first time home buyers: Can I really buy a home with no money down? - 09/11/18 04:40 AM
Buying your first home with NO MONEY DOWN
We hear this question a lot.  We work with first time home buyers quite often and this is one of the first questions we usually hear-
“Is it REALLY possible to buy a home without any money down?”
The answer is yes.  But there are requirements.  We recently sat down with one of our lenders and did a Facebook Live Event to talk about all the possibilities for first time home buyers.
Check out the Facebook Live Event here:  

first time home buyers: FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS: Do you know what NOT to do? - 12/08/17 06:39 AM
 You just found another letter in your mailbox that the landlord is raising the rent...
There it is. That thought that creeps back in to your head every time you get one of those "rent's going up" letters, or when the tenant upstairs is playing Metalica at volume 15 at 2:00AM or when you see a cute lil' house with a
"For Sale" … (5 comments)

first time home buyers: Getting Rid of Disputes from a Credit Report - 05/27/15 08:48 PM
This was an excellent post with very valuable information for buyers.  Many thanks go out to Joe Petrowsky for his original blog post...
Getting Rid of Disputes from a Credit Report   Lenders today have a problem with accounts on a credit report that indicate that the accounts are in dispute. I wish I could completely understand why, but they want the dispute removed from the credit report.   Very often, folks that hire companies to repair credit,  will literally dispute any and all derogatory accounts, even when they are correct. I’m assuming they expect the creditor to just go away, … (5 comments)

first time home buyers: Join me for my new video series just for First Time Home Buyers... - 09/24/14 05:06 AM
     I'm so excited to launch my new YOUTUBE Channel The Real Story in Your Local Real Estate.  My first series is focusing on some of my favorite people: First Time Home Buyers.
    Remembering back to when I was a first time home buyer almost thirty years ago, I can still re-live the panic and nerves that came with each and every step.  The agent I worked with at the time was good at what he did, but not really "tuned in" to my needs as a newbie at buying my first property.  He tended to forget that he may … (0 comments)

first time home buyers: Another Exeter Townhome Under Contract... - 08/10/12 04:58 AM
These properties in Woodgate Community in Exeter are great starter homes.  Also, if you've been considering getting into the investor market- there's never been a better time than NOW!  These are in Exeter School District, have a community pool and fitness room with a HOA fee of $110 a month.  Investors may be interested in the low vacancy rates for rentals in this community.  This one is SOLD, but if you are interested in seeing other properties in Woodgate or the surrounding area of Exeter, I'd be happy to help! 


first time home buyers: Attention Mr./Mrs. Homebuyer: Real Estate Agent and Realtor are NOT one in the same! - 01/05/12 03:19 AM
    Having a license to sell real estate in Pennsylvania, or any other state for that matter does not mean that this agent is a Realtor.  It means they are licensed to sell real estate- period. 
    When you are making one of the largest and most important purchases in your lifetime I am sure you will agree that you want to be able to do it with a professional that is not only knowledgeable about the transaction process, but with someone who holds themselves to a standard of practice above and beyond basic state licensing standards.  Being a Realtor is … (4 comments)

first time home buyers: Communications is key...EVEN when there's nothing to communicate! - 10/07/11 01:28 AM
      I operate my business on this belief system: 
"Treat people the way you want to be treated"
     Purchasing your first home can sometimes rattle your nerves.  Many first time home buyers don't know what to expect or what comes next. You fill out your mortgage paperwork and jump through all the hoops that the mortgage company requests and then silence.  All of a sudden- nothing.  I make a point of touching base with my clients at least two or three times a week- EVEN when there is nothing to tell them.  I call or email and say, " … (5 comments)

first time home buyers: Sellers Disclosure- Means the Seller must disclose....what they KNOW. - 09/22/11 04:12 AM
   One of the most important documents that come in front of a prospective buyer is called the sellers disclosure.  Each seller in Pennsylvania is required to fill out a sellers disclosure when putting their home on the market.  The disclosure is to provide a clear picture of different aspects of the property, such as roof, basement, electrical etc.  The seller is obligated to disclose any and all situations that affect the property that they are aware of. For example:  There has been a leak in the basement for several years, and it has been addressed by a waterproofing company- the sellers must … (2 comments)

first time home buyers: BIG No-no when you're on your way to settlement... - 09/08/11 02:45 AM
First time homebuyers sometimes travel through a long and arduous path to reach that dream of being handed their keys at the settlement table.  Beginning with being able to get pre approved for that mortgage.  Once they have that precious piece of paper in hand they set out on their find their dream home.  Once they find that home, and their agent negotiates the price and TA DA ... a successfully agreed upon agreement of sale. Just a short trip to the settlement table right?  Not so fast...
    The first thing MANY first time homebuyers want to do after they've gotten … (5 comments)

first time home buyers: Considering your first home in Southeastern PA? See if it qualifies for USDA 100% financing... - 08/27/11 10:10 AM
     Many of my first time home buyers that I work with are surprised to find out that there is financing available to them that will finance the purchase of their home without any money down.  There are, of course certain stipulations that include income limits and the location of the home.  These transactions can take a little more time than traditional funding, but not necessarily.  It is a great program that is available to help many potential home buyers that had no idea that they could buy a home of their own. 
    Are you considering the … (2 comments)

first time home buyers: Foreclosures aren't necessarily going to be that great buy you may think... - 06/16/11 01:42 AM
It seems that every buyer these days begins their conversation, "Can you find me some foreclosures, I really want to get a good deal?"  While in theory, one might think that this would be the case- there are so many things that can present themselves during the purchase of a foreclosure that you may find yourself wishing you had NEVER considered it. 
While it is true that some foreclosures may only require cosmetic work; truly-these are few and far between.  The sad but honest truth is that homeowners who are heading into foreclosure don't have the money to pay the mortgage … (4 comments)

first time home buyers: Why do so many buyers STILL not make good use of a buyers agent? - 05/21/11 03:39 AM
   Being able to help first time home buyers understand the ins and outs of purchasing their first home is a daunting task.  Thankfully, Facebook has given me the opportunity to casually help educate some of the newer buyers who are considering getting their feet wet. There is so much to learn BEFORE they even decide if owning  a home is something that might be right for them.  I've been able to reach out to quick questions and "what-ifs" that Facebook friends are worried about without their feeling like I will stalk them forever until they buy. 
    One of the biggest … (5 comments)

first time home buyers: Does your agent have TOO many clients? - 05/11/11 07:01 AM
Let me begin by saying that I’m sure that I will receive a few comments to this post from some slightly unhappy real estate agents. I can understand that. It isn’t my intention to offend my colleagues; but to simply present some concepts that home buyers (and sellers) should consider… Many agents pride themselves in the number of listings they hold at a given time. Does this say something about their knowledge or ability to sell? Maybe. But, it also says, “Hey, I’m spread pretty thin- it may take me a while to get back to you when you need me.” … (2 comments)

first time home buyers: Attention Frightened First Time Home Buyers... - 04/28/11 04:59 AM
Listening to the news today is enough to scare anyone.  Economic indicators spew doom and gloom from every angle.  While we have been daring to enjoy the more positive upturn in residential sales in the area, (be it ever so slight!) it is true, things are not anything near where they were a few years back~
AND that is a good thing...
    Right now you're thinking, "Okay, this lady is off her rocker!"  Am I right? 
1.   Is it not harder to get a mortgage?  Yes, it CAN be, but it doesn't HAVE to be.  There is STILL funding out … (1 comments)

first time home buyers: Part IV: Virtual First Time Home Buyers Bootcamp: Ready for an offer? - 09/17/10 11:26 AM
You have been searching and searching and you have finally found it-THE home that everyone agrees on.  What's next?  You will discuss with your agent putting together an offer to be presented to the sellers.  The process will go something like this:
You will take into consideration a few things when coming up with the offer price.  Your agent will be able to tell you how long the home has been on the market, as well as if there have been any recent price reductions etc.  Now, the ultimate decision is always yours-and your agent should NEVER tell you what … (3 comments)

first time home buyers: Part III: Virtual First Time Homebuyers Boot Camp-Your First Showing! - 09/10/10 07:27 AM
Your agent has taken all the information that you have gathered by filling out your "Must Haves and Must Have NOTS" list, and created a search for you on the multiple listing service. This will allow you to find only the homes that best fit your specific qualifications. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to find 10 homes that fit your needs, or possibly there may only be a few. Whatever the case may be, your agent will help you to organize your very first showings!
Here we are-pulling up in front of the first home on the list for this … (0 comments)

first time home buyers: Part II: Virtual First Time Home Buyers Boot Camp-Showings! - 09/03/10 06:52 AM
Part II:  First Time Home buyers Bootcamp
     Well, congratulations you have gotten your pre-approval letter and are ready to FIND YOUR HOME!  Before you and your real estate agent venture out and start "looking" it is a good idea to sit down and fill out your wish list...remember when you were little and it was Christmas time and you'd have your list all ready waaaay before Thanksgiving?  You want to sit down and discuss your wish list with your significant other, if that is the case.  When you have two peoples hopes and dreams of their first home, fullfilling both … (0 comments)

first time home buyers: Part I: First Time Home Buyers BootCamp - 08/27/10 07:01 AM
  Part I in the series: First Time Home Buyers BootCamp  
Ready-Set-GO....You're ready to buy your first home--What first?
 Newlywed? Young Professional?  Whomever you may have been thinking about buying your first home.  You've been hearing from CNN and Good Morning America how miraculously low the interest rates are, how incredibly great deals on homes are around every corner...
These facts are true.  So, first things first.  As much as you'd love to get right out there and visit some of those dream properties, you need to know what you can afford and where you stand, financially.  This is probably the … (0 comments)

first time home buyers: Please Join Us For VIRTUAL First Time Home Buyers BootCamp - 08/23/10 03:40 AM
    Over the past several months, I've spoken with MANY curious first time home buyers who are just terrified of this real estate market.  The media has scared off potential first time home buyers that very well may be in the position to get the deal of a lifetime; if they could just get ALL the information.. Is it true that it can be more challenging to get a mortgage these days? Yes, that is true.  But it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  Too many nervous potential homebuyers hear that headline on the news, and end their search before it begins!
     While a … (1 comments)

first time home buyers: 2009 The Two (Emotional) Sides to the Settlement Table - 11/10/09 11:44 PM
     I've been very fortunate to have had quite a few settlements over the last few months. Sitting at one settlement in particular last week brought a very important factor to mind--a MAJOR factor in why I decided to go into real estate in the first place.
We as real estate professionals are not just selling bricks and mortar...we are selling hopes, dreams, memories and commitments that have become part of that home.
     Great real estate deals sometimes come out of unfortunate situations. There are many people losing their homes because of lost jobs and income, lost marriages--while … (7 comments)

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