irs problem: Mount Laurel, NJ: Get Your IRS Back Taxes Resolved, or Reduced! - 12/27/22 11:29 AM
Get Your IRS Back Taxes Resolved or Reduced!
We make your IRS problem go away, so you can sleep better at night!
Are you behind on paying your federal IRS taxes in the last or more? If so, you're not alone. If things have been tight financially, it can be easy to ignore the task of filing and paying your federal taxes to the IRS. Initially, you might thing you've gotten away with not paying the IRS. But in a year or two, they will catch up with you.
Letters from the IRS will come eventually. If you let it go too long, they … (0 comments)

irs problem: Mount Laurel, NJ: What to Do If You Receive IRS Collection Letter! 3 - 10/19/22 09:27 AM
So in Mount Laurel, NJ what do you do now since you have received the IRS collection letter? The steps you take could make all the difference, and here are some key things to do next. 
Take a deep breathe Read the IRS or State notice carefully Pull out your tax return and supporting documents Take Prompt Action
One thing is certain when it comes to fighting with the IRS- wasted time is wasted money. The interest and penalty clock starts ticking the moment the supposedly erroneous tax return is filed, and every minute you wait could be more money out of … (0 comments)

irs problem: Mount Laurel, NJ: Do You Know That The Audit Rates Is Rising? - 10/10/22 10:07 AM
In Mount Laurel, New Jersey; many taxpayers are concern about the IRS audit rates significantly increase. Like many things involving taxes, what taxpayers should understand that there are complexities behind audit rates. On the surface, these can be easy to misinterpret. A closer look at audit rates provides insight into which income groups are more likely to be audited. Just to name a few:
 Higher income taxpayers face greater chance of audit.  Schedule C filer(s) with zero to little expense are also more likely to be audited. Tax audits are a critical compliance tool to help ensure fairness in the tax … (0 comments)

irs problem: Mount Laurel, NJ: Which Documents Do You Need When It Comes Tax Debt - 10/01/22 12:38 PM
In Mount Laurel, New Jersey a taxpayer asked an IRS question when it came to their back tax debt.
Question: The IRS is hounding me for $67,263 and will not leave me alone, so I have finally decided to seek help from a Tax Resolution Professional who specializes in IRS problems. I want to start getting my paperwork together for the appointment. What will I need to bring with me?
Answer: It is very important to have certain documentation with you for the initial interview with your tax resolution professional. Your tax resolution professional will need this information to protect your income and … (0 comments)

irs problem: Mount Laurel, NJ: What is Substitute For Return or SFR? - 09/27/22 08:38 AM
Your IRS Question Answered Here for September 2022.......
Question: I haven't filed my tax returns for 2018, 2019 or 2020 and the IRS keeps sending me notices that I owe them $38,273. How can that be? I never even filed. What should I do?
Answer: When a legally required income tax return isn't filed on time, the IRS can file an income tax return on your behalf. It's called a "substitute for return" or "SFR". Most of the time the ensuing tax liability is much greater than if you filed your own return. This is because the IRS doesn't give you credit for … (0 comments)

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