pederson: Renovation Loans in Lancaster PA - 10/23/14 06:58 AM
Renovation loans in Lancaster PA can be difficult to find and even harder, at times, to qualify for.  Most lenders will point you towards a 203K loan.  There are few lenders and even fewer Loan Officers that understand them well and know how to help their clients to use this product.  
We do and this is not a 203K loan.  We use conventional financing to help our clients to buy properties (foreclosures, short sales, homes that need work) and build the financing cost right into the primary mortgage.  Even with only 5% down payment.
Structural renovation, rehab work, kitchens, roofs, flooring... you name … (3 comments)

ken pederson: Is home ownership still part of the American Dream? - 10/02/14 09:59 AM
See what these "millennials" said about Home Ownership... Click Right On this Link.

Ken Pederson
Mortgage Banker in PA
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Helping home buyers with more solutions to help them reduce their cash out of pocket while buying a home.  More solutions help more buyers become owners... sooner.  

ken pederson: Low Down Payment Loans in Lancaster PA / Lancaster PA Low Down Payment - 09/21/14 11:00 AM
Here are there benefits of this special, conventional Low Down Payment Loans.
This special program is only available thru select lenders and FAIRWAY is one of them.  Even more exclusively, some buyers may even qualify for valuable First Time Home Buyer Tax Credits, and even fewer lenders offer this money saving value.  
If you are looking for this special, low, 3%  down payment conventional mortgage, make sure you are working with a direct lender that offers this product AND the Tax Credit.  
You can find some information here...
The program benefits are:
1. Conventional financing with only 3% down.  (the norm is 5% … (0 comments)

ken pederson: How to change your current situation... - 07/25/14 12:29 AM
Need to change something?  (Your health, spirituality, finances...??)  Watch this short video with some paraphrased help from Andy Andrews. 

2014-07-25 10:41:46

ken pederson: Fallen Hero and family are honored right before Memorial Day - 06/05/14 11:53 AM
Military Appreciation Month and Memorial Day... A month to remember all those currently serving in our Armed Forces, all those that have served and a time to remember all of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice with their life, while in service.
To honor the service of a fallen hero, we gave a mortgage free home to a Gold Star Spouse, Amy Koch.  Amy's husband, Stephen, was killed in action, one month before he was supposed to return from deployment.
Here's a quick video of our day, teaching Realtor's on how to work with those in the Military … (2 comments)

ken pederson: Special Event for Realtor's near Lancaster, PA - 05/15/14 11:54 AM
By May 22nd, over 3500 Realtors across the US have already attended and earned their "Certified Military Residential Specialist" certification!  Here are two special reasons for you to attend this FREE Event.
Here are 2 special reasons you should attend... 
Reason #1. Come and listen, hear and be inspired by Captain Sean Parnell.  Captain Parnell is a medically retired, US ARMY Ranger and NY Times Best Selling Author of "Outlaw Platoon" with a very powerful story to tell.  Captain Parnell is our keynote speaker and is LIVE at the event. 
Reason #2.  Meet and greet Captain Parnell and receive a free copy of … (0 comments)

ken pederson: Is now a good time to buy a home? (And flyer for you) - 04/17/14 11:39 AM
Is now a good time to buy a home?  Now is a really good time to buy a home... for a number of reasons:
1. Mortgage rates are still historically low, however, are expected to rise thru the year and hit the low 5's in the first quarter of next year.
2. Home prices, in many parts of the US, are still affordable and still below prices from 5-6 years ago.
3. There are more and more homes coming on the market every day and week.
4. Buyers still have the ability to negotiate.
5. Owning a home is better than … (1 comments)

ken pederson: How long do my buyers have to wait? - 03/11/14 02:47 AM
OK, you found a ready buyer and then they mention their previous "short sale" or foreclosure... How long do they have to wait until they can buy a home?  I strongly recommend that you call us to discuss at 717-431-9299 or your local FAIRWAY Loan Officer... 
However, here's a handy chart so you have the answers at your finger tips, if you want. 
What's on this weeks Value Add chart for you:
* The waiting periods required for derogatory credit issues such as short sales, foreclosures and BK's by Chapter.
* Covers conventional, FHA, VA and USDA financing
To get the … (0 comments)

ken pederson: Really, a "Guarantee" in the Mortgage Industry?? - 02/15/14 03:06 AM
Have you ever been called by a lender a few days or hours before closing only to be told the loan can't be approved due to XYZ excuses?  And not because of the appraisal, which almost everyone except for the seller may understand?  The loan was denied due to a Loan Officer error or because the borrower that gets a phone pre-qualification and never has their documentation reviewed by a lender... ever happen to you?  
Time to "Stop It!"  We, along with a few other lenders across the US are now offering a "Guaranteed Mortgage Pre-Approval"!  Which means... as long … (2 comments)

ken pederson: What Realtors need to know about the BIG changes in the Mortgage world - 12/16/13 09:53 AM
Here's a short video on some of the BIG changes and what you, the Realtor, should do right now!

Ken Pederson
Mortgage Lender in PA
NMLS: 134943

ken pederson: Compare FHA to the New FHA and to 3% conventional - 02/21/13 09:44 PM
FHA Changes?  The photo depicts a comparison on a $175K purchase price home, comparing the current FHA in column 1 to the new FHA (on/after April 1, 2013) to a 3% down conventional loan.  Credit scores will obviously have an impact, however, most buyers with scores in the high 600's and 700's for sure, should be looking at the 3% down conventional program compared to FHA.  FHA still has it's place, large seller concessions and lenient credit guidelines; but for those buyers with good to better credit and not needing the 4-5-6% concessions, 3% Conventional is a more effective program.  And … (2 comments)

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