affiliated business arrangements: Do you OWN your OWN Title Insurance Agency? - 05/14/13 06:44 AM
Do you own your own Title Insurance Agency?  Is your real estate office participating in a “Controlled Business Arrangement” or an “Affiliated Business Arrangement”? Do you “steer” all your buyers to your “In House” title company? Do you promise your buyers that YOU have control over the process IF they use your title company but not one of their own choosing? At the end of the month do you receive a nice check for your stock ownership of the new company?  Do you really have anything to do with the title company or is it just a convenient way to siphon … (2 comments)

affiliated business arrangements: Brokers and Lenders....Do you own a Title Company? - 02/03/12 12:06 AM
There are changes that are happening and need to be happening all over real estate.  The title rates in PA are out of line, but so is the number of Broker owned agencies.  The number of claims are through the roof, the number of agency defalcations are high and the number of agencies being shut down is rampant.  If your agency is relying on Title and Mortgage to pay the bills, what will happen if your Brokerage can no longer be in the 3rd party business?
Do you own your own Title Insurance Agency?  Is your real estate office participating in … (0 comments)

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