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  Yesterday, while visiting Pottstown Airport's 4th Annual Community Day, I came across the coolest exhibit I've seen in quite some time.  I'd have to call it Living History.  From the outside, what you see is a huge trailer with stairs entering/exiting from each end. As you walk closer, you hear...
     This program offers single-family homes $5000.00 and conversions of multi unit homes back to single family upwards of $35,000.00 in grant funding.  Please visit the Pottstown borough website for more information and specifics for the map of t...
           Pottstown Airport's Community Day was a huge success...ask any of the children that attended...and let me tell you there were plenty!  What kid wouldn't be absolutely thrilled by Free Airplane rides, small planes of all designs and colors landing and taking off so often that if you'd b...
    I must say, that lately, in my search for the perfect website design for my Real Estate business, I've been finding myself absolutely mesmerized by all the amazing things you can add to your site!  Obeo Space designer, for instance , actually...
Happy Friday, everyone!  I don't know about you, but today's the day that I mentally plan out my weekend and what to do with the precious free time I can eek out of it!  I wanted to let you know that anyone in the vicinity of Pottstown, PA tomorrow should definitely try and stop by and join Commu...
Thursday mornings are my morning to take care of emails, mailings odds and ends while my grandson is at preschool.  After doing those things, I decided to take my daughter's adorable little yorkie out for a walk.  While I was out, stopping from driveway to driveway to chat I came across a very in...
  I recently commented on a blog regarding "Attitude is Everything".  My own comment really set me to thinking; so I'm going to put it out there to the masses to chew on for alittle while...   One morning, I entered a room where I noticed immediately the feeling of unrest.  Do you know what I mea...
    Well, today is the big day. The day I've been looking forward to, studying and researching for.  Today I will become a part of the very successful Real Estate team of Coldwell Banker Landis Homesale Services!  This team feels like the perfect fit for my life.  The enthusiasm, energy and bound...
   I had no intention of sitting down to write another blog this afternoon. However, I must rant for a few minutes.  I was out this morning, enjoying the gorgeous day taking pictures to post to my localism site.  The community college recently completed renovations on a beautiful addition to thei...
I will keep this short and sweet.  My Space and Facebook are several networking websites that are probably some of the most popular on the internet today.  I'd be curious to know what the demographics are according to age, etc. of those that visit these sites.  I know my children have My Space ac...

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