irs notice: Mount Laurel, NJ: Waters of The IRS Notice CP90 - 02/14/24 06:59 PM
What is IRS Notice CP 90?
In Mount Laurel, NJ the IRS Notice CP 90 is a final notice of intent to levy your assets due to unpaid taxes. This critical communication means the IRS is prepared to take serious action, including garnishing wages, seizing bank accounts, or even affecting your passport status. But, there's a beacon of hope if you act promptly and judiciously.
What should you do when you receive IRS Notice CP 90?
You should review the IRS notice. It specifies the tax period and amount owed, offering a crucial window for action. Ignoring the IRS notice CP90 can lead to … (1 comments)

irs notice: Mount Laurel, NJ: The IRS Statutory Lien - 01/07/24 02:20 PM
Imagine opening your mailbox to find a notice from the IRS, declaring a lien on your assets. That's an IRS statutory lien, and it's something every taxpayer should be aware of.
The Lifecycle of an IRS Lien: From Assessment to Resolution
An IRS statutory lien is not a piece of paper but a legal claim against your property. It kicks in the moment you fail to pay your tax debt post the IRS's Notice and Demand for Payment. What does it cover? Practically everything: your house, car, bank accounts, and even future assets acquired while the lien is in place.
Proactive Measures to Avoid … (1 comments)

irs notice: Understanding the IRS Penalty When You Receive an IRS Notice in Mount Laurel, NJ - 07/03/23 07:10 AM
Receiving a notice from the IRS can be a nerve-racking experience. It's never good news when you see that infamous letterhead in your mailbox. For non-filers, it's even scarier because it can come with a penalty. The IRS penalty can be steep, making it essential for you to understand how it works. 
What is an IRS penalty, and how does it work?
When you owe the IRS money, you need to pay it back with interest. If you neglect to do so, the IRS adds a penalty for non-payment, which supplements the interest. The penalty is a percentage of the tax you owe … (1 comments)

irs notice: What To Do When You Receive an IRS Notice Video - 05/20/23 02:41 PM
Here is the video to : What To Do When You Receive IRS Notice in Mount Laurel, NJ.
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irs notice: Mount Laurel, NJ:What to Do When You Receive an IRS Notice - 02/28/23 07:05 AM
Receiving a notice from the IRS can be startling and overwhelming. If you receive a notice from the IRS, it’s important to act quickly and responsibly in order to minimize any potential tax impact. Here are some tips for minimizing the tax impact of an IRS notice. 
Understand Your Notice 
Before you take any action, carefully review your notice to understand why you have received it. The IRS will generally issue notices for several reasons, including unpaid taxes, discrepancies between your filing and their records, miscalculations, or requests for additional information or documentation. It is important that you understand why before attempting to … (0 comments)

irs notice: Mount Laurel, NJ:Understanding IRS Notices: What You Need to Know - 02/28/23 06:53 AM
If you have ever received an IRS Notice in the mail, chances are it has caused you a fair amount of anxiety. After all, the IRS is not known for sending out friendly reminders. But what do these notices actually mean and why do people receive them? Let’s take a look at the most common reasons for receiving an IRS Notice. 
Making a Mistake on Your Tax Return 
One of the most common reasons taxpayers receive an IRS notice is because they made a mistake on their tax return. This could be something as simple as entering an incorrect Social Security number or … (0 comments)

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