Got up at 5:15 this morning.  There was a slight breeze that had allowed me to hear the wind chimes off and on through the night.  Got my cup of coffee and went outside and looked up in the sky.  WOW!  Even though I live in the mountains and we have many clear mornings, this morning the skies wer...
This is the place.  We too are a little on the warm side, but not as hot as down in the valley or in the desert.  Come on up and enjoy our mountain weather.       
40 Votes, Yes 40 votes, that made the difference.  Your 1 vote does matter.  Tim Donnelly, a candidate for the 59th Assembly District in California beat out his closet competitor by only 40 votes.  The run off will be in November. This campaign was won with little money, hard work, volunteers and...
Exercise your Right To Vote.  Do more than just talk about the way you feel. Go Vote. In our little community of Lake Arrowhead CAlifornia, we have two candidates running for the 59th Assembly Dstrict.  I cast my vote at 8:00 this morning for my choice, Tim Donnelly. You may say, it's just one vo...
It's Spring.  How do I know.  46 homes were on the agents tour this last Thursday. Of those 46 properties on the tour, 23 were Coldwell Banker listings.  It was a beautiful day, sunny, bright, clear and most of all, warm.  There was great diversity on the tour, from million dollar lake fronts to ...
My partner and I had this bright idea that we would take the course, get certified and do some bang up advertising and the sellers would come to us in droves.  Well, not so.  First of all it takes work, work, work.  No such thing as easy money these days.  Second, everyone is on the short sale ba...
Having just completed the NAR and CAR approved short sale clas I am certified and ready to start helping homeowners who are in difficult financial situations.  I realize that just taking a class doesn't make me an expert, however I do have past experience in dealing with short sale properties.  I...
Morning All, I just watched a webinar promoting the Program 3648.  It's a lead generating, training and transaction/negotiation program for short sales  that a Realtor can buy into for a monthly  fee. Has anybody out there used this program and have you had success with it? Thanks Nancy Wright   ...
Waking up to blue skies is wonderful.  No snow, no rain, no clouds, just beautiful blue sky.  OH Yes, it's another day in paradise.  Unfortunately I spent most of the day in the office contacting listing agents, lenders and assorted other participants involved with the foreclosure property that m...
The sun is shining, it is starting to warm up a bit, the clouds are billowy and white.  It is the perfect Open House weekend after several weeks of snow and cold weather. My signs are pointing the way to the best home on the mountain.  So where are they?  The buyers, the looky loos, anybody. I'm ...

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